Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from Bug!

From our home to yours - 
Sure hope you all had a most wonderful


Here's our cute little turkey grand daughter!

By the way she's in the Gerber Baby Contest!

There's only a few more days to vote
and we'd really love your votes!

Just sign up to Gerber and once you're in go to their
 Photo Gallery

and in the search name = Vivian 
location: Columbus

You will find her sweet face and can vote then!

Thank you so much. It means so much to us! ♥


Miss you all - big hugs!



  1. vivian is precious...
    what a wonderful thanksgiving you enjoyed
    with her sweet smile nearby. ♥

  2. Vivian is just precious, my friend!

    I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. My parents came over and for the first time ever my husband and I got to host Thanksgiving - what a joy! Today I am going to simply relax {{smiles}}

    Thinking of you, dear one. Love and hugs!

  3. She is adorable Michele! Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family...

  4. Vivian is such a darling, Michele! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend together.

  5. Vivian is just precious, Michelle!
    My sister won the Gerber baby contest many, many years ago, like 53 years ago.
    Our thanksgiving was wonderful! We were blessed to enjoy our day with Stephanie and her family.

    Much love to you~~

  6. Vivian got my vote. :-)
    Her photo was darling

  7. Sooo precious! Good luck on the contest! xxx Maria

  8. Aww I'm too late! Hope you win!!! (and what an adorable little face, so joyful!)


  9. I was too late to vote :( Wow, she sure is a cutie!! What a happy and precious little face. I wouldn't have been able to cook or eat, I would have been holding her all day!! xo

  10. Awww I was too late to vote, too! Vivian is such a little doll baby and so adorable in her outfit. I hope she wins!!!

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Michele. Your little turkey is adorable!

  12. Well, she's the cutest little turkey I've seen all year! (Sorry I was late to see this. I just went to the Gerber site but found out I was too late to vote. Guess *I'm* the turkey now, yikes!) Hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  13. Done!ENTRY ID: 227680

    Hope I didn't break any rules because she is really a cutie pie and I want her to win!

  14. I love bugs, and your little bug looks like a sure fire winner to me.♥


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