Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tea Cup Exchange Autumn 2016

It's time for the big reveal of 
Stephanie's Tea Cup Exchange!

I am so excited to share with you the treasures
 that I so generously received!

My exchange was just absolutely PERFECT for me.

Margaret from San Antonio had me - 
she isn't a blogger yet but wishes to be soon.

If she ever does I will announce it on my blog
so you can find her....
because we all need friends to follow us here, right?

Look at these two beauties I received!

As most of you know I collect super delicate antique china tea cups.

 What a wonderful surprise to receive a modern heavier
 (safer/more usable)
 stoneware teacup in my favorite neutral ivory with a BIRD on it!

I ADORE this teacup and have used it every single day
 since my package arrived! Thank you SO much, Margaret!!

Just look at this gorgeous goldfinch glass painted plate!!!!!!!
Is that just the most lovely plate ever?!!???

It's the perfect size for serving teatime snacks with a friend.

Even the saucer is bird shaped.  : - )

She also sent me a few tea bags of kinds I had never before tried-
and in my eagerness to sip them (and only after enjoying)
 did I remember that I hadn't taken a pic of them. Oops. 


In the box was this gorgeous hardmade card, too. 

I keep it on my computer right here next to me
kept up by my pretty birdie magnets.

It brings me such joy when I see it, and tells me to 

As you can clearly see, my teacup fits right in perfectly
with my home decor.

I couldn't be more pleased.
Again, thank you, dear Margaret.

The swap partner Stephanie chose for me to send treasures to
was Janice from Missouri,  who writes the blog

Click on her blog name above to see what I sent her, if you'd like.


I highly encourage all of you to go check out all the swapping fun.

Just click on the box above to get there.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Your cup is so sweet; the bird makes a lovely addition to it!

  2. Michelle:
    Your gift was so perfect for you, your personality and style!

  3. Oh my goodness Michele, your teacup and the darling plate are so YOU! I so loved your darling handmade card, too. Your teacup looks so perfect on your coffee table. What a joy this exchange is for all of us, so lovingly organized by our sweet friend, Stephanie.

  4. Such a beautiful teacup and I fell in love with the saucer it is so unusual. The perfect gift for you and suits all your home décor.

  5. So pretty, Michele! I love that tea cup and saucer. . .and it does fit in with your decor. Everything that was chosen for you seems to be just perfect. I visited Janice's blog to see what you sent her. . beautiful job on pulling it all together.

  6. Hi Michele

    I just can't wait till the next exchange. We both had wonderful partners that knew our likes.
    Your bird tea cup is wonderful, don't think I have seen that cup before at any of the tea shops here

  7. What an adorable tea cup. Michele and yes it looks great with your decor. That plate is gorgeous!

    In my kitchen window I have the cute little pumpkin you gifted me with and I think of you every time I look at it, which is ever day. :)

    Be blessed~~

  8. Such lovely gifts, Michele, and such a perfect theme....I love the hand-made card, too! Your cozy living room looks perfect for relaxing with your beautiful cup of tea. Hugs xx Karen

  9. Beautiful gifts Michele, I know you'll get many hours of pleasure using them!

  10. Oh, I love birds! This is such a sweet, cheerful package. You have been blessed. :)

  11. Oh, how pretty these are! Such quality items that are just beautiful! It is so much fun to see what everyone received and gave. I am clicking over to see the lovelies you sent to your recipient. So thankful to meet you today!! Your blog is so beautiful!

  12. The teacup and other birdie items are perfect for you Michele! This has been a fun exchange again.

  13. Oh I adore your sweet cup and that saucer is the cutest ever . This has truly been a fun and very meaningful tea party for me . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. You are definitely a girl who will NEVER have too many bird "things"! Ha! I love your new teacup and know you will enjoy it ... it so YOU!

  15. What a lovely cup, perfect for you, and beautiful with your decor. The little birdie makes taking tea even cheerier. It's been another wonderful tea cup exchange and so fun to see all the love and kindness being spread around. xo Deborah

  16. Oh Michele, that is a perfect cup/saucer for you. I LOVE it, that saucer is to wonderful, love the shape! The glass tray is just beautiful! The card is adorable!! So happy that you participated and received sweetness in the mail. Cindy xo

  17. Your bird tea set is adorable! Its elegant design matches your beautiful decor perfectly.

  18. I have seen teapots with birds on the lid, but never a teacup with a bird on the handle. This is so sweet, and I love that it's all white ... very sleek! What a beautiful plate as well with the sweet little goldfinches.

  19. Hi Sweet Michele, what a beautiful tea cup you received from Margaret. Love the saucer shape too. The plate is stunning and how wonderful your gift looks in your lovely home.
    Blessings and joys have been shared by all in our exchange. Stephanie did a beautiful job of bringing friends together once again.
    Blessings to you. Enjoy visiting and have fun. xo

  20. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  21. Oh I do love seeing your gifts and they are so perfect for you. What a lovely and different tea cup. It is just adorable. Thanks for stopping by Michele...I haven't been around too much lately and have missed your beautiful blog.

  22. Margaret really does have your number! What a perfect match and it looks so comfortable to use! What a clever design.

  23. How absolutely lovely to have people exchange fun goodies.Love your tea cup/saucer,love different. That plate is exquisite also along with thoughtfully made gorgeous card.
    Love bird on cup handle.

    Enjoy rest of week

  24. Beautiful tea cup! Your paper dress looks cute and small!

  25. Love the tea cup and beautiful plate. Enjoy your tea in your new cup.


  26. Oh my, your tea cup and saucer is gorgeous, as are all the other gifts. I love the shape of the saucer. You are right, this pretty is perfect for you. Your new tea cup does fit perfectly with your decor. Love your beautiful room!

  27. What an absolutely precious tea cup and saucer! Love it!

  28. I love that teacup! How precious with the little bird!!!!

  29. Sweetest Michele, your tea cup and all the extra goodies are indeed PERFECT for you! Wow, did Margaret ever do a good job {{smiles}}

    The tea cup is precious and I can see why you have used it every day. And that handmade card....too cute!

    The package you sent to Janice was incredible, my friend. You have such a kind and giving heart.

    Thank you for joining the 9th exchange. Much love to you!

  30. That's a cute teacup! The goldfinch plate and the handmade card are really special!

  31. Michele, as pretty as that plate and card are, I'm just crazy about that cup and saucer! And it looks perfect in its new home!

  32. What a sweet new teacup! So pretty with the birdie on the handle! You received such lovely gifts!

  33. Oh my word, Michele, that teacup is absolutely perfect for you! I've never seen one like it, and it's obviously the perfect gift for you. Love the plate too ... a lovely exchange!

  34. Hi Michele, pretty new teacup. The perched bird is perfect for you!

  35. What an adorable piece


  36. What an interesting teacup with the sweet bird. Love the sweet plate. Another fun teacup exchange!

  37. The cup is beautiful - who can resist anything with a bird on it, in it or even with it?! (My house is called Little Wren Cottage!). The saucer shape really adds to it too. Lucky you.

    Best wishes, Dawn

  38. Hi Michele...what a pretty teacup. Lovely gifts received. x

  39. I love what you received from the exchange and I hope you enjoy it all. :)

  40. Michele, that teacup is darling and is indeed perfect for you! Both the plate and card are so sweet as well. I keep meaning to get in on this exchange, but haven't yet. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  41. I'm finally making my way visiting all of the wonderful teacup exchange postings. I adore the teacup you received! The saucer design is really creative and so is the homemade card you received. Just the perfect gifts for a bird lover.

  42. What a cute tea cup and pretty plate! :-) The tea cup reminds me of a candle holder that I inherited from one of my grandmothers. :-)

  43. Oh my word! I love that adorable cup and saucer. Did she make that beautiful card too? So talented! I love a beautiful card. I know you will enjoy all of those sweet goodies for a very long time.

  44. Hi Michele, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your kind comment. I loved seeing your beautiful gift once again in our teacup/mug exchange. I know you are enjoying your treasures. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Blessings to you. xo

  45. Michele what a lovely gift! I adore that even the saucer is bird shaped. Have a wonderful day.

  46. Michele, Love all your new special gifts!! The teacup, goldfinch plate and of course, the handmade card, so lovely!! You're a lucky girl ♥ Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Jody

  47. Michele, your teacup is perfect for you with the birdie on it and oh my, I LOVE the plate! I do love the gold finches! You received some wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing and have a delightful day, my friend.

    Blessings from PEI,

  48. Michele, this is a wonderful gifting, I do hope you mentor Margaret into blogging, I sure have done my fair share of bringing new visitors into the family we call bloggers....
    To only then watch them grow into beautiful bloggers of interest.
    The cup and saucer are as sweet as can be, and of perfect morning and all day use, going from teas coffees to hot coco evenings.

    Is it not the best when we see and feel the love from someone out there we only know from exchanging a bit of inspiration to becoming dear friends we call besties....

    Lovely post my dear, and thank you for always showing me love in your visits to my home of pale and often unexpected.


  49. wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving. Ya know this summer
    my finches were not here I put out thistle and never saw one??
    Love the tiny yellow and black finches sometimes I'd see a red one.


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