Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pretty Teacup Giveaway!

T'is the season of romance and loveliness and beauty.

So to celebrate this special time of year -
 with St. Valentine's Day, spring, Mother's Day
and tea party season all just around the corner...

 I am offering up this lovely vintage Japanese
to a follower of this blog.

Who doesn't love pink roses
 with pretty lavender sprays tucked in around them?

I just love pretty floral teacups.

(Especially ones with a pedestal and lovely handle.)

Random drawing on Feb. 14th.

You needn't have a blog to enter.

I only ask that you are a follower of my blog,
(and maybe double check you are, it's easy to fall off, not sure why.)

Please leave a comment saying you wish to enter.

Did you know that you are able to leave comments
on blogs even if you are a non-blogger?!? 

You can do it in "anonymous" form!

Just remember to include your first name so we all know who visited!

My teacup giveaway is open only to US and Canada,
 due to the high cost of shipping. I'm so sorry.

As always, thank you for your visit!

It really makes my day when you stop by!




  1. Good Morning, Michele, hope you are feeling well these days!
    I love Moss Rose, you know pink and roses are my favorite, and would love to have this to go with my 'tea cup' collection. How sweet of you to have a give away!
    Have a good day!

  2. Oh my...how beautiful! I wasn't going to enter but then I saw the tea cup! I love roses...and with a little lavender? I can't resist! Thanks for the fun my friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. So pretty! I have loved Moss Rose since I was a child, when my grandfather gave me a child's tea set in this pattern. (I still have it, it's one of my treasures.) I'd love to have this grown-up teacup to go along with it. And I follow your blog via email.

  4. What a tea-riffic giveaway for Valentines Day. Roses and Valentines go hand-in-hand.

  5. What a lovely giveaway, Michele! Such a beautiful tea cup would be a joy to use. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. I am a follower and have been for a long time. :-)
    I would love to win as I can never have enough teacups, especially pink ones.
    Love, Mona

  7. I think every woman loves roses in some form or other and what better way than preserved on a delicate teacup! This one is very pretty Michele, I like that stems and leaves are shown as opposed to just the flower heads.
    I am a follower and ask to have my name thrown in for your giveaway please. xx

  8. Michele, That is beautiful and someone will love it. I gave my collection of teacups to one of my daughters when I was downsizing...but someone is going to be very lucky. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  9. Although I do not have a blog of my own I very much enjoy reading many among them your's . I look forward to new posts of your's especially those in which there is a picture of your beautiful grand baby. I would enjoy winning your lovely giveaway! Mary in Colorado

  10. This is so delicate and pretty, Michele! It would be lovely to have a cup of tea in this little beauty! Count me in! Hugs xo Karen

  11. Oh Michele, bless you for hosting such a beautiful giveway! The tea cup is quite the little beauty and I know one of your readers will enjoy winning it.

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Love and hugs!

  12. Hi Michele, you are hosting a wonderful giveaway..The tea cup is so beautiful..

    Love and hugs..


  13. You're a brave one to allow Anonymous to comment! 😊 (I had to stop that long ago.) How lovely to have a giveaway of this very pretty tea cup. I have no room for those I have now so will quickly add that I am not tossing my name into the hat. Are you getting the snow that you love so well? I have plenty to share this being the third day of it. I am smiling through my clenched teeth. 😬 Say, guess who is going on a sleigh ride. Not I, but "they" are. ❄️

  14. What an enchanting teacup, Michele! I know I have enough teacups in my collection, but I have weak knees after seeing this beauty! Thanks for the opportunity to win. xo

  15. My Grandmother had a complete set of moss rose tea set and I talked her into selling it in her yard sale since she didn't use it !!!! how stupid was I back them 1980's ??? very

    This reminds me of my sweet grandmother

  16. "tea party season?" I thought that was year 'round!! haha! I was going to bow out of this giveaway, but, hey, you can never have enough teacups or books is my motto!
    I am going to be heading down to NC in a few weeks. Maybe I can stop by on my way? I will email you.
    xo Deborah

  17. Lovely teacup Michele, how will you part with it? Thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy February........

  18. Such a nice giveaway! I'd love to enter :)


  19. Michele, this is just beautiful! I'll share on Facebook. :)

  20. I would love to sip some great tea maybe the Monkey King tea in this cup wow wheeee..Love your blog, don't get to it daily but when I do always something great to read and learn about teas and yummie goodies tooo..from gingercat48@outlook.com Happy Valentines day tooo!X()X()

  21. Thank you so much Michele for hosting this beautiful tea cup. It is stunning. I have started to drinking sleepy time tea before I go to bed and I sleep so well.

    Hope all is well with you....

    Happy Valentines Day.


  22. Please enter me in your very generous and thoughtful giveaway!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  23. What a beautiful teacup, and I don't believe I've ever seen one in the classic moss rose design with a pedestal like that! (But please don't enter me this time. I'd feel horribly guilty if I won since I received a gift of 20 teacups two weeks ago--I think that takes care of my "winning" for the year, ha!)

  24. I'm going to exercise GREAT RESTRAINT and refrain from entering your generous giveaway as I'm trying to downsize my collection this year. But I'm sure that the winner will be thrilled to sip tea from this pretty teacup.

  25. Oh I hope I'm not to late. I adore a pretty teacup! I also enjoyed reading about the Kelton tea. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
    May love and joy always be yours.

  26. I had to comment on that tea-cup - Moss Rose. Can you believe it I bought the complete set which was missing the tea-pot in Europe. I had to buy the tea-pot to make it complete and finally found one but the roses are slightly lighter than the set. That is the only tea-set I own which is complete. :)


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