Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter Afternoon Tea Party

I was invited to the loveliest of afternoon teas recently
and I am so pleased to be able to share this with you.

My dear tea society "sister/friend" Marina hosted a tea in January
 with the most perfect winter's theme and attention to detail!

This is a very pic-heavy post so I will hush and allow
the pictures to do most of the the talking.

Here was the gorgeous teacup I used.
I loved her blue and white and shiny tablescape!

I could spend an entire month showing you
 all Marina's collection pieces.

Her china cabinets are filled to bursting with exquisite tea items!

(And she has a great story behind nearly every piece, too!)

Oh, my, the food was so pretty and sooooooooooo delicious!

This was our delicious and pretty "welcome to tea" beverage
 in her gorgeous heavy leaded crystal goblet.

             (Which matched her yummy mini cupcakes perfectly!)

And don't they look nice all snuggled up
 to yummy frosty white pretzel bites?

I got lucky with the little gift bags I brought as gift favors for the gals-
seemed to fit in rather well with the tea colors.

Here are my very best of my best friends;
 my Sandy's Tea Society Ladies.

L to R:

Dawn, Karen, Pam, Mary, Auntie Pam, and Marina.

I absolutely adore these gals. They are so loving, polite, giving, kind, thoughtful and sweet.
My time with them is never enough. I miss them even on my way home from my visits.

They are truly beautiful both inside and out. 

The adorable snowman towels that were placed
 on the backs of our seats
was our thoughtful favor from our lovely hostess, Marina!

Thank you, sweet friend, for a most delightful tea party!

As always, thank you, too for your visit today!




  1. OH Michele...I am sitting here with my jaw dropped in awe of the beauty of Marina's tea party, such grace and beauty displayed from her heart.
    You are blessed to have such lovely ladies in your life.
    January is certainly a wonderful time for a tea party and her "Sparkling Tea" was quite fitting for a month that can be drab.

    I'm looking forward to a Valentine's Tea for my dear Stephanie and my grandson on the 13th. My heart is filled with joy knowing my little boys enjoy having a tea party with their Gamma. :-) It's not always about little girls. :-)

    I so enjoyed my visit here this morning!

    Love to you, sweet lady~~

  2. What a beautiful table that she went to a lot of table making beautiful for all you ladies. I love the cup and saucer you got to use.
    I love get togethers like that

  3. What a special group of lovely ladies you belong to, Michele. Your Tea Society friends are the best. I certainly enjoyed seeing the lovely table at Marina's house. She sure knows how to throw a fabulous tea party, and the blue theme is perfect for January. Thanks for sharing the joy with us.

  4. You are all so beautiful and so is your tea party! Oh, I bet the cameras were clicking! Everything is lovely!

  5. Oh,Oh,Oh, that is a beautiful table setting. How nice everything looks, your friend is a very talented hostess!!

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  7. Oh my, Michele, that table is just adorable. I know you always have a great time when one of the STS ladies (and you) have a Tea Party.

  8. What fun! Lovely ladies and the food looks so sweet...literally! :-)

  9. Michele, what a beautiful table (and everything else)! Nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a beautiful tea with dear friends.

  10. Everything about this tea party looks exquisite. You all must have had such a lovely time together.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...

  11. Just lovely! That menu looks amazing! And all those gorgeous details, down to the little doilies under the teacups. What a wonderful group of ladies there. Sure looks like happy times Michele! xo Deborah

  12. I'm singing the blues over your wonderful tea party! What was the aqua "welcome to tea" beverage?

    1. It was a sparkling blueberry fizzie, Margie. It was so good!

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! So nice to have friends to share occasions with.

    Charlotte Moore

  14. Beautiful tea party with sweet friends. It does not get any better than that. Your friends tablescape was beautiful and the food looked so yummy. Glad you had a great time.

  15. That is such a beautiful set up! What a wonderful idea to have different blue teacups all coordinate, instead of using a set. And then to have the drink in the glasses match? So lovely. :)

  16. Oh so pretty! You ladies know how to chase off some winter blues.

  17. What a beautiful tea party from tablescape to delicious food! A perfect way to spend a wintry afternoon!

  18. Oh what a fun time for your tea friends. Love the blue and white tea cups. Thanks for sharing your fun day.

  19. Wow how lucky you are to have a group to socialize with like this. Love the table and all the different china pieces. She does have some lovely pieces.

  20. Oh, I'm glad you showed all these photos Michele - I felt like I was there looking over your shoulder. Of course I didn't get to try any of the scrumptious food but it all looked so nicely arranged and the towel gifts were sweet. You have an awesome group of ladies in your tea society.

  21. Oh Michele, what an amazing tea. The tablescape is stunning, so much beauty. Food looks yummy and the the cups WOW.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful occasion and it looks like you all had a wonderful time.


  22. Michele, your friend Marina's tea is just a delight! The table is so pretty and the food looks marvellous. A feast for the eyes and the tummy. You're right, my blue and gold teacup would look splendid on that table. You do have some wonderful tea friends. Thank you for inviting me back to have a peek. Happy February, my friend!


  23. Everything looked so pretty! Your friend did an excellent job. I think it's great that you have all these lovely friends to have a tea party with.

  24. Michele, What a wonderful, wonderful tea party. I am so glad that you were able to attend. The decor is just so lovely -lots of attention to detail and I love the bonus of the towels.
    It is wonderful that you have 'tea party' friends. xo Diana

  25. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon ~good friends,good food and a lovely table!
    I love all the beautiful china.

  26. Dear Michele:
    What a lovely table that you are sharing and I see you all had a wonderful meal too. The food looks delicious. Your little packages look so sweet. Thanks for sharing your posting!

  27. A beautiful blue table and I love the tea cups. I have one of them.
    All the foods looks so delicious.
    The tea towels on the chair backs are such a great idea.
    It's so wonderful to have great friends.

  28. What a lovely tea party! Such a love for detail, beautiful setting and what looks like very yummy food. I can understand that you like your sweet group of friends!

  29. What a wonderful tea! Everything was so beautiful! Your hostess has truly lovely tea things!

    Friends are the real treasures in life aren't they?

  30. Hi Michele, What a wonderful winter tea! The menu is mouth-watering and I love those pretty blue teacups!

    P.S. You won a copy of She Sheds, if you'll email me your address, I'll get your book shipped off to you :)

  31. I just love, love this tea party. She did a beautiful job with the theme and setting up the table with those gorgeous tea cups. And the food.... AMAZING. Everything looks delicious. You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

  32. Hi Michele, oh, such a beautiful tea! I love all the pretty teacups and the delicious and delicate food. Such a wonderful time spent with precious friends. So inspiring. xo Karen

  33. What a beautiful tablescape... you have such a beautiful collection of tea set...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  34. You have the best tea parties with your friends! The food looked yummy.

  35. What a fabulous time you must have had with your tea party friends. Beautiful table, great food and good friends, what more could you want? (Maybe a sweet grandchild!)

  36. What an absolutely spectacular tea! I can tell that so much love and care went into the planning and execution of all this! I've thought before how lovely it would be to provide a tea menu for guests to read and enjoy, but I always seem to bungle at least one recipe at the last minute, so I'm afraid my menu would have one item with a line through it and the word "Sorry" next to it - ha! But everything is so beautifully coordinated, and I love how the vintage blue teacups were all used as well. Lucky you!!!


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