Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Tablescapes 2017

Hope your Easter was wonderful!

Ours certainly was.

I am "hippity hopping" in to share a few pics
 of my Easter tablescapes this year.

I showed you one I had planned on using a few posts ago -
but the day before Easter I received the final tally
 and 12 peeps were expected for our luncheon -
 so that earlier 4-top tablescape wasn't going to work this time!

I have a complete set for 12 in this pretty spring/summer
 Noritake china, so I used it.

I try not to force the manly men of my family to eating off my
ultra feminine tea partyish girlie pretty floral china,
but since this is all kept upstairs in a china cabinet I chose it.

My broken toe and aching feet appreciated it at least.

I put cute chocolate carrot-shaped Lindt chocolate
 candy favors at each place setting.

I used my hand-painted garden water goblets
 on the kitchen tablescape.

I have only 8 Noritake teacups and saucers to this set
 and I didn't think to set them out at the adult places
before I snapped these pics.

I wish I had, they're my favorite part of any china sets!

The above pics are in the kitchen, the below pics are from the dining room.
Sorry it was so dark and that I was in such a hurry.

I used gold chargers and gold flat ware in the dining room,
and green straw chargers and vintage silverplate in the kitchen.

I only have a set of 6 gold flatware.
I think I need to buy another set.
I think my husband would beg to differ. : - )

Regular chargers don't fit well on my slender kitchen table
when I have six place settings there - gets too crowded.

Easter feast was a bit of a pot luck:

Sweet Glazed ham with pineapple

Lasagna (hey, I married an Italian and so did my sister!)

Cheesy potatoes (because my family is Irish!)

Mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash)

Salad (youngest daughter brought - (w/ homemade croutons and dressing)

Dinner rolls and whipped butter

My sister had two big parties last weekend so I told her to just bring wine.
She always cooks something everytime I host, but I wasn't having it this time. 

My brother's stroke has been MOST hard on her.
 Just saying she needed a break! Took her some convincing, too.

My eldest daughter brought 2 yummy desserts -
 a Boston Cream Pie and Key Lime Pie

I made a carrot cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting.

I snapped a pic of the feast table but I take crappy foodie pics, so I am not sharing, haha.

As it turned out, my daughter Katie brought me beautiful cut tulips
 from her garden that I ended up using on my kitchen tablescape,
 and my eldest daughter Evelyn brought me dark pink tulips
 for my dining table, THEN my brother brought gorgeous Easter lilies! 

I was overwhelmed by these generous blessings!

I just get so upset when I forget to get pics - 
I wish I could share how perfect they looked on these tables...
much much better than what I had before they arrived!

I shall try and share pics of them in my next post at least,
 before they lose their beauty.

Perhaps even for teatime. ♥

Anyway, Easter is such a wonderful joyous season.

I hope it lingers in our souls all year, as intended.

God bless each and every one of you!

As always, thank you for stopping by!




  1. Beautiful,

  2. Your tables look so beautiful, Michele. Love the Noritake and your sweet, painted glasses. Your menu sounds delicious, too. Glad your Easter was filled with lovely blessings. Hugs xo Karen

  3. My heart is going pitter patter over that gorgeous china, Michele! The painted goblets are so lovely, too, and both tables look so beautiful. I know you had a wonderful Easter, filled with family and blessings.

  4. Your tablescape took my breath away, sweet friend, and oh, that menu has my mouth watering! I am with Kitty and my heart is going pitter patter over the gorgeous china {{smiles}}

    Love and hugs to you!

  5. so pretty, I love those wonderful antique china settings! cute easy idea with the little "carrot" chocolate. glad you had a wonderful day!

  6. Beautiful table, Michele and beautiful china! Love the pretty table runner, too. Your family must love coming to your home for Holidays.

  7. What a pretty Easter table setting, Michele! Your scrumptious feast made my mouth water.

  8. Beautiful! I love tablescape, and the menu was so mouthwatering..

  9. Beautiful tablescape and I love the dishes, they are stunning. Sounds like a great menu with so many great dishes.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  10. I just told the guy guests -- three who hadn't been to our house before -- sorry, you just get pink when you come to dinner here!! I love your china. xo


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