Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Teacup Exchange REVEAL - Spring 2017

I just again recently participated in Stephanie's
 TEACUP EXCHANGE from the blog The Enchanting Rose.

This is my 3rd time joining in on the fun.

 (And I plan on signing up again in autumn for her next one!)

I encourge everyone to get in on it -
making new friends is the best part!

I am so pleased to share my lovely and delicious wares
from a fellow Ohioan and blogger
Cynthia from View from a Garden.

Without further ado, here is my gorgeous new tea cup -
isn't it absolutely lovely?!!????

Everything was packed up so carefully.

Here is the bounty all laid out;
I had such anticipation and excitement unwrapping each item!

Being in these exchanges always makes me feel
as though I've won the lottery- or is how I felt 
as a child on Christmas morning....
anxiously awaiting the fun magic and "specialness" of it all!

Everything was wrapped up so carefully.

Of course I saved the best till the end -
 unwrapping the bubble-wrapped teacup & saucer last.

I am so happy that Cynthia took the time
 to tell me a bit about herself
 by typing up a sweet letter and tucking it inside
 this beautiful pressed flower handmade paper envelope:

Part of my package included a large pretty tin of one of my favorite
tea companies - Harney and Sons - with sachets of 
English Breakfast...along with two wonderful candles!

One of the candles smells like Red Velvet Cake
 and the other smells just like fresh spring!


I found THREE gorgeous springtime botanicals nature gift tags, too-
here is a close-up of the pretty butterfly one!

(These pics don't do them justice.)

A pack of lovely floral teatime luncheon napkins:

And, finally a really cute Scripture Happy Face calling card:

Thank you, Cynthia for this delightful exchange.

I am so happy to have made a new friend -
 especially one from my own state!

Thank you, Stephanie for yet another
 wonderful teacup exchange experience.

It is so much work for you -
 you're an angel for bringing such joy to so many.

I had my tea time outdoors yesterday
 with my beautiful new teacup set.

 Click the below pic to take you to see the post.

As for my box full of treasures sent-
I sent a package of teatime loveliness to a non-blogger named Belle
 in New South Wales, Australia
(very early into the exchange so she'd receive it all in time.)

Of course, I got way too excited and forgot to take pics of what I sent her
(big surprise there, sure wish I would've remembered!)

Stephanie hadn't received a pic from her for the big reveal day
but assures me that Belle let her know she received the package unscathed.
I am glad of that, it's certainly a very long way for delicate china to  travel!

She wrote me an email the day after reveal saying liked everything very much.

As always, thank you for your visit!


  1. I can't believe that I'm the first to comment here - lol! Love the beautiful photography, Michele; I knew you'd do a great job of that. So happy that you loved it all. It was such fun to put together, and I received such lovely things in return from Annie in Australia. How interesting that you send a package there! But, goodness, I'm sorry that you've not received acknowledgement yet. I'm sure that your partner there will let you know shortly that it's arrived. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the reveal and getting to see what everyone gave and received!


  3. I loved seeing what everyone received. So many specialties added to our gifts. This is only my 2nd time of participating but I am already anticipating the next one! I bet poor Stephanie needs a break though. LOL! She is a gem for doing all this for us. Love your tea cup! So very pretty, girly and dainty. And BTW..I am your newest follower! Looking forward to blogging with you Michelle. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. What a pretty teacup you received -- and all the fun goodies, too! I'm sure your giftee thoroughly enjoyed her box. I adore Victoria magazine -- that and Tea Time. Hoffman Media does a great job! :)

  5. Yes, you teased us with the gorgeous teacup yesterday and now I get to enjoy the other wonderful things from your parcel with you. I love the visiting that goes on with the reveal and meeting new friends who love tea like us!

  6. Hi Michele, What a beautiful teacup you received along with goodies to enjoy in a special box of goodness. I know it was a treat to have your teatime outside on a nice day. Wishing you fun visiting the reveal posts. Have a beautiful rest of the week. Hugs and Blessings, xo

  7. Oh, how beautiful, Michele! This is just so pretty. You are right, Stephanie is an angel to us all. What a dear lady who just exudes the love of Jesus in every, single thing she does!! It was so nice to meet you today! I love how this exchange brings us all together. I am having a ball going around and visiting so many lovely blogs and meeting so many new people, in the process. I am from OH, too! I was raised in the Dayton area and still have a lot of family there. So, we have something in common! Sending love and hugs to you, my fellow buckeye!

  8. What a wonderful package! I too am a fan of Harney and Sons. May you enjoy a glorious spring and a wonderful week!

  9. Such a pretty teacup. I love the pedestal foot and the decoration is stunning. Tate's cookies and Harney's tea ... a tea party in the making! The exchange is so much fun! Exciting to see the teacups and mugs everyone received ... each so different. Making new friends and visiting with "old" friends is a real treat, too!

  10. I just love the design of that pretty teacup, Michele! I can see that sipping tea from it would be such a pleasure. All your other gifts were so special, too. Don't we just this inspirational exchange of giving and receiving? All this is possible because of Stephanie as our dear, sweet hostess!

  11. So,so beautiful.. love the cup..

  12. What a spectacular box of goodies! The tea cup is just gorgeous! Enjoy, and I am sure you already are!

  13. Michele, this is my first time to participate and I'm just astounded by how thoughtful and wonderful all the gifts are. What you got is perfect! :)

  14. Such lovely little gifts from Cynthia, Michele! Love the pretty tea-cup and the sweet napkins and tags. It's always so nice to be spoiled :) xo Karen

  15. Thank you so much for following me, Michele! That just meant so much to me...I am now following you, too, and can't wait to become better acquainted. God bless you!!!

  16. Well, my friend, I know how beautifully you package breakables so I am not in the least surprised that your gift arrived "unscathed." Your tea cup from a fellow Ohioan is beautiful, feminine, and springy. What a treat to receive all the added delights. Stephanie does an amazing job of matching bloggers for added blogging friendships.

  17. That teacup is so pretty with the gold trim! Love the colors! Did she make those tags? Are they stamped? I was trying to see all of the detail on that butterfly tag -- that is a work of art. I think I'd frame those!

  18. I love your new tea cup and the flower pressed paper is beautiful as are the tags and other items. Tate's cookies! YUM! Enjoy!

  19. Stephanie's teacup exchange is Christmas for teacup lovers! I'm also loving your gorgeous new teacup with its gold trim and interior design. If Cynthia lives in the same state, perhaps you can meet up for tea time!

    International mail is notoriously slooooow, but hopefully you'll hear from Belle soon!

  20. I truly enjoyed getting to see what you received ! Everything was beautiful! This exchange has been so much fun and blessing ! Hope you have a blessed week!

  21. Such a pretty tea cup, and I'll bet those candles smell so good! :)

  22. Oh my goodness that tea cup is BEAUTIFUL! your gift box was filled with so many wonderful treasures.
    How wonderful should the two of you need up one day. :)

  23. Oh my goodness that tea cup is BEAUTIFUL! your gift box was filled with so many wonderful treasures.
    How wonderful should the two of you need up one day. :)

  24. Oh such a lovely teacup you received Michele! The excitement of it all is so special, and what beautiful treasures you received! I have sent out packages before in the exchange and forgotten to take a picture too! I hope your new friend lets you know she received it soon! Hugs to you today dear friend :)

  25. Yes, you certainly received a beautiful box of lovelies too! This is such a fun event to take part in. Have a blessed weekend, Michele!

  26. You definitely received a wonderful package of sweetness! I love the beautiful tea cup set and the treats to go with. I must say I like treats with my tea...even if it's just a small bit of honey.

    How very wonderful to have such a package to cheer your day! I'm glad that you heard that your parcel made it to the lady safe and sound.

    Praying you have a wonderful day and a delicious cup of tea!

  27. Hi Michele, you received some wonderful gifts. The tea cup is gorgeous. You were definitely spoiled. Before visiting your blog I was just looking out at the gold finches in our feeder and had a laugh when I saw your header. They are such beautiful and sweet birds. Have a lovely weekend.

  28. I'm just now getting around to visiting all the teacup reveals, and am vicariously enjoying all the loveliness! I was sorry not to participate this time, as it is so much fun, but Lord willing, will be there in the fall! It's just too much fun. And yes, it does feel like Christmas morning! I'm glad you had a good exchange. I sent to Australia once, and yes, it took a long time, and it is far away! Hope you're enjoying our warmer weather sweet friend. xo Deborah

  29. That teacup is spectacular! I love all the goodies she sent too :)

    I know your gift had to be wonderful too. You have beautiful taste, my sweet friend.



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