Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July Garden Tea

Merry and Happy Christmas in July to you!

Our niece stayed overnight last night - always such a pleasure.

The weather has been so perfect - temps, blue skies, nice breezes.....
that we decided to set up a pretty holiday tea table
 in the garden and have ourselves a lovely garden tea to celebrate!


I grew up in a summer vacation lake town so celebrating
Christmas in July is a big many families that live together
in the summertime never see one another in it is a time
that many folks decorate their cottages and/or boats
and give out cards and gifts.

Years ago when I managed a clothing store up there
I talked Corporate in California into understanding how important it is in that area.....

And they allowed me to play Christmas music
and have special holiday signage with sales.

I did well at that store.  : - D
Good times.

We picked a pretty and shady spot under two trees
with pretty dappled light.

I've had three teas this week so had extra yummies leftover,
which made it super easy to do it this time.

Scones with clotted cream, lemon curd and ligonberry jam, yum.

We brewed blueberry tea for her, and I had coffee this time around,
I really needed a strong jolt after this non-stop week!

We had iced water in the goblets but hadn't filled them when I took this shot.

After teatime we played some games
 in our covered porch in the background.

She learned Rummy, we played Skip Bo
 (a family favorite for nearly 20 years), and also
Spot It and Banana Grams......all good for our brains.

If  you are looking for good fun easy brain games
these are three of our very favorites.

(This pic is the way my game looks, it's "old school.")

Look what she did with the letters of that game
and took this picture for the blog!

 I simply dolled it up Christmasy with PicMonkey.

I think she and I are both feeling quite festive today!

I wish for days like this to  never end.....
but I know right around the corner
 is the time
she won't want to do this with her Aunt Shell anymore.

But until then  I shall savor every moment with my
 sweet, pretty, fun and helpful teatime niece, Reagan.

Love that dimple!

July 25th, 2014

As always, thanks for your visit!

Merry "Christmas in July" to you and yours!



  1. That looks like so much fun and what a great idea! The tea table looks so pretty!

  2. I love your Christmas in July tea! It looks like a lot of fun and having sweet Reagan to celebrate it with you, makes it even better!

  3. She's a real beauty and what fun this was for her! Very clever and your garden is really nice as well!

  4. ..and a very merry Christmas in July to you too...The table looks delightful and the scones, a must have for afternoon tea looks delicious. Is the cup and saucer Royal Albert? Thank you for sharing.

  5. How lucky you both are to have spent such sweet quality time together, lingering over the perfect tea party, in a pretty garden, surrounded by summer's gorgeous gifts! Sigh....makes me miss my daughter even more! Happy weekend, my friend!


  6. How sweet! Your niece is adorable, and I love that she's into the spirit with you. Happy Christmas in July!
    Rita C at Panoply

  7. I love that you had three teas in one week! And that you seriously celebrate Christmas in July. What a pretty table (like the chair covers!) and such a pretty niece. She will never forget your tea parties even when she no longer gets excited about them.

  8. What fun memories for you and your darling niece! I love this great idea, Michele.

  9. What a wonderful Christmas in July tea! Beautiful dishes, in particular the pretty holly teacups! Those water goblets are a great touch too. The food looks terrific! I really liked the Christmas touch with those cupcake liners--what a great idea! I'm your newest follower now too :) Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!

  10. Michelle, your post made me smile. What a darling niece you have. Great to have a tea party with her. Glad you have nice weather to have teas outside. Love both of your tables and all the goodies. I am afraid you would melt in our Alabama heat. You have a gorgeous backyard. Loved seeing it. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Great idea! 2 things that should happen all year round...tea and Christmas! Love it!

  12. Sweet to have this time together. Making precious memories.

  13. Lovely Christmas in July setting. This s how we celebrate Chrstmas here in OZ, outdoors and very summery with lots of cool refreshing drinks. But of course I always enjoy my tea regardless of the weather. Your niece is such a sweetie. Enjoy it while it last, coz they grow up so fast.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  14. How much fun is that? And we love Skip Bo at our house! My mom is the resident champion!

  15. Ditto to Ruth's comment. A fun post Michelle and I like the idea of Christmas in July.

  16. Oh I don't know, Michele. Does a gal ever give up wanting to spend time with a dear and doting aunt? I never have. What fun and I'm outting these ideas on my list. The grands love old school kinds of games where everyone can play.

  17. Hi Michele! Oh, what a sweet thing to do with and 'for' your little niece. Reagan is a lovely young lady and you are helping her to store up some wonderful memories with you! Your china is so pretty and love how you've set your little tables. I'll have to remember those games! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. What a lovely Christmas tea setting. It looks so festive and fun. I bet you both had an amazing time enjoying the pleasures of afternoon tea. They do grow too fast and after that, they find these sort of things boring. But how sweet that you were able to share such a lovely day with your niece.


  19. So pretty! This makes me long for the holidays.Enjoy your niece, she's a beauty!

  20. Hi Michele,
    Your Christmas in July is very beautiful! The outdoor setting is just gorgeous! Everything is so perfect! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  21. ♪♪♫...I wish you a Merry Christmas.....and a Happy New Year...♫♪♫
    This is such a sweet post..just love it.

  22. Reagan is a beautiful young lady, and I imagine she will always treasure these special teatimes! And three in one week ... you deserve a medal! (Or at least a nice teacup or something.)


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