Friday, July 21, 2017

Christmas in July Giveaways!


It's been a while since I've done a giveaway....
so in honor of Christmas in July I am giving away some
 Christmas tea-themed goodies!

"Christmas in July" is a pretty big deal where I grew up

(I explained why a while back, in an old post here.)

I had a sweet garden Christmas in July tea party with my
niece a few years ago here.

I just can't believe we're on the down side
 of July already!

Where is our summer going so fast?

So...getting back to the giveaway:

Instead of just one box going to one winner
 I'm going to pick 4 winners!

I am spreading the love, haha! 

Winner #1:

A Christmas tree tea cup
Twinings Christmas Tea (new/unopened) box of tea bags
Gold demitasse spoon

Winner #2:

A Cup of Christmas Tea book

Winner #3:

A St. Nicholas Square hand painted ceramic bowl 
(Nice size for mini pinecones, candy, nuts)
Green wreath with red bow on one side, pinecones on other

Winner #4:

Cardinal-themed "Seasons Greetings" Mini Garden Flag

Everything offered is either new or gently used in great condition.

Warning: this much-loved book is showing wear, though.

These giveaways will be chosen July 30th by random selection.

I would have chosen July 25th as my picking date, 
but I just thought of doing this today
 and just doesn't give folks enough time to enter.

Open to USA and Canada
(Apologies to my worldwide readers.)

You needn't be a blogger, but I do ask
 that you please are a follower of mine.
Double check. It's easy to goof up.

I ask that you leave a comment saying that you wish to enter,
and maybe even which item you'd most like to win. 

Little Baby Bug got her 12 months shots
 (3 of them!) yesterday
and had to get poked twice for some tests
 andalso have blood drawn from her finger.

Her momma took this sweet pic after she fell asleep.

You can see her cute pink bandaids on her arms. 

The baby always rolls over and sleeps on her tummy.
Just like her momma did.

Poor baby girl.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Hugs and prayers!



  1. Love them all, but especially the Christmas tree cup and the cute little bowl!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful give aways. Please put my name in the basket.

    That sweet baby, she is beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. What a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me! I just love the tea cup, so lovely and so beautiful! Merry Christmas in July!!

  4. Thank you for the chance to win a nice Christmas item.
    I am most interested in the book.
    Phyllis Schmitz

  5. What a great idea "Christmas Giveaway in July". Thank you for the opportunity. I'd love any of the items, but especially the book.

  6. Thank you for opportunity to win something for Christmas in July, what fun. My very best friend since we were both 14 yrs.old (I just turned 77 today, she will in Sept.) loves red cardinals so would be wonderful to win the flag to send her. Love to surprise her. So kind of you to share your lovelies.
    Your grand daughter is so precious, would so love to hold and cuddle her.
    Have wonderful weekend

  7. Hi Michele, What a great idea for a July giveaway. I won't' sign up because I am downsizing and have so much stuff packed away already....but some people are going to get lucky and have fun opening mailboxes.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  8. Oh I love the tea cup and tea! This is such a fun idea! I should get with it and have a giveaway this month too! What FUN! Thanks my friend. Hugs, Diane

  9. Thanks for the giveaway Michelle. I love cardinals so I would say the cardinal flag.

  10. Christmas in July!!! What a wonderful idea. I love Christmas and would celebrate it all year if I could. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your lovelies. My e-mail is

  11. Maytom50@sbcglobal.netJuly 22, 2017 at 1:09 PM

    The baby girl looks so precious. I have six little grands and all are true blessings. I love the Christmas bowl.

  12. Your sweet baby girl looks so heavenly...Christmas in July sounds mighty wonderful to me, tea cup, spoon, book, bowl oh my..By the time Christmas comes to our home all we can afford is tea for a couple of pots & that is it..Our only did the same thing your baby girl did and she rolled over when she got shots in my arms..She never cried when she got the shots, afterwords she cried and cried, her daddy held her until she nearly passed out both of them, she was a trooper & endured lots of scrapes, skinned knees,broke her arm in gymnastic and got hit by an errant ball in high school knocked her clean out, my heart nearly stopped but she was okay...Thanks for a lovely blog I check in all the time to read about tea and your daily living and the giveway sounds delightful, thanks so much from mary s. at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Christmas in July ... Fun! I've noticed that the craft catalogs are all pushing their fall and winter holidays. I guess I should start thinking about what I want to make for the holidays! Your sweet baby Bug is just too cute. Going to the doctor is just no fun -- no matter the age. xx

  14. You are a sweetheart for having a giveaway...they were so popular years ago. Maybe I ought to do one. And Christmas in July is a wonderful theme! I have been eating up the Christmas movies on Hallmark every evening!! I really like seeing the previews of what is coming in November. How will I get anything done? lol!

    Babies are so precious when they are sleeping. Emily texts me pictures of Madelyn in her jammies, snuggling away in her crib. My heart melts. And after something traumatic like shots, it's nice to see them peaceful again.

    Hugs and kisses, Michele!

    Jane x

  15. Thanks for popping by my blog! What a sweet little girl!

  16. Love the tea cup! My kids are allready making their Christmas list! Silly kids! Anyway, have a great week and what a beautiful baby.

  17. Awww sweet baby bug is adorable, and I'm sure by now is feeling better after the 12 month shots. What a nice giveaway for Christmas in July, Michele. Some lucky readers will certainly enjoy those gifts.

  18. Your sweet baby bug, granddaughter is growing and so sweet, Michele. They do grow fast!
    I always love your giveaways and would love a chance to win1
    Have a blessed day!
    Hugs Sylvia

  19. Poor baby, I remember when my son was little, those shot's use to wear him out also. I'm just thankful for you offering the giveaway, all lovely items.

  20. Poor little baby bug, so many pokes from needles - it's hard to see them cry from the shots. Hopefully she felt better after her nap.
    The weather was so cool at our daughter's home up north (we just got home today) that it darn near felt like Christmas in July. lol
    You're so sweet to have so many giveaways Michele.
    Hugs to you!

  21. What a lovely idea! I could use a little Christmas right now. Blondie reminded me of Christmas Hallmark movies, and yay! my husband is golfing. Sounds like a plan!! I'll get myself a little plate of something and watch a Christmas movie! Still coughing a little with my bronchitis so it will be just the ticket.
    Love your little bug all sleepy there. xo Deborah

  22. Thanks so much for the great giveaway greatly appreciated! Please enter me thanks!

    Aw little baby bug looks so sweet and cute and poor baby with all the pokes and blood drawn!

    I love the teacup and cute hand painted ceramic bowl!

  23. I love Christmas in July, it seems that I sing carols every day! I love every item in your giveaway, though that gorgeous Christmas bowl is probably my favorite.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win, and I wish you a merry rest of the week!

  24. What a great giveaway! I love Christmas! The cup, tea and spoon would be my choice.


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