Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Christmas Afternoon Tea Part 1

Oh, the joy of spending time with my tea society sisters!

I had the delight of being invited for a lovely out of town 
tea-time weekend with my dearest friends this past weekend.

Our amazing hostess, whom we lovingly call Auntie Pam showed us
her gorgeous newly built home for the first time,
 and also hosted for us the most exquisite afternoon tea!

We truly felt as if we were royalty this special day.

I cannot thank dear Pam enough for such a special tea!

She started the party out offering us delicious
 appetizers and champagne with raspberries.

This is a clever way to serve shrimp cocktail;
in individual glass cups on ice with demitasse forks.

Her homemade cocktail sauce was incredible.

She provided a large assortment of sweets

for us to nosh on as we cajoled.

Our teas together are true marathons.

I am glad she kept fuel so close at hand!

This was the most decadent, light, rich and moist cream-filled "coffee" cake
I have ever had in my life. It was very sweet and buttery and nutty - no cinnamon or coffee
crumbs - it was heavenly, and I'd give anything for another piece of it right now!

Her tablescape could win an award, I kid you not.

She has mad decorating skills.

My quick pointing and clicking pics
didn't do any justice to all the beauty around me.

All was completely over-the-top gorgeous.

I just couldn't quite capture the beauty, and truly failed
to capture the MOOD her decorating invoked!

She gave us TWO different gifts!
One was at our table, wrapped so beautifully!

Inside the pretty boxes were two little white
glittery ceramic birdie figurines.

I already have them in use, and have plans to show you soon,
if when I post my Christmas home tour.

Auntie Pam travels the world and has been to England 
several times on extensive tours.

She shared with us 4 different kinds of tea.

My very favorite was her Sally Lunn, which she purchased
in Bath, England while taking tea at the famous tea house.

Here is a bit of history I found online. 

Pam collects interesting tea tins from her travels as well.

Our main course was a super fluffy quiche,
served with mixed fruit.

I wish I had a picture of my mile-high quiche -
it was huge, and so so delicious!!!

She had scones for us too!

This is getting way too long, so part 2 will be the DINNER
she prepared for us as well.

And yes, she changed tablescapes.

We also had a wonderful gift exhange.

And yes, we were there for hours and hours and hours.

I will be sharing her amazing Christmas decor, too.

L to R:  Dawn, Pam D., Mary D., Karen, Marina and Auntie Pam

These are very beautiful, special and dear tea sister-friends.

I am truly blessed to have them to hug and love.

I am so happy to be able to share this fun day
with YOU, my very special blogging friends, too.

PART 2 here:  Afternoon tea turns into dinner and decor.

More coming soon, as time allows during this holiday season!


Hugs and prayers.




  1. OMG...beyond fun! I love a get together with girlfriends, and your Auntie Pam definitely pampered and pleased! I'm smiling because we always called out aunts, "Aunties". I thought I was odd the last thirty years!

    The champagne, confections, and pretty table, of course have me swooning. I'm so looking forward to Part 2 and the teas.

    Thanks for your recent comment on Christmas movies you love. I'm working on them! :)


  2. What a wonderful time you had, Michele. It's good to spend time with friends.
    All those goodies made my mouth water and that table look so elegant.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Absolutely magnificent!!!Wonderful pictures of a GREAT time!Hugs!

  4. WOW! What a wonderful tea. Everything sounds delicious!

  5. Michele, what a treat! Isn't it fun being pampered like that for the entire day!

  6. This sounds like it was a delightful day - such a pretty table and delicious treats! What a nice way to celebrate the holiday with good friends!

  7. I'm salivating over the the tiered tray of sweets. I also enjoyed seeing the English tea tins. I look forward to seeing the rest of the dinner and your holiday house tour!

  8. What a lovely tea, thank you for sharing.

    Our friend that my sister and I met at our hairdresser invited us to her Christmas Tea. We did not want to go, but could not find a polite way to decline, so we went. It was so lovely and we continued to go each year thereafter. We lost her this spring and there will be no more teas at her house. We miss her so much and as a cautionary tale to all, if you get invited to a Christmas Tea, go and enjoy.

    Oh, and see if you can get the cake recipe. You will wish you had later. :)

  9. Oh, how lovely! What a sweet soul..your Auntie Pam! She looks so kind, and obviously, she truly is! What a spread she put on for you, and the thought she put into each detail is just untold. :) Thank you for sharing with us here. God bless you this Christmas season!

  10. Oh Michele this is so lovely. What a great hostess Auntie Pam is to put on such a beautiful tea for all of you. The appetizers and deserts looks scrumptious. Beautiful.

  11. Your dear friend really knows how to bless her friends. What a beautiful group of gals! Every attention to detail and beauty all around. *swoon*

  12. WOW i'm having my tea gals over for lunch however it won't be that elegant looking in my kitchen

  13. What an amazing tea time you had, but mostly the gift of it and the time together with these friends!

  14. Oh my - what a special, special time! To have such wonderful friends is a blessing and to be able to be pampered like that - a true gift!

  15. My oh my, my friend, I so wish I was a member of your tea society sisters!!!! Pam surely outdid herself and spoiled you all. I'm moving on to Part 2....

  16. I just had to pop back over and see part one after I had read part 2. WOW! Now this is a tea party and a classy one at that. Love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Wow! This is gorgeous! How do I get an invite?! So special and truly Spectacular. Now I am going to get out of my PJs and get going. She's inspired me to get a move on. You girls must have had so much fun! I love the shrimp idea. xo Deborah

  18. Wow - your aunt sure knows how to decorate and do amazing table presentations. I love her ideas and that Teddy Bear tree on the side too! Thanks for sharing and this morning I opened your sweet Christmas Card with that antique post card - thank you so much. Such a lovely surprise! I will include it in my New Year's display in the up and coming days! Merry Christmas too!


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