Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sweet Baby Playing in Leaves

Before our autumn season has faded from our memories,
and All Things Advent has filled our lives and hearts....

I had to share some wonderful pictures 
from my youngest daughter of HER adorable daughter
playing in the leaves recently.

I really can't believe how fast she's growing.

She was buried pretty deep in those leaves!

There are a lot of really old mature trees on their street.

We had such sunny and mild autumn weather!

It doesn't feel at all like Ohio-just-before-December!

I love all these shots that her momma and daddy took.

I saved my favorite till last.

This shot captures (in what looks to me)
as though she knows a secret
 and isn't going to tell anytime soon....

One eye brow up, pursed lips not quite smiling,
one eye opened more -
oh boy, does she ever remind me of her momma!

Be still, my heart, for it seems like yesterday!

This little lady has stolen my heart.

Perhaps THAT is the secret she knows.

Because she KNOWS she has us wrapped around
her cute adorable tiny chubby little finger.

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  1. Oh my!SOOOOOO CUTE!So sweet and wonderful pics,a blessing!

  2. Oh my word, what precious pictures. She is such a little doll.

  3. Oh Michele, I loved every one of those pictures, but you are right, the last one takes the cake. If only we knew what was going on in that little mind. I think the weather was colder when we were in Cincinnati the first weekend in Nov. than it appears to be there now. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and you might enjoy coming back on Monday to see my big grandson.

  4. So stinkin' adorable!! Yes, that last picture says she knows something! And this sunny weather is unbelievable. Not complaining. The cloud cover will be here soon enough. For months . . . hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. The last of my guests just left yesterday, so I'm catching up. xo

  5. Too cute! Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Can't believe tomorrow is the first day of December!

  6. She is adorable, Michele! I love the sweet photos of her in the pile of leaves. I know you are enjoying every moment with that cutie pie! We have been raking for weeks now, so I do have a love, hate relationship with leaves. Our weather has been warm as well. Have a nice evening. ♥

  7. Such sweetness - as I looked at the pix I would think, now that is my favorite - and then the next was, and the next. They are all fabulous!! Such memories.

  8. I can see why this cutie has stolen your heart. She is precious and before you know it, she will be going to school. Time certainly does fly.

  9. So adorable Michele. What a cutie.

  10. These are such sweet pictures. I too love the last one the best. She could steal any heart I think. So precious. Thanks for sharing.

    Charlotte Moore

  11. Oh, how I love this post, Michele! Your little gal is growing and taking on that whole new personality of her own. One part her mama, one part you, one part whatever the heck she wants to be as a female in this crazy world. That uplifted brow says a lot. Even accidental, it will serve. her. well.

    Love and hugs, sister!

    Jane x

  12. Awww, Michele, she was loving being in those leaves. And that personality on display in the final photo...she is full of it! I didn’t learn how to raise an eyebrow until I was a teen. I do believe that it’s going to be a fun and blessed Advent season and a very Merry Christmas with this little one in the family.

  13. Oh, how precious! She is just a living dollbaby! And, that look on her face! So mischievous and sweet!!! They sure can steal your heart, and I can only imagine how many memories it brings back to you of when your dear girl was little. Time surely marches on and waits for no one. Seasons of life pass so quickly, and we are made to wonder how we got to where we are so fast. Reading your post made me miss my home state! I was born and grew up in Dayton, Ohio! I'm not sure where you live in OH, but it is all beautiful. May God bless you...your little grandbaby's smile brightened my day...thank you for sharing!

  14. She really IS adorable - I love all of her expressions in these photos! This took me back to when MY kids used to bury each other in the leaves. We TOO are enjoying that warm weather here in Chicago - I took the dog for TWO walks yesterday to soak it up because I know the cold is coming next week!

  15. How wonderful that you've had such great weather so far, Michele, and your adorable granddaughter had such fun playing in the leaves. Her little expressions are just priceless, and the one at the end, is just precious. How sweet that she brings back memories of your daughter...that's a treasure!

  16. Such sweet pics of your darling grand! This is such a cute age and it flies by. Seems my little Connor was only a wee tot, not he's almost as tall as I am.............Happy weekend.

  17. Beautiful little girl and some of the sweetest photos ever. As a grandma myself,
    I know how fast these days fly by and they are grown up too soon. Phyllis

  18. Oh, she is so adorable! I remember every fall getting out and taking shots of my babies in the leaves. That is when we lived in OH and the leaves will swallow you up!

  19. I know she does, and I can see why. She is an absolute dollbaby.❣️

  20. She is absolutely adorable, Michele! I love that look too :)

    The weather has been mild around here too. Not a flurry in site, like normal. I'm doubting we'll have a white Christmas this year, but who knows.


  21. She is so cute! I am sure you are delighted with her.

    Have a good week,

  22. So adorable! It all does go so fast. I hope it's a wonderful holiday season for you and your family!

  23. Beautiful baby and the beautiful pictures. Hugs.

  24. Oh my goodness. Just total cuteness here. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. beautiful little girl and delightful photos! thanks for sharing.

  26. Your granddaughter is adorable and so pretty in pink!


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