Friday, May 4, 2018

May the 4th Be With You

To all the Star Wars fans out there....

May the 4th be with you!

Just in case you weren't aware of it,

Yoda lives with us.

(My husband is the biggest Star Wars geek fan I know.)

This particular Yoda dwells under our little bonsai.

He seems quite happily situated there.

That shiny plastic white thing on the left is a dragonfly clip
that I didn't straighten out before taking this pic.

The clay terrapin was made by a friend.

This cute crocheted wee little Yoda
 was hand made by our daughter Evelyn
 as a perfect gift to my husband.

His "light saber" is a toothpick!!!!

Isn't he the cutest Yoda ever????

And yes, my hubs has a Yoda Christmas ornament
that he keeps at his desk.

It's the way it is around these parts.

Frankly I am more a Han Solo gal myself,
but Yoda has the great wisdom.

Here is a link to some of the best Yoda quotes.

Yes, may The Force always be with you all.

As always, thank you for your visit.

  Hugs  ♥  



  1. He is so cute. Our grandson is a big Star Wars fan too.

  2. I love Yoda. Fun, he is!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh how cute yes I have followed all the star Wars movies since 1976 1977 seen the first one still have the original posters we bought

  4. So cute!My son is a big fan too!Hugs!

  5. Too cute! I wonder if there are any Star Wars-themed teaware?!?

  6. Cute Yoda. Good to hear from you Michele, missed you!

  7. The best is the crocheted Yoda..

  8. Fun fun and more fun - love the crocheted on best!

  9. So cute that your hubby is a Star Wars fan, Michele! Evelyn's Yoda is my favorite...too adorable for words!

  10. These are very cute Yoda's! His wrinkled little face just warms the heart.

    I was glad to see your post, I've been laid up and blogging irregularly. I hope I haven't missed much. How is your little grand baby? Spring is such a wonderful time for walks, parks, picnics and just sitting under a tree on an old quilt.

    Take care, my friend!


  11. Very cute! Especially the hand-crocheted one. How are you my friend?! I am not much here in blogland these days. Just wrote a small post and thought I needed to check up on my long-lost friends. Hope you are all well and happy. xo Deborah

  12. Very cute Yodas! I love with a Star Wars fan....I won't be letting him know about the possibility of a crocheted Yoda!


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