Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring 2018 Tea Cup Exchange Reveal!

Oh, my golly, what fun are these teacup exchanges!

Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose painstakingly and selflessly
puts together the most amazing teacup exchange twice a year.

Thank you so much, Stephanie for this fun event!

I was the happy recipient of a box of treasures from Teresa, 
who resides here in my state of Ohio.

Perhaps one day we are lucky enough to meet in person for tea! 

Here are all my surprises all laid out before opening.....
felt like a holiday - and so much was wrapped so prettily!

Here is my chintz Gracie China teacup!

I have actually used it every day since it's arrival!
Here is a shot of my enjoying my tea in the garden.

 Teresa typed me a wonderful note
 on the most gorgeous teacup paper!

I received all sorts of wonderful teas in my package
- most I have never tried before-
and it has been such fun to have new tastes to try!

I received cookies and candies and recipes, pretty notepad,
 tea themed napkins, gel pens (always wanted them!)
 and a beautiful Emilie Barnes Devotional.

I have a friend who has one that I have always admired!
It's so perfect to put in my guest room to share with my
tea sister "besties" when they visit!

I put my yummies on one of my trays to "style" it for the big reveal!

I must confess ate this yummy crunchy honey-crunch candy bar
 before I'd even finished taking pictures!

I love this beautiful pad -
 now I can give my hubs his Honey Do list in style, haha!

Just kidding. It's not long enough-
will have to keep it for my own "to do" lists!

: - )

The paper tea-cup themed napkins will come in handy
 for those little impromptu tea times
 I have for my neighbor Dee when she visits....
we both have a rule to never use linen when it's just us!
(She will like them very much, too!)

I am so excited to have my very own gel pens.
 And the colors are perfect!!!!!

The experts are now saying dark chocolate has some health benefits!

Thank you, Teresa, for caring about my health
 in such a deliciously thoughtful way! 

Chocolate shortbread cookies and tea time = a perfect marriage!

Teresa read up on my blog and knows about my grand daughter -
 and thoughtfully sent a sweet little book for me to read to her.

I couldn't even believe it!
 That was so so sweet! And our sweet girl LOVES it, too!

Teresa said I'd understand why she sent it 
when I got to the last page!

And I sure do!!

Thank you very much, Teresa, and also thanks to you, too,  Stephanie
 for making this spring teacup exchange so very special for me.

In typical fashion I got too excited about putting together
 my package that went out to Jocelyn in Colorado
that I didn't take a single photo of the things I sent.

She has the blog Miss Joss Shabby Life
and you can find her reveal here. 


AND in case you missed my last post about our
 garden before/after curb appeal- check it out!

Simply click here.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Please visit The Enchanting Rose 
for Steph's linky party for all the reveals!




  1. Dearest Michele, what a lovely little tea cup! The floral design is exquisite. And oh, what sweet goodies you received from Teresa :) Thank you, lovely lady, for joining the exchange.

    Thinking of you, friend. Love and hugs!

  2. What a fabulous package from Teresa. The tea book for your granddaughter is adorable. I hope that the two of you get a chance to meet in real life.

  3. I've heard great things about this exchange! Is that chocolate?? You guys are on fire! :)

  4. Great treasures!Such friendship and kindness...How sweet!

  5. I enjoyed seeing your exchange and I always loved those Germany napkins. Emelie Barnes' devotional was very special - but everything you got was great! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Girl, you made out like a bandit! The teacup is just stunning and you received so many wonderful seems like she thought of everything. I'm pretty positive you sent out a lovely package as well. Enjoy the rest of your week, Michele!

  7. What a great gift package! Darling teacup, yummy treats and tea, that sweet book!

  8. Love your teacup!!
    You will enjoy those delightful treats for days to come, WOW! I have heard that dark chocolate is good for you, so enjoy. :-)
    How sweet that your precious granddaughter was included.
    You have certainly been blessed~

  9. I love seeing what others get/send! It gives ME ideas for the next exchange-- recipes-- a great idea and yes, love the gel pens too! I ALWAYS forget to photo the stuff I send lol.

  10. What a treasure full of gifts you received. LOVE them! The little book for you to read to your granddaughter was so special and thoughtful. You were very blessed!

    Charlotte Moore

  11. Always fun to share in the joy of giving and receiving. Stephanie is amazing!

  12. What wonderful treasures! I love it all. And to be so thoughtful to send a book for your granddaughter! Melts this Nana's heart. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Oh my word, Michele, I know your felt spoiled and loved with your pretty teacup and ALL the goodies!!! I am going to look for that adorable book, as it looks so adorable. Enjoy all your teatime goodies, my friend. xx

  14. such a thoughtful and heart felt array of tea prettiness!

  15. Oh dear it was such fun..

    Please visit:

    I was overexcited and reveled it much before.. :D

  16. How thought to include a book for your gorgeous Grandaughter. Never too early to train her to enjoy afternoon tea.

  17. Michele, I really love that teacup--I've never seen that pattern! Can't wait to check out your before and after.

  18. What a wonderful package to receive in the mail! A thoughtful gift giver for sure!

  19. What a nice tea gift. I am sure you will enjoy it all. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. Wow! I haven't visited your blog in a very long time.

  20. I always love reveal day! Your teacup is just gorgeous.


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