Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch!

My two daughters, their shared best friend and my wee grand
 went to the pumpkin patch for their annual visit recently.

It was a VERY hot day that day..............only to fall
 from the 90s to the mid 40s in less than a week.

So wearing a tee shirt top, shorts, sun hat, her favorite play shoes
 and sporting that sweet beautiful flushed face, 
here is my sweet grand having a ton of fun at the pumpkin patch.

(Figured I'd better hurry and share before it's too late.)

Here she is proudly displaying the pumpkin she chose.....

.....and running, hiding and playing in the corn maze.

Corn = maize. 

(Ha,  ha, I really crack myself up.)

Big or little? 

You tell me.  : - )

She is really growing up much too fast!

See compared to last year?

This farm has the best things to interest the children!

Even the "big" kids get to have some fun!

Here she is getting all spooky with her momma.

I love the way she's trying to see her mom.

Her auntie truly captures the best moments!

Gotta love a little hot pink John Deere tractor!

Can sure tell the pink isn't the only thing that's hot!

Remember last year when she was just a teeny bit scared
 of this big pumpkin and her my daughter had to hug it
 to show her it was harmless fun?

This year she's apparently "embraced" her fears!

That is priceless.............

And yes, please note the wooden "Brutus Buckeye" on the left.....
he is the mascot of our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes!
We have a lot of Buckeye trees in Ohio.

But to me the very best kind of Buckeyes are the candy kind:

Well, that's it for another pumpkin farm year!

The years certainly fly by, don't they?

As always, thanks for your visit.

Hugs and prayers!




  1. Michele, She is just adorable. DARLING!! She is really growing up fast, isn't she? Enjoy every precious moment of these years. They fly by way too fast. xo Diana

  2. Oh how fun and she is just adorable. She really is growing.

  3. She's adorable! Ohio really does have the best pumpkin patches. It's one of the things I miss.


  4. The years do fly... Love that photo of her sharing her beautiful pumpkin. She does know ho to choose the best one! The weather certainly did seem to turn on a dime this autumn. Hope that your foliage season has been gorgeous...perhaps it still is!

  5. How much fun for everyone! Pumpkin patches, corn maizes...does fall get anymore fun? Your little sweetie looked like she was having so much fun. I used to make buckeyes every year at Christmas...they are SO yummy!

  6. My goodness! It is so hard to imagine her being this age already. She is such a cutie pie. Glad you are getting to enjoy these happy times with her. Thanks for sharing.

    Charlotte Moore

  7. Sweet and precious pictures Michelle. Making memories! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Oh Michele how sweet is your post. Love it. Time flies and they grow so fast. Love her in the big chair too cute. Happy New Week.

  9. What a joy to visit your blog and catch up. How time has flown by, your sweet grandaughter is growing so quickly and is adorable.

  10. Yes the years go by really fast, she is really growing up I can't believe how my grandsons have out grown the corn maze thing

  11. Michele, what a gift you have in that sweet grandchild of yours! She is precious.

  12. What cute girls! I can tell this was a fun outing. Glad you got some great photos. Happy Halloween!

  13. Isn't little Vivi the most darling baby doll? I know she and your daughters and their bestie had the most wonderful time at the pumpkin farm. Happy November to you, my friend, as we pray for All Souls. xx

  14. Well....I can see why you haven't posted in awhile...THIS post is sooo stinkin' cute that it will be hard to beat.
    She is so adorable and these photos are really good,

  15. Michele, just popped in to see if you'd posted again yet. :-( I do hope all is well with you and that you'll post again soon (maybe once a month? or season?).

  16. Michele, was just thinking of you and popped in to see if you had posted lately. Hope all is well with you and yours at Finch Rest.


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