Monday, April 1, 2019

Must See Series - you will thank me!

I couldn't sleep so I did the ebay/etsy/Pinterest/email thing.....and decided to listen to You Tube music albums while I tried to get sleepy.

I accidentally (call it a blessing) ran across the most amazing thing. At first I thought it was just another gross and shocking hoarder story..........but folks, trust me - this is a treasure and you are going to want to watch the entire series and then some! I know you will be happy you did. It is  absolutely amazing on so many levels. You're welcome.

BTW - treat it like a weekly series - and watch every once in a while - or do as I and marathon all of them. Yes, I did end up finally getting sleepy about when the sun came up, haha.

Also - the YouTube videos have a few commercials now and then, after a few seconds you can "skip" them - Alex can afford to upload the vids to share with us by accepting commercials on his vlog - but I know we all hate commercials.....

Love love love Curiosity, Incorporated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the play list:

Starts out as The Hoarder House and ends up The Potter's House!

Part one sets the scene - bear with this series, you will be so hooked - worth your time, don't give up on it! It's gross - just try to be patient - but my OCD cleaner in me had to walk away a few times and wash my hands
and just breathe in fresh air - so gross at first- but stay with the journey, this is such an amazing story!

I will say you could almost skip part one and just go to part 2 - this one is way slower, but the pace picks up faster in later episodes......

Part 2 gets more interesting and a better quality video.

After watching a few come back and watch this link below about the lady who had the house, and you will discover why it was such a hoarder's den. Try not to watch the link below until you are fully vested in the series or it won't mean 
as much to you as it will otherwise.

Interview with pottery artist, Mary Borgstrom: < click there 

As of April 9th there are 13 parts - should be a few more coming up, keep check back. Don't forget to "Like" thumbs up each one, and to subscribe so you can follow Alex's journey with this house.

Sorry no pics on this post- but I had to share this with my readers in case
you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Alex. You will totally fall in love with this wonderful man, his awesome family and friends. ♥

Hugs and love,



  1. It reminds me one show I used to watch in HGTV, "If walls could talk".

  2. Oh I don’t know. I was married to a “collector” and clearing his estate was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. Not sure that I could handle such challenging programming. But I would cheerfully read a review. 😉

    So what have you been up to, Dear One?

  3. Thanks, Michele! I will start watching and see how it goes. I am in the midst of purging, organizing, packing and moving, so this is en pointe for me right now! We are downsizing, and I have been in process since Christmas. I can't imagine what this series will bring, hopefully not more anxiety than I already have, lol.

    1. Okay, Michele, I'm back to thank you! I watched all 3 links you sent, and intend on watching more. I can't wait to share this with my Panoply sisters, one of whom is a primitive collector who loves....yep, pottery!

  4. It's so nice to see a post from you, Michele! Thanks for your recommendation on the series. I'll have to check it out. Love and hugs to you.....

  5. I've bookmarked this to watch next time I can't sleep! Thanks for the recommendation. So nice to see a post from you, miss you! xoxo

  6. I will take a look and get back to you. Hope you are well, it as a joy to see your blog pop up in my feeder.

  7. I have been watching this and love it... Also, watched where he met his long lost sister this morning. Awesome story..

  8. Have you watched the clips on YouTube called "I Ain't Doin It"....hilarious

    1. NO- but I think I need to now - thanks for recommendation!!!!

  9. Oh, so happy to see a post from you! And I will check this out ASAP. (I almost never watch a new show or video anymore without getting a personal recommendation from someone I trust. Plus, I've had lots of insomnia too. Nothing's bothering me that I'm aware of, it's just that my poor brain won't seem to turn off at night.)

  10. Sounds interesting, Michele.

  11. Michele, I recently discovered the Potter`s House YouTube videos too! I have not watched all of them but amazing. Sylvia D.


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