Saturday, November 14, 2020

A Very Special Give Away


Announcing a very special give-away close to my heart!

It is Fresha Soap Company's First Anniversary

 and we are so delighted to celebrate it with you!

Fresha Soap is absolutely the best soap I have ever used.

It's chalk-full of naturally good things for your skin.

It smells amazing.

It is very long-lasting and gentle with soft lathering.

(I would say this even if it weren't my daughter's company!)

Truth! I swear it!

They have many year-round amazing soaps to choose from,

 but today I am showing off two groupings of

 recent seasonal limited-edition batches:

4 awesome autumn-inspired scented soaps!

Top to bottom above:

Cinnamon Latte 

Pretty Pink Apple 

Woods Walk

White Birch Oud

Fresha recently introduced a wonderful new

 year-round scent called "Heavenly."

(And is it EVER THAT! It's my new favorite!)

My talented daughter also made the table those pretty soaps above are sitting on!

 4 new amazing limited edition winter-inspired soaps:

Snow Day

Butterscotch Toddy

Foxberry Frost 

Cozy Cashmere

Of course these "seasonal" scents

 are truly great for any season.

But they are specially made in small batches,

so when they're gone, they are gone!

Fresha has so many wonderful good-for-you products;

lip balms, solid lotion pucks, hair oils, beard oils...

and has just introduced Botanical Bath Salt Teas!!!!

The Fresha Soap Company is recognized locally

 for the many bars of soap given

to those in need in various local area shelters.

 They also have an easy way for us to help them do so

 by having a Good Neighbor donation button on their web site

should you also ever care to share. 


One lucky winner will receive a mini Holiday Gift Bag

 with winner's choice of a full size bar of any soap available on 

Fresha Soap's web site, along with a choice of lip balm.

Finch Rest will also add some fun surprises in the box, too.

1.) To enter to win simply go to Fresha's web site
then come on back and tell us what you think you like best via a comment!
Be sure to mention if you are entering the give-away!
 (The site is very cute, well written, and full of fun trivia facts!)

2.) Please be a follower of my blog. It is a nice thing to be.

3.) I will also need to know your contact info if you win-
 so if you are a no-reply/anonymous blogger I won't have any way to contact you - so please remember to check back after the winner is announced! You needn't be a blogger to enter.

If I don't hear back from winner within 3 days for contact info,
another winner will be randomly chosen. 

Sorry only open to the US folks. 

Fresha Soap's website 

Fresha's Facebook Page 

Fresha's Instagram

Fresha Soap's newsletter 

(on site's home page bottom right)

This giveaway will run until the end of Thanksgiving Day

and will be announced here sometime Saturday Nov. 28th.

And as you all prepare for your busy gift-giving season,

 please remember how important it is

 to support your local small businesses. 

These places need our patronage to stay operational.

Amazon, Walmart and Target stores will always do brisk business -

but all the little unique stores available to us are true American treasures!

These businesses deserve to be considered to fill our own, and gift-giving needs. 

Thank you for your thoughtful & mindful purchasing - especially this year!

As always, thanks for your visit!

Hugs +prayers for your health and peace,


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  1. Hi Michele. I will vouch for these soaps your daughter makes. They are so great on your skin and they smell so nice. They make great gifts to give too. Everyone I gave these too said how nice they are. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks, Kris. I agree, they are great soaps! Sure appreciate you supporting her! Huge hugs! ♥

  2. I love soaps like these, but have never tried this one. I like the website and never heard of beard oil. May buy it for Hubby. Throw in my name for the giveaway please.

  3. I totally agree it is wonderful to support local business's. Betty I buy beard oil for my hubby it softens the hair and moisturises the skin underneath. A wonderful giveaway Michelle, your daughter has a wonderful website.

  4. Ooh, Michele, thank you for this opportunity! I love reading of scent had me at the rose ombre ingredient in Cozy Cashmere! The Heavenly also sounds just that! Congratulations on Fresha's first anniversary! And what a year it's been.

  5. Michele, your daughters website is darling and informative. I love to indulge in good for me soaps. I'm a lavender lover and I see she makes one that I will have to try. You are so right about supporting small businesses. They are the backbone of our country.

  6. I love goat's milk soap and the soaps your daughter makes all look delightful. It's hard to choose on but I think I would say the “Blimey Lemon Limey” soap because I love all things lime. (Yes, I'm entering your nice giveaway). And I follow your blog via email.

  7. Congratulations!Those soaps look great.Lovely giveaway!

  8. All the soaps sound great, but I think Heavenly appeals to me. I'd love to try a Tubba Tea! Thank you for the chance to win the give-away!

  9. Oooh Michele, what a wonderful website of your dear daughter’s!! I love soaps! I think the heavenly, vanilla or the lavender sound fabulous. The bath teas sound lovely, too. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m a follower, but sadly all the blogs I follow are now going to my junk mail instead of my inbox. I have to check everyday. 😔

  10. I love giveaways, and would love to be entered. I really liked all the products, but the pink apple soap caught my eye and I could just imagine how wonderful it smells!

  11. I would love to be entered, so thank you for the opportunity! (I actually read this about 3 a.m. but decided I should probably wait till later in the a.m. to type my responses!) Anyway, what a fantastic website! It's professional and colorful and fun … and gave me some great ideas for stepdaughter and daughter-in-law gifts for Christmas, so yay! The limited edition soaps are my favorite (love the name Foxberry Frost), and I'm betting these smell as delicious as they look. Thanks for the opportunity to be entered! :)

  12. Hi Michele, this is Sylvia, I am not blogging now, my husband passed away a year ago and I was off of my blog so long that now I am not able to get back into it. I miss reading your post. Take care and have a blessed day❣️

  13. What a great giveaway! Soap is perfect since we're all washing our hands constantly these days.

    I think I'm single-handedly keeping the small tea companies in my area in business!

  14. What a nice giveaway and it is so good to be back in blogland and catching up again a bit. I won't sign up for the giveaway because I have a good friend that is a soap maker and her soaps are awesome. There is nothing like a handmade soap. Sending congrats to your daughter for starting this business!
    Have a wonderful week! xo Diana

  15. The soaps look and sound lovely. I am not entering because I get headaches from scented products. Best of luck to those who enter!

  16. Hi Michele, I would like to enter your giveaway and have visited the Fresha Soap site. All the products seem amazing and I really like the oils and the Puck Calm Balm Solid Lotion. Our skin is so dry as colder weather arrives and needs moisture. I like that there is a fragrance free lotion for those with allergies, etc. Thanks Michele.

  17. I so enjoyed your visit to my blog~as always, I feel we are kindred spirits. I'm happy to hear you are in a safe place with your daughters and grand girl. I was until recently when my kids were not so diligent about socializing and some contracted the virus. I just don't trust anyone who say they are wearing protection, taking caution, and not socializing with distance, it's not always true. I miss my granddaughters the most. Lucy just turned one year old and I haven't had half the time with her as I did with Madelyn. Otherwise, I'm learning faith and patience.

    Wow, what a great business your daughter has. I didn't know!! I'm off to her website, it sounds amazing and I will follow--love new start up businesses as well as local. I do use oil on my hair, on the ends after shampooing, and after heat appliances. It also calms the everyday frizz. I find goat milk soap to be very calming for my sensitive skin. I'm sure I'll find some great Christmas gifts for the girls in my family. Thanks for tipping us off!!!❤️

    Sending love and wishes for good health, Michele. Love ya!

    Jane x

  18. Hi, me again. I filled out an order at Fresha and while I don't use Pay Pal, I couldn't find a way to pay with my credit card. Did I miss something? I also inquired on your daughter's web (which is fabulous!!). Thank for the info and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Jane x

    1. Sorry just getting this Jane - forgive my delay - it is a little bit confusing - you hit the PayPal button but it takes you to the CC screen too. I told her a few people have asked me about that - it is misleading, but yep - click it and it just takes you to the checkout pay of your choice. Sorry about confusion - and thanks so much!!!!!

  19. I love these soaps and would love to try the Vanilla goat milk soap. The lavender sounds inviting too! Thanks for a chance to win! I could use some new might help my headaches too! I use a lot of aromatherapy products! Hugs!

  20. I ran over as fast as I could! I love homemade soaps and someone, your daughter I presume, is very clever with the names. You could send me anything (except patchouli) and I would be thrilled (if I won, of course...not making any demands. 🤦🏻‍♀️)

  21. Your daughter made that table?! wow -- that's amazing! Her website and products look so nice. Wonderful of her to donate products during this difficult time. Everything looks lovely, but I'm thinking that Cedar Sage soap would be my first pick! And I agree, support small businesses! xo

  22. Such a nice website - I ordered soap for my daughter and it arrived very quickly. Smells wonderful! :)

  23. Oh how fun Michele! I hope I'm not too late, but it's still Thanksgiving day at my house for another couple hours! :) I'd love to try the New Bamboo and the Heavenly soaps! If I got in under the wire, put me into the give away. This is so sweet of you to do! Thank your daughter too!

  24. Oh....I hope I'm not too late to enter for your awesome give-away. Your soaps look good enough to eat, they are so pretty. I can only imagine how wonderful they must smell. Thanks for the chance to enter!!!


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