Monday, November 23, 2020

Tea Time - Bird Theme

 I began sorting through all our Christmas bins and such

 over the weekend, mindfully choosing what to keep out.

I am decorating much earlier and differently this year,

 so it's a bit more challenging - but in a good way.

(More on that to follow in the days to come.)

We are going to follow our governor's mandate

 and not going to have any company in for Thanksgiving this year.

Our girls felt this way first, then we followed their leads.

So instead of being very sad, I am choosing to be busy!

(Thoughtful gift years ago from a dear blogger friend.)

Perhaps that is why so many of us are starting

 to decorate much more early this year....because 

We need a little Christmas right this very minute

Click on "We need a little Christmas" above and really listen-

these words never hit me like they did this past weekend.


This weary world needs to rejoice in its joyful hope

 of the coming of our Lord and Savior.

 Now more than ever.

 I think we all can agree that this year

 has been an absolute nightmare. 


I am making a promise to myself:

 to stay positive and focus on what's is happy and good.

(I guess I will just fake it till I make it!)

So what better way to start it all out than tea-for-one?

In the middle of what looks like Saint Nick's workroom

 with boxes and bits and baubles and all Christmas-y goodness

 strewn about, I made myself a pretty tea respite. 

I needed a quick easy nosh and a cuppa. 

 I put together a pretty little bird-themed Christmas tea.

I filled a pot and wrapped it with my beautiful cozy

made by blogger friend Bernideen.

She has an Etsy shop here

 I rested my mind, my back, my feet and my soul near a fire. 

And counted my blessings in prayer.

Then again got back to happy busy!

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Big happy hugs,



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  1. Hi Michele. I love the Christmas Finch teacup and saucer! My favourite little feathered friend! Love the tea cozy too. Bernideen certainly does a beautiful job and the cozy is perfect for Christmas or anytime. Your tea setting is lovely. I agree with you, this past year has been a nightmare, but we must choose to be happy and keep a good attitude and keeping busy helps too. Thank you for sharing this sweet post at my party and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs

  2. Oh I love your little finch items, and that tea cozy is wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog earlier...always such fun to make new friends here. I hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving, even if it is small this year, and also that you will have a very Merry and meaningful Christmas. Yes, I know we all need a little Christmas right now, but I am waiting until after Thanksgiving to get started. We will have some family here on Thursday, and I can only handle one holiday at at time. But I hope to get started right away after! Thank you again for visiting, and I loved your post so much.

  3. Good for you for choosing joy in the midst of all this! I agree, we need a little Christmas. I have a few things out but we will do our tree Saturday. Put on some Christmas music and make a cup of tea! So sad we won't see our middle son over Thanksgiving or Christmas. We haven't seen him since last Christmas!! It's been a hard year for so many. Praying next year will be better. xo

  4. You have the right attitude! This has been one crazy year for sure!

  5. Hello Michelle, It was a pleasure to scroll through and read your No Place Like Home post. Yes, the return of our Lord is more on my mind this year than any other. I'm even listening to a sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. The rapture/the snatching. :)
    It's a good thing for us all to choose joy and to be thankful in all has been hard to do that this year but I suppose that's the good lesson to learn. Hope you have a lovely simple Thanksgiving.

  6. It's a joy to come to your place for a little happiness, Michele. Your thoughts about these times reflect my own. Some days it comes easier than others. Your afternoon tea is lovely. I hope you and your hubby have a joy filled Thanksgiving.

  7. Hi Michele- A perfect tea table for one! I love that cup and the tea cozy is really, really cute. I am keeping super busy, too. I am only putting up a fraction of the Christmas stuff I have but had to go through most of it to find what I wanted. LOL. I have enough put up to make me happy and the house look nice. Next year, hopefully, will be a partying Christmas with family and friends coming and going. I miss that.
    Have a safe, blessed Thanksgiving. xo Diana

  8. This is adorable...winter is my favorite time to watch the birds, and we have a bunch here! From No place like home, Sandi

  9. What a charming tea setting! I've always admired Bernideen's pretty tea cozies.

    I've been on full Christmas mode since mid-November. But I'm going to wait until December to share my decor. LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. What a sweet little tea for one you’ve set, Michele! I’m going to my daughter’s house for Thanksgiving, and bringing rolls, pumpkin roll and pecan pie. I hope you and Michael have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Many hugs and blessings are sent to you.

  11. With the crazy this year I think you are making a good decision. Let's hope by next Thanksgiving we will be able to be together with family and friends and enjoy the holidays. Have a nice and peaceful Thanksgiving. xoxo Kris

  12. I'm feeling the same way about needing a little Christmas - a whole lot earlier than I usually do. Your tea for one is lovely, and a perfect way to relax in the midst of busyness. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We had our Thanksgiving in October when things weren't quite so bad as they are now in BC.

  13. Oh I love it all Michele, and I hope you don't have to fake it very long! :) Take care my friend, and I'll come catch up on the rest of your posts soon. It's 2:20 pacific time, and you know I always think of you when I'm up late!

  14. Michele, I love your little respite you've created. I'm with you in that staying busy is a great way to keep from being sad. And, at the end of the day, it gives you a list of things accomplished that you can be thankful! Thank you for the positive vibe you bring. I love your teacup with goldfinch and the cozy too!

  15. I could spot a Bernideen tea cozy! It's lovely, as are your sweet bird tea things.

    Friend, I'm sorry that you won't be with your girls for Thanksgiving, but I'm glad you will be busy and choosing joy. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful day together! Go for a drive, visit your girls from your car, whatever will make your day special!

  16. Beautiful post, Michele. Sending my wishes for a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving will be very different for many this year, there's still much to be thankful for - the fact that we woke up this morning is a very good beginning. Hugs to you!

  17. It is good to hear that you are being safe. We are doing the same. Some are not and that really bugs me. Our neighbor plans on having his normal dinner with 20 people coming over. I cannot believe that people don't take this virus seriously.

  18. Michele, love your little tea-for-one (I spotted your Bernideen tea cozy!). Must have been very cheering. I hope you'll continue to count your blessings and not let [waving hands and arms] "all this" get you down.

  19. Michelle, you have the perfect attitude. Sometimes we have to make those special moments on our own. Love the goldfinch tea things. so pretty and precious. thanks so much for joining in on the party, I'm featuring this post Monday evening. Have a great week!

  20. Such a lovely Finch teacup dear friend and your tea table and accessories.
    I'm pinning it. Enjoy the Christmas decorating.


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