Thursday, September 6, 2012

Early Autumn Al Fresco Dining for Two

Before summer is completely behind us
and we are innundated with All Things Pumpkin
I thought I would take advantage of the cooler evenings
to have us dine outdoors on the back deck.

I simply just used our normal outdoor table and chairs
then added comfy pillows for that little "extra."

Not quite summer, not quite fall
some new hues of colour came out to bring everything together.


Dining outdoors is a good time to bring out the more natural
and less fussy tablescape - rattan chargers, wrought iron flatware,
cloth napkins rings, wooden candlesticks, leaf shaped plates
and some fresh sunflowers in a vintage canning jar.

There's nothing quite like sunflowers
to bridge the gap between summer and fall.




Nothing too shiny or too formal this time!


There's something so nice about dining Al Fresco!
It seems to make whatever you feast upon that much better!


Add tomatoes and cucumber picked from the garden
 with freshly cooked bacon on top of a spinach salad for true yum!


A good red wine, fresh hot bread, parm cheese and whipped butter
work wonders for one's hungry pallet.


For the main entree we had Baked Ziti Primavera
 with strips of herbed grilled chicken breast on top.

Of course I forgot all about taking pictures of it!
(I was so mad at myself, because it was a nice look.)


In keeping with the Italian theme
Hazelnut gelato was served
 in antique etched champagne glasses.



  1. Oh how lovely - please post this tomorrow to my "Open House". Your table with the sunflowers is very"Happy Looking".

  2. Everything looks so pretty and sounds so good...but when you said hazelnut gelato I was hooked.

    With all the rain, we're right back into mosquito-ville so I shall simply enjoy your dining Al Fresco. What a beautiful setting.

  3. Save a seat for me Michele! I think it would be a laid back meal with lots of conversation, a little wine and good company.
    The bouquet of sunflowers is perfect for this tablescape.

  4. Not quite summer, not quite fall, but definitely perfect! I think it looks beautiful, Michele & I also wish I was coming to dinner! :)

  5. What a lovely tablescape and such a pretty view,Michele. I don't think I have seen iron flatware before,how neat! Now you've made me hungry, just set a plate for me.


  6. Your table is really beautiful! Well thought out with lovely elements. Love the setting too. Stopping by from At The Picket Fence.

  7. So beautiful and relaxing, I love dining Al Fresco when it is not too hot. The sunflower centerpiece is beautiful but I am noticing the pot of purple flowers in the background. Love how the purple is picked up in the placemats. I would love a bite of the Hazelnut gelato and the glasses they are served in are so pretty. Thanks Michele.

  8. So lovely Michele! We love eating on our patio. It's been so hot lately that we've not been able to do it as much as we like. Your table looks divine and so welcoming. Do you have problems with mosquitoes? This year we have been inundated with the little critters. They particularly like my husband--so he's not too happy to eat outside. Hoping for beautiful days ahead. xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  9. Yum! Dining out of doors would be a real novelty for us right now. With the remnants of Issac passing by, it's dreary and drizzly. Yesterday we had a very heavy rain, but at least there were no dangerous winds.
    Your table looks great. Enjoy the weekend.


  10. Pretty! I love the sunflowers with the purple! Still too hot for us to eat outside!

  11. I love the setting , the table, the centerpiece and the wonderful meal. Enjoy your time outdoor while you can.

  12. Michele, I am starving reading about your ziti, salad and gellato even though it is breakfast time. What a gorgeous dining area you have overlooking a beautiful lawn. The sunflowers are so pretty and colorful. ------- Shannon

  13. Beautiful!
    I adore your dinnerware.

    You inspire me.


  14. I love it everything came together so beautifully. Love Sunflowers.


  15. Hello Michele!
    Your photos always looks so pretty! Of course, it's because you set such a lovely table! The sunflowers are perfect - such happy flowers! It's feeling much more like fall today I'm wondering if it is in your neck of the woods, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Gorgeous Michele!
    I too love Sunflowers for Summer to Fall transistion. The yellow is stunning mixed with the purple. I am so loving my garden tomatoes! What will we do when they are gone? sigh! Your meal sounds very yummy and dining outdoors is the best!

  17. beautiful post Michele! Your table looks so nice and the menu delish.

  18. Yummy! Everything looks so delicious and what a perfect setting for dining.
    Debbie :)

  19. YUMMO ! It all looks absolutely delicious and it is making me hungry ! I really love your cane placemats too, they are really unusual. Sunflowers are big happy smiley flowers and look perfect in your setting xo

  20. Hi Michelle, Thanks for your sweet comments... I do appreciate that. Your alfresco meal looks so nice and sounds delicious. Ciao for now,

  21. A lovely dinner to enjoy outside Michelle. There's something special about eating outdoors. We also get to enjoy Mother Nature. The table is set perfectly. I sometimes forget to take pictures of my meals tool.

  22. Those sunflowers are gorgeous! We often plant them at the end of each row of our garden. At first my husband thought it was wasted effort but changed his mind after I brought in a bouquet!


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