Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tea with Snacks Outdoors

Oh this perfect, amazing, awesome GLORIOUS weather!
Mid 70s -  Sunny - Blue Skies - Puffy white clouds
Dry -  Breezy -  Cool nights in high 50s.
As my youngest daughter claims
(who moved back from years living in SoCal) 
"It's perfect Cali weather!"

So please join me on this beautiful day
for a simple tea outdoors
 with some yummy snacks.

Earl Grey......one of my fav inexpensive go-to daily teas.

Snacks leftover from a tea I hosted on Saturday - post to follow soon!


Beautiful hand painted vintage Nippon china in the PORTLAND pattern.
(I ♥ that ribbon band of lilac flowing through it!)

And of course we're enjoying this tea at one of my
favorite places to be: my "Zen Room."
I think most of you are getting used to it now.
(That green thing in the background is my DH's archery practice board. I forgot to move it.) 
Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Tea is perfect outside these days Michele! I'm looking forward to your post about your tea on Sunday. We're having glorious weather here in VA also. I'm so looking forward to cooler climes. ♥
    Martha Ellen

  2. How lovely, Michele! I'm going to pretend those delicious looking snacks are gluten free and I'll join you! : ) The weather has been beautiful, hasn't it? I just hope it stays this way now!

  3. What a beautiful setting and your china is so lovely! So elegant for enjoying an afternoon tea. Love your pictures.
    Debbie :)

  4. I think that is such a dreamy setting for a tea! Beautiful china as always, Michele. Wish I could join you!

  5. A perfectly delightful setting for an afternoon tea outside enjoying this perfect weather. Earl Grey is a favorite of mine as well — a real pick-me-up in the late afternoon.

  6. Looks like the perfect relaxing tea break! Glad you enjoyed your day!

  7. Tea out of doors sounds lovely, Michele. I had Earl Grey too. Your teacups are very pretty and I love 'em stacked, as you know. The sweets look good too. Thanks for sharing with TTT and have a delightful week.


  8. Beautiful setting and a very cute birdie!

  9. MMM...I'm so hungry right now, and this isn't helping! haha. Ok, well, not really hungry, more craving. And now I'm craving muffins and tea.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I would love to join you for tea in the garden. The tea set is lovely xx

  11. I would love to join you for tea on the porch in this lovely weather.Your tea treats look delicious.


  12. Zen Out! :D :D Lovely tea setting. The Portland Nippon china is stunning ... delicate design ... and the goodies ... making my mouth water!!! Hugs--

  13. I love your Zen room! Your photos give a very relaxing feel to this beautiful post. I especially love the little birdie sitting in the middle of your tea tray. The Noritake "Portland" pattern is so sweet with the pink and blue hues. Please, set us a cup for a lovely Zen experience.

    Thanks, Pam

  14. Wish I was sharing some tea and those delicious looking treats with you, Michele! I never get tired of seeing your Zen room.

  15. Hello Michelle,
    I think you and I are on the same wavelength! We both posted out door teas this week..... Yep, all about relaxation. A "Zen" room seems perfect to me! What a glorious week it has been too. Just like where you are, it is beautiful here. I hope to have quite a few more out door teas and book reading before it chills up.
    Your hand painted tea cups are so lovely! What a delicate looking cup! Tea taste so good in delicate cups! And your little birdie is a sweet addition to your tea tray.

  16. Absolutely lovely! I'm all for CA weather. ;-)

  17. Such a cozy looking tea Michele and outside on a sunny day.
    I think we see more in our backgrounds than visiting bloggers. :-)

  18. We are having some beautiful weather that is perfect for tea outdoors too. Your china is so pretty and it looks like a lovely spot to enjoy tea on your patio. Visiting from A Delightsome Life. Pamela

  19. I would sit and enjoy your zen room anytime. The Nippon is beautiful. I so love beautiful dishes and Earl G tea. Wish I could share one if your snack goodies.

  20. Hello Michele, - lovely to share tea with you - your zen room is charming - I love having retreats and spaces we can enjoy the day! Love the pattern to the teacup - beautiful! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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