Monday, November 5, 2012

Blue Monday Around the Nest

If you haven't yet checked out Smiling Sally's blog
 for BLUE MONDAY, you should soon!
I don't have much blue - my mother loved blue
 and owned too so much blue that I kinda got over it
 when I was young......
perhaps it's just too cool a colour
for my decor.
 I do love the colour though, especially WEARING it,
I just can't live with it all around my decor.
 I am most comfortable around muted neutrals - 
green, brown, beige and white with a little black
and sometimes burnt orange for "pop."
 Warm earthy colours.
(But you already knew that, didn't you?)
Every so often I find I do find some blue
 around here to share on Blue Monday though!

An old art-deco creamer milk jug pitcher


A 3 tier silverplated server with blue glass bowls

Sweet antique painted kissing angels



              Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I think we have similar sensibilities except for the fact that while blue is not a favorite color of mine, I seem to have an awful lot of it. Love that blue creamer!

  2. Lovely! I "appreciate" blue but do not have too much of it myself, except for a few aqua blue pieces, which are sort of a whole nuther side of the blue palette. But that pretty cobalt blue color always grabs my attention!

  3. Blue makes a lovely accent piece.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Michele.

  4. You have some pretty blue pieces. That pitcher is wonderful!

  5. I like that you made your text blue, too, Michele! : ) Yeah, I'm not much for blue either. I do wear it {a sweater and a couple of tees} but like you, I'm more into the warmer tones both in my home and in what I wear. Except for pink - I love wearing pink!

  6. I love the cobalt shade of blue in your first two pieces. Nice pops of color! I have a lot of pastels in my home and tend to dress that way, too. This fall I tried to add a little more color to my wardrobe and my husband noticed right away. Is that a good thing?!

    Have a great week, Michele!


  7. Hi Michele!
    I know what you mean about living with blues. In my previous home I had blue and white toile wallpaper in the kitchen and blue transferware dishes. I wasn't in the house long before I changed it to a pretty red background Waverly wallpaper instead. I needed the warmth. I still like blue transferware though...I have three sets of it. Have a great week.

  8. I love blue hues too. The little angels are very familiar I had that very set. xo

  9. I have a few cobalt blue pieces, and I love the colour so I'm really liking the milk pitcher. The kissing angels are sweet, I made a pair in ceramics years ago and they sit on a shelf in the kitchen - hardly ever glanced at. Guess I should dust them off and include them in a post some time.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue. I have alot of blue and white dishes and my bedroom is a soft, pale slate blue with white trim. It really is gorgeous say so myself. I have wanted to do a post in there and should one of these fine days. And with my blue and white ware too. Michele I've just got to get back in the blogging mode and am having trouble with it. Shame on me!! Do you have any words of wisdom for me? Luv ya girlfriend!!


    PS Since you are the 'hottest' state in the US for is it going out there. I voted early along with 350,000 others from my state. It was quite a long line but I'm glad I got 'ur done!!!

  11. Hi Michele, love your pretty blues. The pitcher is my fav. I do like blue and use to have alot more than I do now. Still like throwing a bit of it in now and then.

  12. I love blue, and can't have enough of it around me! Have lots of blue and white in my bedroom, although other parts of my house have more warm tones. I enjoyed seeing your blue pieces!

  13. That art deco creamer is singing to me! I love it!

  14. Lovely pieces!

    A late visit from Blue Monday.
    I hope that you can still drop by and comment on my BLUE post.
    Thanks and have a great evening.

  15. I have always loved deep cobalt blue. It is so pretty in glassware.


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