Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pretty Pink Flowers on China

I absolutely love everything about fall.
But I needed an eye break
 from pumpkins and acorns and turkeys and leaves.
But just a tiny respite though,
because I have a lot more autumn to share
before the Christmas season takes over!
Today I just wanted to share some pretty china florals.
I really needed to see show you some pretty PINKS.
And pretty florals are never really out of season, are they?
This is a very close up of a recent treasured find.
I recently found a small sweet vintage set of china
4 dinner plates
 4 bread plates
4 fruit bowls
 in this pretty colourful floral pattern!


I also found this wonderful Bavarian china dinner bell.
How I would love to haved lived richly in a lovely manor house 
to ring for tea with this pretty bell anytime I so desired.
(Yes, I am channeling my Inner Downton Abbey!)

And I have this thing for antique hand painted
 salt and pepper shakers too.
Just look at these lovelies!


And I love they say VERSAILLES on them -
have you been to that amazing Palais?

It is one of the most exquisite things I have ever beheld
when I was able to see it in the late 1990s.
Google image:
If you haven't see it yet be sure to put going there 
 on your bucket list, as it is absolutely astounding!
What other travel dreams might you have on your list?
Thanks for your visit!
Have a blessed weekend, friends.


  1. Love all the pink flowers they brighten the day! The salt and pepper shakers are shaped
    so different and unique.

  2. The china is simply lovely, Michele...perfect for a brunch or light lunch. What a special find! I love the little bell, too. Who wouldn't love to revisit those refined and simple times?!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. You found some very nice things. I like it all, but really like the bell.

  4. Love your pretty floral china. You have travelled to some very lovely places.


  5. Your pinks are gorgeous, Michele! The s/p shakers are adorable and so is the dinner bell. I collected bells for a while. The china is very pretty and you did well finding some new treasures. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend.


  6. Michele I love your beautiful pieces you have shared today! My hubby and I have been to France and visited Versailles--it's an unbelievable Palais! The beautiful salt and pepper shakers are named well! My hubby and I have many places on our bucket list and intend to start crossing them off the list as he is retiring soon. ♥
    Martha Ellen

  7. You did take us away into a world of beautiful florals of pink. How lucky you were to find that pretty place settings, and I love all of your finds.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Michelle.♥

  8. What pretty floral china pieces, Michele, that you've found! I hope you have a happy weekend, too. XO

  9. That is beautiful china. It's nice to see such pretty large flowers on those pieces. I usually see sweet small flowers on china. My mom watches Downton Abbey and loves it. I haven't been able to see it in its entirety yet though. It looks good.

  10. Well you already know that I love roses.....and anything pink for that matter !
    Yes I have quite a few places on my bucket list. I would love to come over the the States to go flea marketing, I would love to drink tea in Monets Garden and I would love to travel through England sipping tea and buying seriously old antiques that have been on the earth for hundreds of years xo


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