Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints' Day


We always hear so much about All Hallow's Eve - Halloween - but it's funny that the term "All Hallow's Eve" nearly makes no sense
 to many not knowing what it it is/was the eve OF!
The day after All Hallow's Eve (Hallowmas) is  All Saints' Day....
a day set aside for centuries to commemorate
the Saints, the known and unknown.


The reason this all came into being was that the Catholic Church realized that there were some true Saints who lived among us who may not have been canonized (officially recognized and made into Saints,) and who do not have their own special Feast Day or day of rememberance....
so All Saints Day gives us the opportunity to honour their remarkable faithfulness and remember their holiness in our prayers.


That's my take on it but there is much more detailed info out there
on the net for a much better explaination than my own.
Today, to us, it is a Holy Day celebrating Saints,
and it is a Holy Day of Obligation -
which means one is expected to attend Mass (unless horribly ill.)



It is a good thing to celebrate the holiness of Saints-
 especially after a night of the spookiness of Halloween.
~~~Balance is very healthy~~~~
Keeping the whole world - including you- in my prayers.


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