Saturday, March 2, 2013

All About the Heart

I am not one to post family photos too often - 
but today I had to share my beautiful niece
(and she is also my god daughter)
 at her Middle School Science Fair Competition today!

We are so proud of her!

It was a volunteer competition
 and she was only one of two
in her class who even entered.

She's an all A student who wants to be a doctor.

She's also been recently picked from just a small group of students
 who get to "shadow" a surgeon at Children's Hospital.
 She is very excited about this, too!

I tease her and say "Wow, all that and brains too!?"

I think she is just the prettiest young lady!

camera phone pic, sorry

She did her presentation  on The Effects of Heart Rate in Excercise.

She posted 3 different study effects while:

* Swimming
* Jogging/Running
* Spinning (stationary bike at gym)

In class she was given three different grades on:

* Oral Presentation
* Written Report
* Display Board
. She was given 100/100/100 on all three of those categories.

I blogged about her little sister not long ago, the cheerleader in competition. If you missed that one - check it out here

My sister has 4 children who are amazingly sporty and smart and really beautiful - just like my sister: Barbie and Ken. Seriously they look just like them. : - )


My little niece is growing up way too fast. 

This is what she looked like what seemed two weeks ago!

When I look at this picture she should monitor my heart rate -

because it just makes my heart skip beats!

Way to go, sweetie!

~~~Aunt Shell~~~


Pink Saturday


  1. Very sweet - you should be proud!

  2. Awww....that's so sweet! What a wonderful young lady! She did and amazing job on her project!

  3. A talented young lady, congratulations to her on a perfect score. One of our twin granddaughters wants to be a doctor also and I hope both girls can follow their dream.

  4. Congratulations to your beautiful niece. You should be very proud! '-)

  5. She's a beautiful girl! Smitten aunties are pretty special, too. Congrats to her on all of her achievements.

  6. I sure can hear how much you love your niece and how proud you are of her! She is a sweetie, and she is blessed to have you as an aunt! As much as you feel blessed to be in her life. Isn't it a delight to watch young people follow their dreams?

  7. Aunties are special and your encouragement of your nieces will always be remembered... blessings on ea of you !

  8. At that age to have such a glorious ambition. Sounds like she is as beautiful inside as out. She really is gorgeous. It's so heart warming to see young people do such great things. People need to hear about exceptional young women like her. We hear so much about problem kids but not nearly enough about great kids like your niece. Congrats to both of you. Her parents must be so proud.

  9. What an incredible young lady. Makes me feel good about the feature of the world.

  10. I know you're a proud auntie! What a pretty girl and a smart one, too, and I loved reading about her accomplishments.

  11. What a wonderful post! I was wondering who was featured in your link photo! I had to go look at your other post - oh my your other niece's hair is beautifully red and does look like flames and does look like sh enjoys what she's doing. Sometimes, I think about how wayward I was with my own desires (I had wanted to be a nurse eons ago and never have done it) (as well as other things). I hope your niece makes it to being a doctor ... wow. Sounds like they rock! ;)
    Happy Late Pink Saturday!
    I'm link #78 - my blog ID will take you to another of my blogs unfortunately. I had a post link on it yesterday but my post for today is in the way! :(
    Enjoyed my visit!Jenn

  12. She is beautiful! I think she has a very bright future ahead of her. What a wonderful girl she is to have such high asperations and already taking the steps to make them come true. It's ok to be a doting aunt over such a great neice!

  13. Hurrah for your niece! I love when young folks show an early interest in going into medicine. She may be doing my hip replacement one day!


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