Monday, August 12, 2013

A Garden Tea for Two and GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Please join me for tea in the garden.

I am SO pleased that you are here!

We'll use very old hand painted Bavarian china.

It just seems to belong in the garden, does it not?

We'll use my precious family heirloom teapot
 that is as light as a feather!

You may read a little history
 about the lady behind this teapot
on this early post. 

It won't be much longer now until the gardens will be asleep again
 for another it is nice we are enjoying its beauty 
while we are able to do so.

Thank you for joining me for teatime today!

It's looking as though it may rain, the sun 
has hidden behind clouds today,
which has provided a comfortable shade & cooler teatime.

We were seated next to our giant butterfly bush 
that was totally abuzz with nectar gluttons!

And speaking of gardens,  be sure to check out
 Kathy's blog A Delightsome Life review here
of one of the best garden books:
Marie Antoinette's historic gardens!
 It has the most wonderful
botanical drawings and I think it a definite must have!


Congrats to Susanne Hefner- winner~!
She wins the sugar bowl with roses on it!

  1. I love the sugar bowl it is so pretty. Thank you for the opportunity to win. 
  2. I visited The Finch Nest Emporium and I really like the Frenchie Distressed Ornate Wooden Wall Mirror. Thank you for the opportunity to win the sugar bowl. It is very pretty.  ~~Susanne

    Susanne, just write me with your mailing address so i can get this shipped to you!

    Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway & for your comments!

Thank you all for stopping by
for tea today, too!

(It is always so nice when you visit.)



  1. Wonderful garden setting with the pretty table and chairs! I really love the delicate hand-painted china with the green background and yellow roses. Your teapot is so elegant. I hope you have a great week!


  2. Hi Michele,
    Your tea in the garden is absolutely elegant! I just love that teapot. Wow! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing that gorgeous setting! Take care,

  3. Your table is simply stunning, I adore those wonderful dishes, they are so beautiful, wow...I can honestly say I have never seen a prettier tea table for a long long time...thanks for sharing...Phyllis

  4. SWOON, SWOON SWOONnnnn..........Gorgeous setting and sorroundings, plus stunning tea china! Have a lovely week.

  5. I'm really liking the tablecloth Michele, of course the tea things are adorable as well. You're right, we better spend as much time out of door as possible until we're stuck inside for the winter again.

  6. What a wonderful setting for tea. I wish I was there in person! Congrats to the winner!

  7. The yellow tablecloth goes so well in the garden, and I love that tea pot!

  8. Your settings are always so charming. Congrats to the lucky winner.

  9. You invited me for tea...but you left out the time and place!?!?

    That is a beautiful teapot, and I went back and read the post about your grandma. I love handed down treasures from past generations!

    Thanks for sharing that sweet teapot...the beautiful table and charming setting.


  10. Michele, This is so pretty..I love that teapot and the setting in your garden...

  11. Your garden tablescape is charming and feminine. I really enjoyed reading the history of your grandmother's tea is a beauty and she certainly was a beauty.

  12. Hi Michele,
    Your tea table is just sooo pretty! I love the colours as it's so summery looking! The teapot is a sweetheart and such a treasure having belonged to your grandmother. So happy to have you join me for tea again. And congrats to your winner.


  13. Michelle:
    This is just beautiful - the color peach is so lovely! What a wonderful tea you have set up!!!

  14. Hi Michelle: I just love that tea pot. It is amazing. What a beautiful post you made today. Blessings, Martha

  15. Michele- What a beautiful setting all the way around. The tablecloth, the china, the teapot....they are all just perfect for the setting overlooking your beautiful lawn. Love it- wish I could join you in REAL life! xo Diana

  16. The china is just lovely, and the whole setting looks peaceful and wonderful. I have barely stepped outside for a month now because of our weather so I would love a spot of tea in that tea spot.

  17. Your tea setting is just perfect. We are just getting to the end of Winter and I am so looking forward to Spring.

  18. How lovely! What a beautiful setting for afternoon tea for two, and your china is just lovely! I would love to come for tea :)

  19. Oh you are right, what a pretty garden and setting. Love the dishes, such a beautiful pattern. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  20. How beautiful, Michele! That gorgeous tea set is complimented wonderfully with that tablecloth.

  21. Hi Michele,
    Your tablescape is so summery and just right for the garden. The handpainted china with its floral pattern is beautiful, but wow, that teapot is gorgeous!
    Happy Tuesday,

  22. Beautiful setting! That teapot is gorgeous!! I like the collage with the rabbit, that's cute.
    Have a great week!

  23. Michelle,
    O my!! What a charming outdoor teascape!! So lovely! Your tea pot and dishes are drop dead gorgeous!! I may be a TV addict but I am also a tea cup addict!!LOL!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  24. Michele, your tea time in the garden is lovely. This setting looks cool and refreshing. '-)

  25. the china is so beautiful, michele! sweet garden spot--enjoy:) congrats to suzanne!

  26. Michele, you amaze me!!!! Your collection of tea sets and dishes and tea pots is beautiful!!! I am a huge fan of yellow... so this little garden tea makes my heart sing!

  27. Nice to meet you Michele - popped over from Have a Daily Cup and glad I did... Beautiful setting~~~
    Now following...

    Jen ~ "Lace Crazy"

  28. Michele, Thank you for the beautiful sugar bowl. I'm so excited to have won it...... I have sent you my address via e-mail. I hope I have done this correctly. I sent the e-mail to Please let me know if this isn't correct. Susanne

    1. Nope that's not is, Susanne - click on my picture up on right side of my blog and then hit email me, and then we can communicate that way!

      Thank you! : - )

    2. I sent you an e-mail. Again thank you.

  29. Hi Michele! Oh, what a beautiful tea table and sitting out in your garden makes it even more special! The china is so pretty and the tea pot. I'd be scared to death to use it! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. I love a garden tea and I adore your tea wares!

  31. How lovely...I would so much want to join you in this lovely tea. The china is wonderful and the setting beautiful.


  32. Very pretty indeed and gives a royal touch to the entire setting.The table cloth used just perfect for the setting.Beautiful share..Thank you..:):)

  33. Your beautiful china is just perfect for a garden tea!

  34. I cannot pick a favorite thing about this table. The tablecloth, dishes, teapot...all to die for! Gorgeous setting!

  35. Somehow my invitation was lost in the mail! I can't imagine WHAT happened.....I am just so glad the weather is changing so I CAN sit in the garden...although not quite as pretty as this!

  36. What a gorgeous setting. Your china is exquisite and the table is so inviting. Who would not love to sit and share a cup at this beautiful table.

    Jocelyn @

  37. Dear MIchele,
    What a lovely tea time. Such pretty china with a lovely tablecloth. I'll be right there...
    Ha, Ruthie from Lady B's

  38. Another lovely tea with beautiful china! I will have to check out that book.

    Take care,

  39. What a gorgeous teapot! The garden setting is so lovely! Love it all!...Christine

  40. Hi my sweet friend, I have been wanting to hop over and have not made it. So glad you shared your beautiful tea in the garden with SYC. I hate to think that it won't be long and it will be too cold to be sitting outdoors. Your dishes are simply gorgeous! Love the teapot and your garden looks lovely. Congrats to the winner. Such a sweet sugar bowl.

  41. Perfect setting and perfect table! I love it when that happens! Your china is extraordinary! How beautiful! I've enjoyed this post so much! You are right, summers are short, so we should make the best of them!

  42. What a beautiful setting for tea!

  43. That is such a pretty table setting outside. The tablecloth really compliments the dishes.

  44. Lovley china and a really nice teatime :)
    and do not miss...


    it is FUN :)
    HÃ¥kan ( The Roseman)

  45. What a gorgeous garden teatime setting! I have always loved that pretty little round shape of teacup!

  46. Oh, Michele, This teaset is exquisite! It is perfect for a garden tea - I am loving the colors and the light yellow of the tablecloth - gorgeous teapot - would be most delighted to sit and to enjoy your garden tea with you! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  47. Just beautiful! Perfect for summer!


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