Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Living Room Tour (Summer)

I have had a number of peeps email me
 requesting that I feature my living room
 that I apparently "teased" about in my last post
 featuring my kitchen for the first time.

As I shall soon be changing things for Autumn
 I thought I had better get with it now
to share how I've had this space for the summer:

Light.....bright.....a tiny little bit beachy....


This is what you see

 when you first come into our front foyer. 

To the right at the foyer entrance is the guest bath.

To the back right of you standing here 
you will find the home office.

In front of that left column in front of you is our basement door.

Around to the right down the hall is a coat closet,
the laundry/mud room leading to the garage,
and further down hall 
is master bedroom/master bath.

One day soon I hope to feature all of those as well.

This Ballard Design smokey mirror is tucked back in the corner
 to the right of this sofa

The 7 foot tall huge antique wardrobe chest in the background
is one of my most prized possessions.  I bought it 11 years ago at an antique mall in downtown Columbus that is no longer in business.

On top of it are 2 antique huge antique blown wine jugs
and the smaller one is a reproduction.

Also is an local signed original oil painting of dried white hydrangeas.

I use a family heirloom cedar chest 
as a coffee table here.

I bought those neat curvy branches above at
The Country Living Fair Columbus a few years ago.

(It comes back here again in just a few short weeks!)

I bought those 2 fun modern homemade pillow covers recently 
to keep designing towards an easy & more casual space.

My little metal terrarium holds about everything;

sometimes wine corks, pinecones, baby pumpkins -
Christmas ornaments - and has, on occasion
 been a real terrarium!

I already have vintage linen drapes that we just haven't put up yet
that will continue to bring a relaxed look to this space.

I bought this fabulous occasion side tray table this  summer.

I absolutely ♥ the inside of it!

And you will almost always find bird themed items
all around The Nest at Finch Rest!

I also love this artist signed pressed flowers
 on homemade paper artwork.

The ceramic filigree bird holds potpourri.

Once we did had the new floor laid 
 we realized we had to lighten up a few pieces
to avoid the entire room being too wooden and brown!

I love this table so much - now more than ever.

The carved details on this table are amazing!
The inside is all beaded detail too -
 sorry I didn't get a close up of that.

(Thanks, Katie for the awesome painting job you did, honey!)

She used AS Old White and clear wax. She knows I like a little
aging but nothing done on purpose too overly distressed. 

She may be adding some dark wax later in the crevaces
to bring out  more of the great details of this table
 but won't be anytime soon. 

This little vintage tray thing holds a few pieces
 of my mother's brain coral collection.

She collected shells and corals and the occasional starfish
during winters spent "her" beach of Englewood, Florida.

I love it being the center of the mantle,
 just being close  by and reminding me of her.

Thanks for visiting me today!

Be sure to  look at my kitchen tour
if you missed it from last post.

It's been really fun showing you our calm & neutral nest.




  1. Michele...your living room is just as I would imagine it to be; warm, relaxed and comfy! The mix of wood and light upholstery is so classic. I really love the area rug and how it pulls all of the tones together, as does the light side table, and the chest (coffee table) is so cool! Now I have to run and see your kitchen post. Thanks so much for the tour!



  2. Lovely Michele. Peaceful and calm -- comfy! Love your floors and the natural/nature theme.

  3. Very nice, Michele. The living room looks very family friendly and elegant all at the same time. I do love that you're using a family chest as a coffee table and I also love the table that your daughter painted. And oh those beautiful bottles high on your treasured antique chest. Blessed you having the CL event in your corner soon. Hope that you and your camera will attend!

  4. Michelle, Again...thanks for opening your beautiful home to us! I just love, love that room!! So cozy...and the family pieces are a awesome! Would love to find the right trunk for a coffee table! I have 2 now...and neither are right...oh well...I guess the hunt is the fun part right?

  5. Hi Michele. I just toured your kitchen and living room and think you have a very beautiful home. I love the antique pieces (trunk, cabinet and kitchen hutch) which add character to your home. Thanks for the tour! Blessings, Pam

  6. How fun to see your living room, Michele! I love that big mirror! It is gorgeous. I hope you'll share more of your home.

    The Country Living Fair is the same weekend as the Springfield Extravaganza, which if I remember right, happened last year, too. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do. : (

  7. Michele, Your living room is beautiful! My eye went right to the demi-johns.

  8. Michele, your living room is so pretty and bright! I love how open and airy it feels. The cedar chest makes such a wonderful coffee table. Such a beautiful heirloom piece and I love that you have it in a spot where you see it and use it every day. XO

  9. What a wonderful piece of serenity you have created there, Michele. I love how everything just flows together so nicely. I can see why you treasure that big armoire in the back. It's a beauty. You have great taste- xo Diana

  10. Wow, your living is beautiful and I especially love that mirror! You have done a great job decorating and styling this space.

  11. I love your living room,Michele, I can see why the "livin" is easy! It is so neat and orderly, just like a picture from a magazine.

  12. Michele,
    Your living room is gorgeous! I especially love your entry!


  13. Michele what a beautiful room. I love all the touches and accessories. That smoky mirror from Ballard has been a favorite for me for years. I may have to buy one for our new home, via my blog. Thanks for sharing these photos.


  14. elegant, comfy, and most of all, beautiful, michele!

  15. It looks beautiful. I love all the white!


  16. The entire room and every item in it is Stunning.. You have put things together with a fabulous designers eye..
    thank you for sharing it with us.

  17. That is a lovely room, Michele. It's cozy and I love all the white; especially the table your daughter painted for you. Thanks for sharing at my HOME.


  18. OH Michele, your room is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.


  19. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Michele. You've balanced everything so beautifully.

  20. Michele, it's nice to read about someone being happy with their space. Your enthusiasm shows as you describe things in the room and favourite pieces.
    It looks pretty cozy in your living room, and for relaxed enjoyment as you planned. Of course I like all of the birds that are part of the decor.

  21. You have a lovely eye for design, beautiful home....

  22. So beautiful! I love your floors, and the table your daughter painted is amazing! New follower :)

  23. You have a beautiful home, Michele. Thanks for the tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it...Christine

  24. LOVELY !

    I have thought of you SEVERAL times in the last few days..

    At my bedroom window looking down into the yard seeing a finch having a lovely meal on my tall grass spikes ( of course I did not have my camera then )

    TWO times a finch feasting on sunflowers...the second time I really stalked it but it STILL flew away and I swear it said "ha ha ha" when it did!

    Oh well they are happy here I just can't get pictures! :)

  25. Thank you Michele for sharing another room in your house with us. It looks beautiful, so neat and perfect. Love the white couch and the little terrarium.

  26. Hi MIchele,
    This room is absolutely beautiful. I love your couches and all your cute vignettes in this room. Your "nest" is beautiful.

  27. What a beautiful room, perfect touches in every corner.

  28. What a pretty living room! I love the mirror you found at Ballards.

  29. Oh, Michele! Your living room is simply gorgeous! I love it. You have such impeccable taste! Love everything about it and you've decorated it to a T! A beautiful T! :) Thanks for popping in to see me and have a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  30. Oh Michele,

    Your living room is so pretty! I love the color ways and I love the wonderful attention to detail! And that mirror.....seriously. :)

    Thank you so much for inspiring me today!

  31. Michele your living room is beautiful! Love your gorgeous mantle!Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home!

  32. Thanks for the tour, Michelle. Your living room looks comfortable and inviting. I'd love to spend time in this room. All your details reflect your beautiful style.

  33. such a beautiful room, Michele. so comfortable and pulled together. LOVE your wonderful mantel and those matching chairs!

  34. What a beautiful room, Michele! I LOVE that mirror!

  35. Michele, your room is truly one that I would love to sit and chat with you for hours! I love the white cabinet in the first picture. Your daughter did an amazing job on the table and the entire setting is just so warm and comfortable. So happy that you shared this with SYC.

  36. Lovely living room, Michele! Love all the decor - I am thinking of the Country Living Fair - it will be in Georgia in October -I can't wait. I have the exact same cedar chest - it is in Dearest's office - Dad and Mom bought it for me in '78 when we moved to South Carolina - they bought a lot of furniture from an antique barn - some of which I have now. I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's Home and Garden thursday,
    I appreciate you sharing,

  37. Michele, I loved this tour! You're home is beautiful. LOVE the armoire and the story behind it. Your white sofas are exactly what I am looking for! Have a wonderful week!

  38. What a beautiful home you have created, Michele! I think I am going to have to re-read this post several times just to take in all the details. (And I simply LOVE Ballard Designs! If you come to Atlanta, I can take you to their outlet here!)

  39. Hey Michele, Christine visiting from Little Brags....I love your living room...the green bottles on top of the Armoire .... just gave me an idea......Following you now through email


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