Thursday, October 31, 2013



(Witches need their tea time, too!)

I guess you'd say they're drinking WITCHES BREW!

(Insert audio witches cackle)

My friend Mary D, whom I visited last weekend
 put these first few things together in her gorgeous home!
Doesn't she had mad skillz?

The above adorable vignette was sitting on her
front porch stone bench. 


The pic below is hanging on one of her wreaths,too!

What a GREAT sentiment, one I bet we all wish
 we could say out loud sometimes, eh?

Of course no All Hallow's Eve is complete here at the nest
 without our FRANKIE!!

He was painted by my daughter's mother-in-law.

I blogged about her talents before.

She is absolutely amazing - and very generous.

Aren't his skinny
 hairy legs just adorable?

His shirt says:

"My belongs to you, Witchie Poo!"

I think he's ready for some treats, don't you?

He actually makes me giggle out loud
every year I bring him out to play on the porch.

And his goofy toothy grin, he gets me every time.

She painted this cute tall skinny ghost/bat too!

I sure hope all the boys and ghouls
 have fun tonight!

The above pic was edited a bunch on Pic Monkey
to be macabre and scary looking.

Here is the untouched photo to compare-
showing you how a picture can totally change with tweaking it!

(All it was -a bright orange cheap plastic spider
hanging on a wine glass stem!)

We had such perfect fall weather all week long
but now we're expecting bad storms....
High winds, rain and possibly even lightening tonight.

I feel so bad for the little beggars
for Trick or Treat. 

Oh boy. Sure hope the storm holds off!

By the time I was ready to hit publish it
began to pour rain - not looking good for the kids.

That makes me so sad for them.
Everything here with Ohio weather can never be counted on.

(And I realllllllly shouldn't be trusted with so much leftover candy.)


 They really should have postponed.
Would have been a lot  more fun too for everyone being on a FRIDAY!

 Today - Nov. 1st - not a cloud in the sky and nothing but sunshine. Seriously, poor kids.

And in  closing, once again it is time to share:

My favorite Halloween  song of all time
singing it every year since the 3rd grade:

"It's Halloween"
~by Harry Behn

Tonight is the night
when dead leaves fly
like witches on switches
across the sky.
When elf and sprite flit
through the night on a moony sheen...

It's Halloween!

Tonight is the night
when leaves make a sound
like a gnome in his home under the ground
when spooks and trolls
creep out of their holes,
all mossy and green...
It's Halloween!

Tonight is the night
when pumpkins stare
through sheaves and leaves everywhere
when ghoul and ghost and gobline host
dance round their queen...
It's Halloween!

(And extremely creative!)

Happy Haunting, everyone!


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  1. You did well with the modified photo Michele, came out nice and spooky looking. The Halloween wood crafts are cute, I used to make things like that too. (never hairy legs though)
    I like the song but can't think of what tune it would go to - would you mind putting together a YouTube for us of you singing it please? :-)

  2. Such adorable Halloween décor! I hope the rain stops for the little goblins!

  3. So many fun Halloween Ideas. Love the black and white polka dot pumpkin stacked on the white and black stripe one.

  4. wonderful halloween decor -- so many great ideas and talented people! Love the witch card! Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh I'd like one of each! You get the good stuff...

  6. Love all your Halloween decor and your friends also. Your daughters mother-in-law is very talented - she is really good.
    I know all about Ohio weather as I spend most of my life there until I turned 21 and I headed for Sunny California and have never regretted it. Loved the change of seasons but the cold effect coming off of Lake Erie - to cold for me.
    Stop by my post and meet Broomzella. Sorry that it is raining and the kids will probably stay in.
    Have a Happy Halloween.

  7. Cute post Michelle. We only had one little girl here tonight which is fine with me but I too, have all the treats left over. The storm is here too and it started raining an hour ago so the kids will be heading home by now. Have a good evening.

  8. It all looks so fun and festive Michele... Happy Halloween to you!

  9. Happy Haunting to you, too, Michele! I love all your sweet decorations. Especially those make by your dd's mil. She does a great job and is very artistic. Hope you had a fun night- xo Diana

  10. I loved seeing all these fun decorations! I so envy those talented folks who can paint like your daughter's MIL!

  11. Mary is so talented. Did I miss your post of your visit with her last weekend? Love all the photo's.

  12. Happy Halloween! I just turned out the porch light on another successful Halloween.
    Joy and happiness to all the kiddies and us teacher who have to deal with the sugar highs tomorrow! LOL I don't know who loves it more, us or the kids.

  13. Hope you are having a Happy Halloweenie! Love Frankie. We have only had 36 trick or treaters so far. Almost 9. Guess it's not worth coming into our cul-de-sac.

  14. I think these are some of the best Halloween decorations I have seen, Michele...each one is original and comical!

    We have had a lot of rain here in Illinois and it has probably moved your way. Poor kids.


  15. Oh, I just love Frankie and his hairy legs!
    We had some bad weather here in Indiana too, so trick or treating was postponed until tomorrow.
    Isn't it amazing what you can do with pic monkey and what you did with that spider was cooool!
    Last but not least...if you are anything like me...NO you can not be trusted with that candy!
    Happy Halloween!

  16. Decorations look great and I love the one that says be nice or leave.

  17. What a fab Halloween post! So much to see! I think your orange plastic spider altered image is amazing. You did such a great job on it. I would have never guessed!
    The sign...could be very helpful at Thanksgiving! lol!

  18. You look like your home was all ready for Halloween and the "trick or treaters". We actually had quite a few little beggars come by despite the rain. I was really surprised, but then who wants to disappoint the little ones when this is such a fun holiday for them. And who cares about rain when there is candy to be had for the taking?

  19. Michele, I'm so sorry--I thought for sure I was following your blog! Just became a follower and saw this post--that song was one of my favorites too. In fact I was trying to remember it before and I recognized it as soon as I saw it here--too funny! I love Picmonkey! I could spend hours on that site. Dee :)

  20. fabulous halloween goodies, michele! love the be nice or leave sign:)

  21. Love all your Halloween decorations!! Just wanted you to know I'll be featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Thanks so much for sharing, Michele!!


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