Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Each year for years I have hosted an annual family
pumpkin carving party.

Last year was my first year blogging so I shared it
with you all on this post here.

(Warning: photo heavy post!)

But THIS year, oh happy happy day! 

My youngest daughter wanted to host it
(with her bf at his house) and it was an amazing party!

She fussed soooo much!
(We're talking Martha-kind-of wonderful!)

Naturally I forgot my camera and had to use my phone. Ugh.

I realize while I was working on this post how much I missed
from her awesome party -

 I didn't even take pics of her haunted hallway! : - /

She made pigs in a blanket wrapped like mummies
that she put in the black spider web bowl.

She placed orange cheese puff-balls in the middle scull bowl
for some fun orange color.

She made the most tender ribs
 (boyfriend's father's recipe)
 that were absolutely to DIE for delish! 

She also made glow in the dark ice cubes
 and had all sorts of autumn drinks from which to choose.

The carrots on the tray are from the garden there!

In the wooden bowl she placed baked and spiced pumpkin seeds
from the pumpkins they carved earlier that week
preparing for the party (first pic, for example.)

Party hint she tried:  Sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon
and push whole cloves into the top of the lid
and as it heats up it diffuses the house with a wonderful
Autumn spicy scent - is just wonderful!

Here is a close up of the awesome
 port wine pumpkin shaped cheese ball she made-
and the herbs on it are from the garden there.

Here is the table where she kept the prizes until needed.
The ghosts hide hot chocolate latte packets. 

The black scull lollipop wrapped gift bags are parting gifts.

This pic doesn't do the cute graveyard justice
but hopefully you get the idea.

Here's my tin I won (below pic) - filled with Halloween candy -
a little candle, a latte coffee mix packet, cute tissue pack, etc. 

I had fun playing with Pic Monkey with it, haha.

Every single square inch of the house was decorated - 
inside and out - even the bathrooms!

The coffee table has a spooky scull candle and 
creepy floating eyeball candles.

The throw is black and white skellies. 

She had those skeletons placemats all over, too.

Katie just loves her skellies!

The left pic shows a huge banner she had on the wall.

Top right on down:

Guest towels
Close up of vinyl placemats
Close up of the skellie throw on couch
Handmade stamped drink coasters
Tin with candy

And what Halloween party is complete
 without  JACK SKELLINGTON????

If you don't know him here is Jack's lament
song from the Nighmare Before Christmas.

It's a really cute movie.

Isn't this artwork on the chalkboard painted wall neat?

(She is a very talented artist, actually.)

I darkened the board so it had more contrast
and the art popped a little better.

Her older sister made the cutest theme desserts!


Here are our wonderful Jack O'Lanterns!

Was a truly GREAT time had by all!

(Poor Reagan's kept going out - needed more ventilation I think.)

Pat and Tony opted out this time, Delaney was at cheer practice,
and Katie was too busy being Hostess of the Year 
to carve pumpkins, so hopefully next year she/they will!

Darien and Reagan are my nieces
Evelyn is my eldest daughter
Jeff is my youngest daughter's boyfriend (we were at his home)
Michael is DH (dear husband)
T is my little sister
Daniel is my son-in-law married to eldest, Evelyn

As always, thanks for visiting!

Hope you enjoyed sharing in our fun - it's always so nice to share with all of you!




  1. It all looks so fun and festive!!! Happy Halloween week...

  2. My goodness ... now that was a pumpkin carving party how to! I'm sure all of you had a great time. Happy Halloween!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and a ton of work, but at least you didn't have to do it!

  4. Oh Michele, what a wonderful party. The food is to die for - now I am hungry. I love all the decorations and the carved pumpkins. What a great Halloween Party. Your daughter really knows how to throw a party - super job.
    Have a Booooooooo week.

  5. Your pumpkin is the cutest! Your husband is very clever! It's easy to see how your daughter is so talented.

  6. All great looking pumpkins, Michele! I remember when you shared last year's post. Can't believe a whole year has gone by already! Your daughter looks like she went all out and really enjoyed putting all of this together.

  7. Your daughter really went all out, and I'm sure had a ball doing it! It's great when the kids take over the fun family traditions! Love all the jack-o-lanterns.
    Mary Alice

  8. I love how your daughter put her heart and soul into this party! She is not only talented but thoughtful and fun! I lust love everything and I she got you spot on with that sweet, happy, smiling pumpkin!


  9. OMGosh-Michele- What aq FABULOUS party! Wow! She really outdid herself. I guess she has learned a thing or two from her Mom! I would have loved to have been there in person to see it all! xo Diana

  10. Michele, What a fun party!! The decorations and food look fantastic! Your daughter is definitely a party planner! Thanks for sharing all the photos, especially the pumpkin carving pictures. They all look so good!! Happy Halloween!

  11. Oh wow Michele, your daughter did a fabulous job on her pumpkin carving party! Everything is just over the top wonderful. You must feel so proud. : )
    Family fun is just the best!

  12. Michele! What a wonderful, spooktacular party! Your daughter did herself and her mama proud! She must take after you in all her talents! LOVE those cute pumpkins!

  13. Wow! What an awesome party. Your kiddos are very talented! Have a great week. Dee :)

  14. what an awesome, fun time! she did a wonderful job and it all looks fabulous, michele!

  15. What a great job she did! Everything looks so yummy and well decorated.

  16. My goodness, somebody really is a Martha-in-training, isn't she! Love to see family traditions carried on!

  17. Michelle,
    How fun is this. I love all your great pumpkins you carved. The party looks like it was great fun and yummy. You did a great job hosting this fun party.

  18. She did an awesome job! Looks like it was sooo much fun. Lots of neat ideas, but my favorite is the frightful deviled egg eyeballs. My daughter would love to make these!

  19. Michele, it's easy to see that she inherited some of your talent. What a fun party! Everything is so creative and so very spooktacular!

  20. Wow, Michele. You guys go all out! That is really something. Your daughter is the apple that did not fall far from the tree!!! She did a great job. Your pumpkins came out great.
    Neat to see you enjoying the season so much.
    Happy Halloween, Ruhtie

  21. I just love the star came out so nicely for Halloween.
    Hugs, Lynnie
    Stop by sometime and say hi, I'd love to see you.

  22. Oh how fun, what a great idea for a party. All of the pumpkins are amazing and so is the food. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  23. Well, that was quite the party! Your daughter is very creative and it sounds like everyone had a fabulous time. All the food looks wonderful. I really liked the star pumpkin too. Thanks for sharing at my HOME and enjoy the rest of your week, Michele.


  24. Your daughter is a wonderful hostess with all the time and talent she put into the party! What great food, decorating and happy memories, Michele. xo

  25. Love the deviled eggs and the gold trimmed plated makes them really stand out. The carvings of the pumpkins.

  26. Darling party! Your daughter is very talented. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful details. I'm making note of some of these terrific ideas. Happy Halloween!

  27. What fabulous ideas! It looks like a fun party with some yummy goodies! Linda

  28. What a spooktacular party! She did an awesome job with the food! I love the pumpkin tip with the cloves & cinnamon scent!

  29. Looks like so much fun Michele!! xo


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