Monday, July 22, 2013

House Tour - Part 1 - DINING / MUSIC ROOM (Summer)

This is a really big week in blogdom for home tours, so
 I thought it was a fine time to begin 
 slowly sharing my nest with you all as well.

(I won't be sharing it all or this entire week, but as time allows.)

Today I begin by showing
 the current summer design
in the dining room/music room.


The ceiling in the dining room is quite high
then slopes to normal height by the piano.
(a bit of piano showing on the left in this pic)

The Chestnut hardwood flooring we chose
 has a gently distressed matte finish
and we absolutely love it.


This faux painting was done by my pro painter who has painted nearly
every room in this house, but just finished her degree (with honors!) and
has given up her painting business now. Boo Hoo - Margie was an awesome painter and great person, I wish her well!

We were going for the look of old, worn leather-
 and she nailed it perfectly for what I tried to describe!

 You can spot just a tiny bit of the kitchen dining 
table chair off to the right in the background.

I know they say to never have lights on in pictures
 but I wanted to show how bright this one can get.

Hubs put it on a dimmer on the light switch for
both the chandy and pot lights-
nice for providing soft romantic dinner ambiance.

A lightly sculpted wool rug underneath the table is new.

We had hardwood installed in early spring 
and needed to ground and soften that area better.

I didn't want the rug to compete with the pattern
 on the Persian rug underneath the piano.

They play nicely together.

We did not get hardwood for the stairs - too noisy.

We like things very quiet here at our nest.

: - )    We left the berber.

Long simple ivory voile panel sheers 
allow for soft dappled glare-free light.

I wanted in the worst way to puddle them on the floor-
but you all met our extremely hairy beastie boy, right?

Not an option a wise choice to puddle drapes with all his fur!

Even with that bad haircut he's currently sporting
 dealing with all his long, thick fur is a losing & constant battle.

(Awl.... he's so danged cute!) 

I am sharing different pics of this space
 to show bright day/ lights on
and ready for dinner and also
dark rainy day with no lights on, no dinner pending
to show the differences.

These unique candle sconces on the wall were a fun
gift from hubs the first year we moved here.

They are made of clay. Note that the tops are smaller than the
bottoms and they are each slightly different.

That is because they are hand made in Italy
from wet clay mud formed on a person's leg
 till it dries in the sun.

Wisteria had them about 10 years ago. 

Fun bit of trivia for dinner conversation.


Here is the angle while standing in the kitchen.

Next to the dining table is my painted chippy buffet.
It holds our huge antique Bavarian china collection.

Look closely to what is anchoring
 these skinny wooden twig branches: little fragrant "rocks."

They came years ago as a hostess gift
from my sweet friend Rosann.

When one walks past there is a very pleasant whiff of perfume.

This old leather-wrapped glass decanter belonged to my father.

 His name was Leo, and was given this bottle with a lion on it from my sweet cousin Carol many years ago.

My father was named after HIS father
 and my little brother named his youngest Leo too,
 so this bottle will one day be HIS.

The tall glass oil burner bottle in front of the mirror
has a neat brass metal crest stamped on the front of it.


Over just to the left of the dining table is my antique wooden tea cart.

This is always changing, almost weekly.

I have a simple vignette showing some rare colour around here.

The floral arrangement I just made a few weeks ago.

Next to it is another of my father's leather-covered bottles.

In the corner to the right of the dining table 
we have a large tall rusty domed metal etagiere.

Here are a few of the displays right now:

A wood-cut M hanging around a topiary wreath.

Our monogram is three Ms!
(As in mmm)

: - )

Antique wooden carved horse
embellished with metal and saddle is made up of
small Mother of Pearl pieces.

The antique silver inlay bottle was a gift 
from my father about 20 years ago.

And over near the piano (which btw I play every day) is a treasured
thrifty find - our antique cherry china cabinet!

I have lighter pieces displayed in it for this time of year.

It changes as often as the mood strikes.

Oh, how I adore the original hardware.
Who doesn't love classic Laurel wreath oval pulls?

I originally intended to paint/treat the wood cabinet
 to lighten it up a bit but I don't know if I am able!

Still undecided, though.

 What are your thoughts on that?

The red of the cherry doesn't really match anything in that
room - was thinking black could look really neat, or perhaps even
a brown stain with no red undertones - ?

OK, this post is getting much too long. 

More to come. 

Stay tuned!

As always, your visits and comments
 are appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. You have a lovely home Michelle!

  2. Oh your dining room is wonderful. I love it. YOu do have some beautiful pieces and wow, such a lovely and large room. I adore the thrifty china cabinet, and the pulls are stunning. You know me, I just can't paint such beautiful wood, but I know that most everyone does these days. I can't wait to see more. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh, my! I love your beautiful dining room and have so enjoyed you sharing it with us. Your high ceilings are gorgeous - the entire room is and so large! You have some very pretty pieces.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your dining room is very elegant but inviting. I would always be entertaining there! The hardwood floors and rug are fabulous. Sometimes I'm sorry we didn't use carpet on our stairs, they can be slippery with socks on.

    The dresser is just beautiful...I would be hard pressed to make a choice. I like to paint battered up old pieces but this looks gorgeous as is!



  5. Everything looks just lovely, Michele! Love the high ceilings in your dining room. We have high ceilings here, too. I had one room in our old house with cathedral ceilings. I can't imagine this condo without them; it would seem so much smaller.

  6. Thanks for sharing your home with us.


  7. Michele, your dining room is just beautiful and a grand piano. WOW! I would never paint your hutch. The wood is beautiful and honestly I think it would ruin it. You have a beautiful home.

  8. Michele, thanks for the lovely tour. How nice to have your grand piano near the dining area. Ours is in another room. Wish we had it in our living room or dining room. Pretty wood floors and details in your home!

  9. Michele, you dining room is really lovely. I like the furnishings and the big window. It must be a huge room to be able to fit the grand piano in there. My hubby would enjoy playing a tune on that. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful dining room!

  10. Always fun to see more of a blogging buddy's home. Yours is delightful and I see that we have a similar angle along the ceiling line. That can be a challenge for me, but you are ignoring yours, which is probably how I should have handled mine. Lovely touch with the closing mosaic highlighting all the details of your very nice dining room, too.

  11. Oh goodness no Michele! Do not paint that cabinet! The wood is just too beautiful! As is your whole room. You know I love a warm dining room and yours just invites me to sit at your table and listen as you tell me the history of all the pieces. Just lovely Michele :-)

  12. Your dining room is beautiful, Michele! Love the warm tones you've chosen. Great story about the sconce.
    Mary Alice

  13. Hi Michelle, I was so excited when I read the title of this post. I don't think I've seen much of your home. Your dining room is so nice, and big...and just has a feeling of treasures collected from all over...I love it! Did you do the faux painting on the wall? Do you play that beautiful piano? So many questions...I know! Thanks for sharing!

    oh by the are so talented, that flower arrangement is beautiful!

  14. A beautiful dinning room with so many elegant touches!

  15. Thanks Michele for Part 1 of your house tour. Your dining room is delightful. Love your piano too, do you play. I probably wouldn't paint, the pulls have a beautiful pattern. I'm in Yellowstone this week so won't be posting.

  16. Hi Michele! It was fun taking a peek in your home. I love your new wood floors and seeing all the details and treasures of your home. I don't think I could paint the pretty china hutch. I love it as is! xo

  17. Michele, I'm in awe! Your home is just gorgeous! I love how you decorated your dining room. The walls, furniture, tablescape is just perfect. I wouldn't touch those beautiful laurel wreath oval pulls. They look so stunning with your cherry china cabinet. Love everything in your home tour. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home.


  18. I love home tours. In fact, since I couldn't sleep last night (well) I got up and decided to see if any of the planned tours were up and running. How nice to see this one! I think you have incredible taste. Your accent pieces are just beautiful! I have that exact china cabinet. Since that happens to be my favorite wood tone, don't ask me for advice. I think it's stunning just the way it is.

    The whole tour was lovely and I look forward to more.

  19. such a lovely dining room--gorgeous wood floors, michele! romeo is adorable:)

  20. Your dining room is beautiful, Michele! I love all the treasured pieces that you added to it. They make the room such a warm show place. As much as I love painted furniture, I don't think I'd have the heart to paint that china cabinet. It's so pretty just as it is.

  21. Your home is beautiful Michele, thanks for sharing it with us. Love your dinning room light.

  22. Your dining room is lovely. I can imagine many a long evening there dining and talking late into the night. I love that carved wooden horse.

  23. Your home is just beautiful. I would love it if you came by and shared it at One More Time Events...

  24. Very nice Michele, a beautiful home. You know me, I spied the vintage tea cart right away.

  25. Your dining room/music room is beautiful, and you have so many pretty and interesting accessories, like the tile candle sconces. As for that gorgeous antique cherry china cabinet...I've certainly painted a few pieces of furniture in my day, but I could never paint a piece that's of great quality and good shape. Now, if you just can't stand it with the cherry finish...well. :)

  26. Oh how lovely! I may have to post about my home one day after seeing what you've done here. I think everyone assumes we have pink roses in every room because of what I show on the blog, but that's not true at all!

  27. You must play the piano! I love your dining/music room with the faux painting on the walls.

  28. Your peek into your home is beautiful. It looks like it should be a room straight out of a lovely European villa. And, you have such a wonderful monogram...mmm :)

  29. What a beautiful and welcoming home. It is very beautiful. I love the piano. It adds so much character to a home.

  30. Oh I love this room! I looked at the first photo and thought "Italian Country". That's before I knew about those VERY cool sconces, but they do "read" Italian. I love the spareness of this space and the wall treatment. I dream about achieving that spacious feeling someplace in my own house. That is one gorgeous cherry piece! I think folks should do what they want with furniture, but I would leave it if it was mine. Gorgeous in your room. Beastie Boy aside, I always wonder how people deal with the drapery puddles. I have too messy a lifestyle for it. Haha! Love your classy place!

  31. Michelle, your home is beautiful! It really feels like a beautiful the faux painting! Romeo is soooo cute. He appeared a bit camera shy that day. :) I think it's so wonderful that you play every day...what a lovely gift to yourself and those who get to hear. Love that!

  32. Such a lovely the warm tones running thru it. and as for the buffet that doesn't match...yeah I'd paint it a chippy black to match that gorrrrrgeoussss sideboard.

    Jealous of your tall ceilings

  33. What a lovely home you have. Love your beautiful dining room.

  34. Your house is gorgeous my friend! My fav is your dining room, which looks even prettier with the beautiful and elegant grand piano by it! Thanks for the tour dear Michelle. OMG! I just became your newest follower, and here I thought I was an old follower of your amazing blog!!! Goodness, it's never too late to mend things! Big hugs,

  35. Your home is lovely and the floors look great. Thanks for the tour.

  36. your home is beautiful with all the warm tones. I love the wall treatment and your M in a pot!

  37. The dining room is so gorgeous. The tour was wonderful. This post is so inspirational. I would love it if you would share this today at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us!


  38. You are always so gracious and so kind. Thanks so much for the visit and your very lovely comments about my tour. I loved having you stop by. Hugs, Marty

  39. You have such a beautiful home!Thank you for sharing it with us.

  40. You have a lovely home, Michele! That little horse is cute and I love the floors! Thanks for the tour.


  41. Your home is elegant and classy!
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  42. Your dining room is so gorgeous....I love the wall treatment!!! Thank you for the wonderful tour, I can't wait to see more :o) Have a great weekend!!!!

  43. Your home looks great and the wall treatment is awesome. Great job!
    Thanks for touring my home.

  44. Michele your home is beautiful!I love that leather bottle that was from your Fathers! What a treasure!Sweet photo of Romeo...<3

  45. Your dining room is beautiful! Love your high ceilings and the china cabinet is beautiful...I couldn't paint different woods in the same room. Your furr ball is a CUTIE, so sweet.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  46. What a warm and inviting dining area! I know it must break your heart to lose such a wonderful painter! It takes so long to find just the right people to do work in your home that you cherish them when you do discover them! Marvelous technique on the walls! And I loved the sconces and the story of how they are created! The hubs did good!! :-)

  47. How wonderful to get to see some of your lovely home!!! What a treat! i love those walls...very old world looking!


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