Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goldfinch Resting at Finch Rest

Well - perhaps they're not exact "resting"
 but certainly eating us out of house and home

My darling husband filled our largest birdfeeder 3 times today!

This little thistle seed bag the goldfinches love the most, though.

This was taken though the window and screen.

It's like he SEES me but knows he is in safe company.

I love my finches - they make me so happy.

And sweet little nibbling cute....and damaging lol.
Sometimes I feel like Farmer MacGregor must have felt!

But mostly what I love most about spring finally being here is just 
finally getting outdoors again.....

(And spending time in one of my very favorite places!)

I think the cold grey rain may be gone now.

At least for a while.


I can't WAIT to take teatime in the garden!!!!

Have a blessed week, everybody!

As always, thanks for your visit!



  1. I feel the same as you Michele, love the birds and wildlife but the rabbits are multiplying too fast! Tea in the garden will be so nice again.

  2. Love your white wicker! Hard to find the real stuff anymore! I was spray painting mine all day! Actually, I think we have the same table!

  3. Good for spring weather to have arrived and I do hope that you will be having tea in the garden very soon and in a great vantage point for enjoying the beautiful finches. Don't go broke now!

  4. I just bought one of those little bag feeders and we have finches all over it! I love it!!!!
    Glad you are enjoying your weather. Hubby and I are an hour and a half north from home tonight and there is still ice in the marina and inlet today...crazy-xo Diana

  5. Great photo taken through the screen. The weather is finally here so we can get outside (when we can find the time) and enjoy the sunshine!

  6. The finch is so lovely, I have many visiting my garden as well , and the adorable, hungry little bunny is adorable. Hopefully he won't eat too much. Happy Sunday Michele.
    XO Mary

  7. Michelle,
    I love to feed all the birds too. It is so nice to hear them singing in appreciation. I have finch feeders too. Love their pretty yellow colors. I have the bunny and squirrels too partaking in the birdseed too. Have a great Sunday.

  8. Nice to nature in your own back yard. Like you I am looking forward to tea in the garden.


  9. Beautiful Yellow finches, they are my favorite, so tiny. Glad I found your blog. I'll come back, come visit me.

  10. as soon as our lilac bloom, the yellow finch return :-) I look forward to seeing them each year. This is my first visit to your beautiful blog Michele ~ look forward to stopping by again.

  11. Hi Michele,
    What a sweet space for tea. Here's hoping you get more beautiful Spring days to enjoy your tea and garden.


  12. The cold grey rain found us here today Michele. But for part of the day the sun did come out and shine. Then it went away and rained some more. Your little land of wildlife is wonderful! I too love spending time outdoors. Be it working or relaxing it revitalizes my soul!

  13. I've been enjoying my goldfinches too! I took about 100 pictures, lol ! Then posted about 10.

    They do not frighten too easily...

    The other day, coming home from my sons in the early evening after some storms had moved through, there were at least seven of them outside my window. Ever since they arrived about 2 weeks ago I find them to be so delightful!

  14. I love my goldfinches too! That picture you took is great -- he actually looks like he's looking at you sideways! Love the bunnies, although I guess they are a nuisance in the garden, great picture of yours.

  15. I love spring too -- it's like all the earth is waking up again!


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