Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Nest Outdoors: Front Door, Herbs and a Lil Whimsey

It's finally a gorgeous day! 

After storming most of yesterday and with SUCH a ruckus of a storm
 at around 6am this morning, whew. Glad it is OVER!

My kitty cat Romeo and I watched the storm together for a long time - 
torrential downpour and lots and lots and LOTS of lightening, WOW!

(Lucky Mr. Finch Rest could sleep through anything!)

I put together these florals in our heavy stone planter
a few weeks ago,
 but that driving rain drove away the pretty pink petunias
 that were there. 

I hope they return. I may need to add them again.

Here's our front door with new double red impatiens.

I love them here because it stays pretty shady
 save for the few hours in the early morning
and that's what impatiens thrive upon.

The forsythia has come and gone
but I just can't seem to bring myself
to part with our forsythia wreath just yet

I just *adore* this wreath and its splash of happy yellow!

I want each and every visitor to feel warmly welcomed here. 

We keep this large planter of herbs at the back door
for easy grabbing and nabbing when we're
creating culinary delights just a few feet away in the kitchen.

Our go-to staples:
Sweet Basil, Italian Basil, Thyme. Rosemary and Oregano.

My chives and parsley died last week - I think the sweet basil 
thinks it needs to hog the entire planter.

Time to cook Italian and take it down a notch or two!

This sweet shy little bunny is hiding amongst the boxwoods.

He knows I want to show you the back gardens and yard,
 deck and covered porch but this post has gotten long.

Look forward to showing you that soon then!


As always, thank you for your visit!



(And the whole world, for blogland is large!)



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  1. It is nice to see all your flowers and herbs growing already. Impatiens are always a favourite of mine but they've been "banned" this year as they had some sort of mildew fungus that would kill them the past 2 years. The best way to get rid of it was to take it off the market which means we gardeners have to find a new plant to replace it. :( Oh well. I'll find something. Wax begonias are quite pretty. :) Enjoy your holiday weekend and play safe. Pam

  2. Your flowers look wonderful, Michele! I think you got the worst of that storm over us down South. : ) I just planted another pot {the one by our garage door} the other day. I am done for now as hubby has told me he wants to move forward on putting a small patio in near our front door area.

    It was just beautiful today and I'm hoping it will be for the next several days. I've been enjoying my walks when there is a breeze.

  3. It certainly has been a wet week....showery every day at some point or other. Here's to sunnier days ahead. Your flowers are looking beautiful and your impatiens are a beautiful welcome.

  4. Michele - did it rain all day yesterday? It didn't down on campus, it was reasonably nice and we didn't get any storm here this morning unless I slept through it too, but I doubt it. All this rain makes the grass and weeds grow rampantly.
    I have that same forsythia wreath on my front door, but I just switched it out last week. It does look so striking on a black door.
    We will get together soon. I'll try to come up with a date in the next few weeks before my daughter comes back from Peru. I broke a bone in my foot two weeks ago, so it has slowed me down quite a bit. Not many projects getting done these days :( Certainly cramps my style, but my new motto is "Sit and savor". Or at least I'm trying.
    Love those gorgeous impatiens on your front porch.

  5. We are also having storms over in the UK with torrential rain. Your garden is a sheer delight, a very warm welcome for all of your visitors. Have a great weekend.

  6. Your planters all look great, Michele! I really love all your color. I hope your petunias come back-they are usually pretty hardy. Great idea with the herbs by the back door, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  7. Hi Michelle! Looking great- your porch is welcoming and the wreath is cheery. LOVE that you have a kitchen garden of herbs outside the back door. Nothing beats fresh herbs! Enjoy the weekend~

  8. beautiful entry, michele! i'm loving the idea of growing herbs:) hope your weekend is fun!

  9. What a stunning entry!
    I grew herbs this spring and something funky happened.

    My mint now smells like basil???

    My gardening is so much fun, but boy it's a test at times!

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  10. Your wreath still looks good, Michele. It is good to see things coming to life and growing again. Makes me feel alive!

  11. Your front door looks gorgeous! Just perfect. Enjoy your memorial Day weekend! Maria

  12. Oh how lovely! You surely have a green thumb! That wreath is so pretty.

  13. Your front entryway is stunning!! The black door with the yellow wreath and the red flowers just make such an elegant statement!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!!


  14. Love your wreath it looks so good and the two red flower arrangements look terrific. Like how it brings color to the front door. Everything looks so good and your herbs are doing very well.
    Have a great Memorial Weekend.

  15. Hi Michele! Oh, your entry is very pretty and welcoming and I would leave that wreath up for a long time - it's beautiful! How nice to have the little herbs to just grab. Oh, I'm so touched you would weep for me! I'm okay now, I really am, and good things are ahead.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Your flowers and container gardens are lovely, Michele! Your herbs remind me of all the ones I saw growing in Tuscany two weeks ago -- just like you, they use them in all that great Italian cooking! And I love (and am quite envious of) your DOUBLE impatiens -- haven't seen the doubles around here in years, and I love them because they look like miniature roses!


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