Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tea in the Garden with Pink Petunias

Oh my, we have had gloriously perfect weather -
 blue skies, perfects temps...
perfect to take one's tea outdoors
and make it teatime in the garden!

I set up a little tea table for myself to enjoy
 the delightful birdsong and beauty of our backyard.

Won't you please join me?

I have saved you a seat.

I cannot spend time out here without prayer of thanks
 to our Heavenly Father for such splendor to enjoy.

 It overwhelms my heart with appreciative JOY!

That's how I feel about snacking on orange cranberry scones too.

: - )

I am sharing my two Mother's Day presents
 from my youngest daughter.

I received them a little late - as some of you may remember-
 due to having to be out of town for a wedding
 on Mother's Day weekend.

She knew I would LOVE a "Pink Petal Tea Cake" candle and
a little vase of fresh picked flowers from her garden:

 Pink Bleeding Hearts, 
Les Muguets (Lily of the Valley)
 and Lilac. 

(The scent is absolutely heavenly!)

I love how The White Barn Candle Company
 printed the name of this candle as though it were hand written
 with a classic purple Sharpie pen.
 I used those ones all through high school
 and haven't thought about that in years!

 Funny how this candle brought back that memory.

PS:  I ended up lighting this candle later and it smells and burns GREAT!

This Royal Albert teacup pattern is Chatsworth
 and seems perfectly situated in a garden setting.

Thank you for joining me for tea today.




  1. Oh what a lovely set up Michele! Tea in the garden is such a delight. Your flowers are so pretty and that scone looks scrumptious!

  2. Wonderful gifts and a delightful tea setting. I loved the Royal Albert cup and saucer, one of my favourites. I actually collect Royal Albert Country Roses. Have a wonderful week.

  3. This looks so pretty, Michele. I love that line of candles, and my oldest gave me one for Mother's Day too--how funny. :)

  4. Your table looks lovely and your scone looks delicious, Michele! I have had a recipe for gluten free scones sitting on my cookbook holder for over a week. I had hoped to make them this weekend but then got hit with a horrible cold and didn't want to know from anything. I'm hoping to make them this week. By that time, I shouldn't be congested anymore and can actually taste them!

  5. What a lovely setting for your tea, Michele. The pink petunias, candle, bouquet of posies, and scone look just wonderful. That is a sweet teacup and Royal Albert makes it even more so. I envy you your nice weather. We are having cold, wet weather and have been for days. We are having a very cold spring and after that long cold and stormy winter we've had, I'm dreaming of warm sunny days. Soon, I hope! Thank you for joining me for tea and have a beautiful week, my friend.


  6. Lovely tea! The scone looks so delicious and the teacup is lovely.

  7. This is my first visit to your blog, and I can assure you, it will not be my last. There is such a spirit of beauty and welcome here!

    Finch Rest is a delightful name. It just exudes peace.

    Our weather has been absolutely perfect for a few weeks now. I look at May through October as my reward for getting through another winter (I'm a Florida girl currently living in the Mountain/Pacific northwest, and winter is difficult for me.)

    I have recently (just this weekend) gotten back into "beautiful" blogging, after having devoted the last 3 years of my blogging life to reviewing classic films. I'd be thrilled to have you visit me at my new site, Magnolia Cottage.

    Blessings to you,

  8. What a beautiful setting for tea! I wish I could have joined you!

  9. those pink petunias are so pretty. I would love to have joined you. I really do like the sound of orange-cranberry scones. I will have to make myself some.

  10. So beautiful! I love this time of year when everything is so green!

  11. Lovely Michelle! Your garden setting is so pretty! It's nice when a special occasion stretches out! Love your china...so pretty! Cranberry orange scones are a favorite of mine. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  12. Hi Michele,
    I love your teatime today! Your Royal Albert teacup is just gorgeous! I have never seen one like it before. It looks so beautiful on your sparkling white tablecloth. I would love to join you for tea and try one of your orange cranberry scones. Have a lovely week! Karen

  13. Beautiful garden tea......hope that weather is coming our way!


  14. Michele, What a wonderful Tea Party! Your flowers and garden look so pretty. Your Mother's Day gifts were so thoughtful from your daughter. Love the candle and vase with flowers from her garden. Thanks for sharing a beautiful Tea Setting.

  15. Oh my! That teacup is gorgeous. You always have the nicest tea party times.

  16. Oh how restful! it is good to create beauty and to appreciate all that you see. I'm just praying your good weather will extend to my world soon.

  17. Michelle:
    What a pretty table you have set with that Cup and Saucer and your Petunias. I also loved your vase of flowers. I think I see some Lily of the Valley which I know smell delicious! Your scones look yummy!

  18. What a beautiful setting, Michele! Your daughter is so sweet to have gifted you with these pretties! A tea party with you would be lovely!

  19. Oh- What WONDERFUL Mother's Day gifts~ Wow! Your table setting is just perfect and I would love to join you....ummm...can I have coffee instead of tea though...I will bring my own! Gorgeous post- xo Diana

  20. BEAUTIFUL in decorations and food. YUMMY scone I am sure. Pleasant atmosphere too.


  21. A perfect day for a tea party outdoors. Your tea cup is so pretty, and the setting is so inviting.

    Enjoyed my visit.


  22. What a lovely day for a tea party in the garden. We keep our windows open this time of year so we can hear the birds.

  23. Such an inviting scene! I love the teacup, so dainty. I love candles too, especially when they are beautifully packaged.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather

  24. Beautiful tea setting! Love your gifts. So pretty!

  25. Lovely setting! what a beautiful spot to have tea! that bouquet is so sweet, I'm sure it smells delicious! That scone looks delicious too!

  26. What a gorgeous setting to sit and relax and reflect on your blessings!...

  27. How very beautiful! The table setting, the flowers, the tea, the gifts ... and my goodness, who keeps the lawn so immaculate??? Also, now you know you have us all headed to White Barn Candle Company for a candle like yours!

  28. Love this!
    Darling tea set up, and I love that China.

    I need to find me a darling little tea cup like that for my laundry detergent :)

    Have a happy heart :)


  29. Gorgeous!!! Beautiful china, and w-o-w, elegant backdrop! So green! Thank you for sharing this lovely post.

  30. Thank you for linking up your tea party to the garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! What a perfect combination don't you think? xoxo, tracie

  31. Oh, I would love to join your for a Cup of tea! We had some wonderful hot spring days lately, too. With blue sky, lots of sunshine... and happyness.
    But now that my roses are in full bloom, it's raining ... raining .... raining. What a pity!
    Happy gardening and best wishes from Germany!
    Anita @ My Country Cottage garden

  32. Hi Michele,

    What a beautiful garden, all set for a pink petunia tea; so pretty! Your scones looks absolutely scrumptious and I'm sure taste even more delicious when enjoyed in such a lovely setting. Singing birds and sunshine make it perfect!


  33. Your garden area is lovely, and it's the perfect backdrop for your tea. I love the pinkness of it all, and when you pointed out the purple sharpie look on the label, I related so well to your memory. It's the little things/details that always make the difference, isn't it?

    (And I feel the same way about cranberry orange scones!)

  34. I see that there are two chairs. . .yippee! room for me. lol! Beautiful and so inviting Michele! And oh how I would love a bite of that scone. Gorgeous day and gorgeous setting. I feel the same way when I am in the garden!

  35. Very nice candle and bouquet from your daughter. You will find this hard to believe Michele but I've not had afternoon tea for a few days now. I'm just glad I've finally got everything under control and can get back to blogging and routine. We've had some nice weather too but I am wishing for some rain.

  36. Hi Michele! Oh, how I wish I could sit down and have tea with you. Your table is so pretty and the tea cup is gorgeous! What sweet gifts too. Thank you so much for popping in to see me. Thanks for the suggestions about a keyboard. I'd been thinking of that, but hadn't thought of looking at a second hand place - great idea! ;) Have a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  37. A lovelytea setting. Would love to join you for a little visit.

  38. Beautiful Tea, Michele! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  39. What a lovely tea in your garden setting, Michele. What a sweet daughter to gift you with the candle. I haven't tried that particular scented candle yet, but will look for it.


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