Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Birthday Tea for Marina

I had a birthday tea for one of my dearest tea "sisters"
 on Saturday afternoon, honoring Marina.

I tried to make it a girlie old-fashioned outdoor garden tea....
but it was super dark and dreary and raining
so I couldn't have it outdoors in our garden,
 so I attempted to carry the theme indoors.


To "ground" the place setting with a little more interest
I used vintage linen pink and ivory dinner napkins.

I adore their pretty embroidered edges.

I used two matching two-tier trays on either end of the table.

You will note I don't have teacups on the table.

I filled an extra large pretty floral tea hat box
with carefully wrapped vintage teacups as their second favor......
each guest to choose one to unwrap to then use for the tea, 
 and eventually take home.

I used the teacup idea
 because I wanted to use this china my guests had never seen
 that includes dinner plates, bread plates and soup bowls,
 but unfortunately no teacups. 

Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of either the hat box or of the teacups themselves.
  I sure wish I had someone else (not a guest) following me around taking pics of things
 because I never seem to remember when I am knee deep in serving.

These are the hand painted garden flowers glasses I used for the initial Welcome To My Home drink- which was a concoction I made up of
kiwi-lime fizzie juice with 7-Up and some fruit.

(And some vodka for those more adventurous.)

This pic was taken before they arrived before the drink was made. 

It was a pretty light sage green colour.

The soup bowls I used for salad and for the soup I used my 
Depression green cut teacups and saucers. 

(Photo courtesy of Mary D.)

I forgot to put in the mandarin oranges
 and didn't include mini cream puffs on this printed menu
 but did serve them. 

(Next came the scones, no pic though.)

NO calories allowed or served at my afternoon tea parties!

(Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

You can't tell from the food pic but under the pink and brown paper
 for the brownies is a cute teapot print.

I simply tied the silk napkins
 with a little pink paper rose wire tie to make napkin rings.

I attached pink rose and tea- themed name tags
 on a little plant wrapped in a paper doily
as a favor for them, along with the teacup.

Five of the ladies stayed overnight, as they live 3.5 hours away.

We had pizza and fun snacks and watched the BBC version marathon of
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - the one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.

We didn't finish until 3:30am, haha.

I wish I had a pic of the set-up my husband surprised us with
 up on the landing.

(I think it is now official Party Central when we have sleep overs!)

There was a card table with pizzas and a big cooler
 full of every kind of drink-close to our upstairs tv room
 and easy to grab when needed but not be in the way!

L-R front:  Dina, Marina, Pam, Karen
L-R back:  hostess, Dawn, Mary

As always we enjoyed one another's company.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing Marina's special tea day with you.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Michele you are the perfect hostess, a wonderful tea party to cater for everyone tastes. It is simply divine, a delightful setting. I do so wish I lived near so I could get an invite.

  2. You are a thoughtful and generous hostess Michele and I know how much these ladies enjoyed everything to celebrate Marina's birthday.

  3. Michele,

    How pretty and inviting is your tea setting, to celebrate, your friend, Marina's birthday. Such attention to detail and you used one of my favourite colour combinations: soft pink with olive green. The menu is mouthwatering and all the goodies look scrumptious! What a fun time you must have had! Aren't sleepovers the best?! Thanks for sharing.


  4. How pretty and elegant, Michele! I'm sure Marina was thrilled. It sounds like you had a great time. I would have been conked out by 10! : )

  5. Lovely.
    Everything is so pretty, and the attention to detail, is off the charts!!
    Nicely done Michele :)

    I really like your idea as a favor, to give each lady a tea cup. Such a nice reminder of an excellent day together.


  6. So very beautiful. Wish it was my birthday! Love the china, just stunning. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  7. What a magnificent tea party honoring Marina! The setting is so very pretty, and the food looks and sounds wonderful (not to mention beautifully presented, but that is standard with you). LOVE that it was an overnight event -- and the pic of you and your friends is just priceless. What a lovely group of ladies!

  8. Wow what a wonderful party! Your food looks terrific and your table so lovely. Its a shame you didn't get a picture of the hat box with the teacups--that was such a great way to present the second favor/teacup! Have a great week :)

  9. What a beautiful birthday tea party. I can see that everyone had a great time.

  10. Wow Michele, everything looks so beautiful! You did such a lovely job with the food and decorations. I'm sure Marina loved it all!!

  11. How lovely! My birthday is July 19th as well...I spent mine alone...I'm imagining this tea as for me too. ;) You did a beautiful job. Marina is fortunate to have you for a friend.

    1. I am as well. You were with us in spirit. I am so sorry you spent it alone, no one should have to do that. Hugs.

  12. How thoughtful of you to do such a lovely BirthdayTea Party for your friend. It looked gorgeous and I am sure it was delicious. Very thoughtful hostess.

  13. It all looks are the best hostess!!!

  14. What a lovely tea for your dear friend, Marina. I know all your guests enjoyed the wonderful food that you prepared and served, Michele. I love the idea of giving them all a teacup to take home as a favor. You're the best hostess.

  15. ♥♥♥ Love, love, love this. You are a good friend. They must have each felt so very special and so very loved.

  16. Golly! What a classy party! You obviously had a wonderful time designing that pretty table. I love the pink napkin placemats. And what a menu! You have taken girls night out to a new level. You are such a wonderful hostess.

  17. What a special Tea for your friend… everything looks so pretty Michele…
    Enjoy your day,

  18. Such a beautifully laid table Michele! And teacups for gifts! the menu looked delicious and the sleepover lots of fun. I'm sure your friends felt very blessed!

  19. I really want to go to one of your teas! The menu is mouth-watering and the table is so, so lovely! Your linens are lovely!

  20. This is a lovely and elegant table! I know your friends enjoyed it so much. Those desserts looked delicious!!!

  21. Hi Michele! OH, what a beautiful tea for your friend! I love everything you've put together and the menu sounds and looks wonderful! I'm sure she was delighted and will never forget it.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Lovely ideas! Beautiful setting and the food looks great.

  23. What a beautiful tea. Filing some of these great ideas. I'm sure they good memories you created are best of all. Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. WOW! Your tablescape is beautiful! The food looks fabulous!
    Blessings My Friend,

  25. Your china is beautiful. I love the soft greens and pinks. That was a great idea to have individual wrapped tea cups for the guests to take home. I will do the same for the ladies in the neighborhood when we welcome our new neighbor next month.

  26. Absolutely gorgeous Michelle...I am sure Marina loved it! Love all your goodies, the setting and the lovely menus. Well done, you! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  27. Oh my, what a gorgeous event for special friends! I love all the details you so lovingly created! The pink is indeed so girly - and so special! Thanks for sharing!


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