Monday, July 21, 2014

Potting Table Before / After

Greetings and apologies my sweet friends!

I am so sorry to have been so long absent!

Life has been busy and I have been busy living it!

We've been doing lots of entertaining,  
home improving and have been doing
a lot of working - all keeping me away 
from Blogland, the place I want to be the most!

Today I have a simple before and after for you.

Our potting table gets a lot of use and it was looking kinda bleh.

Forgive it's state as is, but I'm keeping it real.

Usually it also has plants on it but on this day
I was ready to plant so the vessels are there.

As you can see it has no sides, back or front 
to hide all the icky bits and to keep stuff from falling when
I get rambunctious and push too far.

Hated stuff falling behind, because this bench table
is all wood and really heavy to move!

Here is the before:

This potting bench was stained to match our hot tub
 which we sold years ago.

It was looking shabby, faded and worn... 
and since we ("we" meaning my husband) were painting the entire
outside of the house I thought it time to spruce up the table, too.


Here is that wonderful man on a super hot day
preparing the new sides after he had painted them!

He wanted something that could vent,
because sometimes we use chemicals
(nutrients and occassionally organic disease help for the roses)
and he didn't want anything to combust getting too hot.

The back of the house is full west and gets HOT!

Here is the prettier after:

She is still a busy working horse, not just decorative
But I love love love her new sides and back wooden lattice work!

I am contemplating a skirt in front but it gets wet and gets moldy that would be gross - 
so I think I may leave as is.

Doors that open and close could be nice, though....but 
I don't want warping, either.

Maybe wood and chicken wire? But will that be too busy
with the latticework?

I can't decide, so left like this, but do invite opinions. 

(Even you, Vee!)


Sometimes the little things
really kinda feel like big things.

(Thanks, husband!)

As always, thank you for your visit!

I promise I will  be catching up
 on all my missed blog reading this week!

Hugs and prayers!




  1. What a great transformation! It looks so pretty now, I love the lattice!

  2. Paint really makes a difference and the lattice so pretty! A great makeover!

  3. Every little renovation makes one feel happy, and I like the potting table in its spruced up state. Having it open without doors looks fine to me, especially if you think something with wood is going to warp.

  4. Love your potting bench! What a great makeover! Very pretty.

  5. beautiful transformation Michele! Love the lattice work. what a nice husband.

  6. It looks wonderful as is! Your husband did a great job. Keep having a great summer!

  7. A wonderful transformation, it looks as good as new. Have a great week.

  8. It looks like a new one for sure. Love it!!!

  9. It looks adorable!! I love it.


  10. It looks adorable! I love it.


  11. I love the after! It's a cute bench. I have been busy this summer too, and not blogging as much. Thank you for your kind words about my photos.

  12. What a great makeover. It's hard keeping up with blogland, but, we all have to live life. Your blogland friends will understand.

  13. Michele, Your spruced up potting bench looks wonderful. What a great job! I know it feels great to have all these projects done. Fresh paint makes you feel so nice doesn't it? I love your styling too.

    I would love to have a potting bench. Maybe one day!
    Have a great week. I understand totally how hard it is to keep up.

  14. so cute, michele! your husband's a keeper:)

  15. No need to apologize! It is summer and that is always a busy time. Love your makeover!

  16. How pretty Michelle, and you hubby is a honey! I love the potting bench he helped you make, it's perfect!

  17. Your potting bench looks great all freshened up and improved - good job hubby!

  18. Woo Hoo! What a beautiful! What a difference a little paint and the lattice make! I'd love to have one of these! Oh, I'm so glad to know you're a Barbie gal too! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. I love the change! Amazing what a little paint and a bit of lattice can do! Have a wonderful evening!!

  20. Michelle, I left a comment on this post yesterday, but it doesn't appear to have been accepted. So, I am here to try, try again.

    I love your potting bench. The changes are not only practical and serviceable, but pretty, too. I would leave it exactly like it is - I love the open front. Great job!

  21. That turned out great! Love it…
    XO Mary

  22. Thanks for sharing your lovely post at Home Sweet Garden Party! You are on of this weeks featured posts! I hope you can join us again this week too! It will be open this afternoon at 4pm! {} Hugs...Brooke

  23. Nice updates.
    Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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