Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Mantle Decor

This is how our mantle is decorated for
Halloween this year.

Making its debut to blogland is our
 perfect little black wooden plant stand.

It is the best thing for showcasing a carved pumpkin!

This pumpkin lights up electrically from an outlet
 hidden on the top part of the mantle.

There is no way I could safely have a real one burning 
with curious Romeo Kitty Cat
 around to rub against it and maybe it falls.

Remember my telling you recently (here)
 about my tea sister-friend Karen
 whom was one of many
I recently visited out of town for my birthday?

Well this cute little hidden burlap birdie
was my birthday present from her.

It is quite happily situated at Finch Rest - I just love it!

Those tea sisters really give the greatest & most thoughtful presents!

And what All Hallow's Eve is complete
 without a raven, a jack O' Lantern, black cat
 and a black metal lantern with a pumpkin?

This is what is one the front of that cute book
the birdhouse is sitting on above.

It's a little cardboard book box!

(I did a little happy dance when I found it at GW!)

This old PB lantern is a timeless classic staple
all year long for us around here.

Filled with candles, pumpkins, pine cones, nests,
 eggs, ornaments.......
it always works for every season!

I was tickled to pieces when I brought up my Halloween box
because I forgot I found this
 wood and wire painted pumpkin garland
 after autumn season on sale. 

So today it's making it's blogland debut!

If you missed my post yesterday about nifty recycled favor cups
 for our carving party guests
be sure to pop in and check them out! 
I love how they turned out and how inexpensive 
they were to make!

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. Love the garland. It would be great for all of Autumn ... not just Halloween. Isn't it fun when you unpack a treasure you found at the end of the season the year before?! It looks great! Love the black cat in the pumpkin. You are ready for Halloween!

  2. Hi Michele! Oh, everything is just darling! Love your mantel and the little garland is so sweet. That's a cute little bird too. You always do it up perfectly.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. OOO, I love it all, Michele (anyone ever call you Chele ?)
    Your cute bird is just too precious....and it looks so cute on the wreath...I love all your Halloween....:)

    1. My family always calls me Shell. When I was a little girl I was always called Shelly.

      Same pronunciation, just different spelling from Chele. You got it! : - )

  4. I love it ALL. That is such a sweet mantle and it is light and fun and not overly done. I love that cute little bird, too. He's the perfect addition. xo Diana

  5. I love the mantel, Michele! That garland is adorable, and that little bird is unique -- I've never seen one like that before. :)

  6. Your Halloween decos are so cute! Thanks for stopping by blog and leaving a kind comment (as always). I appreciate it.

  7. What a pretty mantle- I LOVE the wire garland! The lantern is a wonderful and versatile addition, Michele. Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead :)

  8. What a wonderful display, the wooden garland is delightful and the lantern is such a versatile addition and like you said could be used for any occasion. Have a great day.

  9. You're already for that hallo day, so neat and pretty!

  10. How pretty! Love your Halloween display. The garland is the perfect touch!

  11. Love the debuts here . . . Very tasteful, Michele, none of the gory stuff here. Love it. Great burlap birdie from your friend. The best part, though, is your adorable, fluffy kitty.

  12. All looks great, Michelle. Love that darling garland. Happy Autumn!

  13. So pretty! I love the raven - and the pumpkin with lights in it! Kitty looks unimpressed by Halloween. LOL So CUTE!

  14. Michele. Love your decorations for Halloween. That Halloween Treat box is great!

  15. Hi sweet Michele! Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean so much to me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  16. Your mantle looks so perfect for Halloween, Michele. I love that you found that cute garland to hang. Your sweet birdie gift looks happy perched on that spot!

  17. All of your Halloween decorations are so cute! The pumpkin garland is perfect for your mantel. I haven't brought any Halloween decorations inside. I will have to add more to my front porch once Halloween gets here for the trick or treaters. It seems we get less and less each year as our subdivision ages.

  18. Only the funnest people decorate for halloween! I love the cute little pumpkin garland. And your kitty playing dead cracks me up. But I must tell you that you long ago won the prize for best fan of my blog with your over the top praise for my posts. You leave the best comments full of their own poetry. I love when you stop by.You make me feel so good.

  19. Hi Michele, I have to tell you I am always the party pooper when it comes to decorating for Halloween, I end up doing something a day or two before Halloween, I think I will be haunting up the French tattered chair in my post with webs and grey and white pumpkins and place it on the front porch to greet the little goblins for their treats.

    Thank you for your creative pumpkin art here, your mantel is so cute, putting mine to shame :)

    Thank you for your sweet visit and kind words that inspire all I create and do.


  20. How do you do it, Michele? You've created a fun Halloween mantel without it being overly cutesy. I don't think that's easy to do, but you did it. I love this. xxx ~ Nancy

  21. Oh it all looks so fun Michele. The plant stand is perfect for showcasing your pumpkin! Love your little burlap birdie. Yup, perfect for you and Finch Rest! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. I love your mantel and your home Michele. It looks like a real warm and cozy home. Very very inviting. You did a beautiful job with the decor.

    My favorite is Romeo the kitty.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


  23. Obviously I'm late to the (Halloween) party here, but I do love seeing your decor! And you are right about the plant stand ... it's perfect for displaying your pumpkin! I so admire how you create such lovely vignettes in ALL color palettes and at ALL seasons of the year. Sigh ... (said fondly!)


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