Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It's All Hallow's Eve!


It's Fright Night!

(When the beggars ask for a treat, or threaten a trick or two!)

Let's hope "Smell my feet" isn't one of the tricks-
 though last night my eldest daughter
had trick or treat and a cute little beggar actually said it to them!


Here's the Parade of the Jack O'Lanterns
 from our annual Pumpkin Carving Party this year!

Our eldest daughter Evelyn carved the witch
 and my youngest daughter Katie
 created the traditional happy-faced one!

My younger sister Teresa carved the spider
 and my hubs did the demon one.

And that elongated gourd-like pumpkin
is a fluke that grew in our garden from last
year's pumpkin carving.
 We had 6 matching perfect pumpkins.

Was a nice surprise not having to buy ours this year!

My youngest niece Reagan made the Ninja turtle one, 
our youngest daughter's fiancee Jeff created the scary skull,
and our son-in-law Daniel carved the happy one.

Our friend Sarah created the black cat
 and her husband Kyle carved the Frankenstein!

I'd say all in all there are very talented carvers in our midst!

We weren't the only ones who grew pumpkins this year -
here's Katie holding up a perfect round little one
from the garden they keep at Jeff's.

I love her "Day of the Dead" tee shirt.

BTW - there is a new animated movie musical out
 called Book of Life
that's kinda neat and all about Day of the Dead's history.

That's what we did on her birthday, Oct 17th -
at her request all went to that movie together.

She's been collecting DofD artwork, and making her own
for quite some time now.

Have another fun and wonderful Halloween!

And don't let those tricksters getchya!




  1. Amazing pumpkins, they certainly are a work of art. Happy Halloween and have a great evening.

  2. Those are awesome pumpkins, Michele! Happy haunting to you and yours. :)

  3. What great pumpkin carving that was done and all from pumpkins grown in the garden!! Happy Halloween!!

    1. No all - just the elongated one of hubs, and that not-carved one Katie is holding.
      Wish we could take credit, but can't....mayb e next year, haha.

  4. Wow, what artistry you guys have! There are some awesome creations here. Your daughter is beautiful! Hope you've had a great evening ~


  5. Those are AHHHMAAAAZING pumpkins! Seriously....I don't know that I have seen many better. You have some very talented carvers there!!!!

    Happy Halloween night to you and yours- xo Diana

  6. WOW, they get better every year, Michele, I have enjoyed seeing the pumpkin cut outs the past few years

  7. Great looking pumpkins, Michele! You are all definitely a talented bunch of carvers!

  8. wow, that's a lot of talent! I'm impressed!

  9. Impressive pumpkin carving! Love the fun you share here. And, you grow pumpkins! I think I need to carve a pumpkin in the flowers, maybe I will be lucky and get pumpkins next year. Lovely daughter, she shares the same Oct 17 birthday as my husband.
    Have a happy week...........

  10. Great photos- looks like you had a lot of fun carving with your family! I love Reagan's name. I have only known one other female Reagan. How cool that you grew the pumpkins. Would love to do that sometime. Thanks for your regular blog visits, Michele. Happy November :)

  11. My goodness, a decorating/designing gene must run in your family! I LOVED seeing all these incredible pumpkin designs!


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