Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Party Favors/ Tutorial

I wanted to share the party favors 
I made for our annual 
Pumpkin/Jack O'Lantern Carving Party
 we had this weekend.

And boy, oh boy! Did I ever have fun playing with Pic Monkey!

Seriously, if you haven't tried it you are soooo missing
some super-de-duper FUN photo editing!

I especially like it for Halloween!

Start with eating lots & lots of yummy yogurt.
This is by far my most favorite....Chobani Greek.

After you finish your delicious snack, stop yourself
from taking it to the trash.....



Repeat.  < just kidding, that's just shampoo, right?

Now just spray paint those clean cups you saved!

(Or get handsome husband to do it for you.)
Thanks, honey. You know I hate those fumes.

He is a GREAT spray painter,
but sunny-day-pics-with-shadows,
well this beggar isn't complainin' just esplainin'.

: - p

Buy some grape-vine cloth covered wire
 at your favorite hobby store.

You will need wire cutters, an ice pick gizmo
 and some needle-nose pliers.

Yes, for those attention-detailed readers,
 the needle nosed pliers are missing from this picture,
fact is one of the other spiders brought it a little later
 after we were nearly done.

And yes, my tools are old and rusty and secondhand and fine. Just fine.

Cut 10 inch wire strips and make handles.
 Mine are 9 inches and were a tad too short.

Use your needle nosed pliers
 to kinda crimp the edges at the ends of the handles kind of into itself
(so the sweet little hands going for snacks don't get scraped.)

Of course the very BEST part...........

Buy all kinds of little snack sized candy
 and fill those little cups to the brim with goodies!

I suggest getting kinds you loathe so you don't 
scarf it all up when you are filling your favor cups!

No Resee's Cups were harmed
 during the making
of this craft.

It's really fun to create new uses with trash!

I shall be sharing our carving party later this week.
So stay tuned!  





  1. A clever crafter you are Michele. That's a lot of yogurt you ate to have the little treat cups and they really are sweet. They would make nice cups to have at each place setting for your Thanksgiving dinner.
    You know, we're down to maybe a dozen kids Halloween night and I'm not enthused to even decorate like I used to. We're at the stage where the neighbourhood children have grown up and we haven't had new young families move in.
    Have a good week!

  2. Those are adorable, Michele! I'm a PicMonkey addict too -- I just love that site! :)

  3. Michele- Those are just darling. I love the shape of them and painted they look like little terra cotta pots. PERFECT and what a fun post!!! xo Diana

  4. Such a fun post, they are adorable. So simple but effective, perfect for any occasion. Thank you for sharing, have a great party.

  5. Oh, these are just precious! You are the most creative one! Now I've got to eat to eating my yogurt! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Michelle, these are just too cute! What fun!

  7. Now if that isn't a cute idea for recycling, Michele! I love it and it would be a great favor for my grandkids!!!!

  8. How cute! I love that you took something you already had and repurposed it. What a money saver too. I eat yogurt too. Yum!

  9. Very cute, Michele! I love reusing little cups like these yogurt cups. I keep those minute rice cups (the individual microwavable ones) and use them to put paint in when I don't need to have a whole can sitting open for a project. One year I think I even did Easter favors with them. Love recyclable projects!

  10. these are so cute. Just the right size for a treat basket!

  11. Haha- great repurposing project! What a nice hubby to spray paint for you. I also like this brand of Greek yogurt and just bought some more. These would also work well for Easter, eh? :)

  12. Such a great idea, Michele. I love it that you buy candy you don't like! haha. We already bought a huge bag, and are halfway through it! uh-oh. Shouldn't have bought chocolate! And I love using pic-monkey too.
    (you could spray-paint them in pastel colors for Easter.)

  13. These are so cute and such a great way to recycle and give! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!

  14. What a great idea Michele. We are having our family party tomorrow. These would have been fun. Maybe next year. Pinning.


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