Saturday, November 15, 2014

Romeo Kitty - Office Assistant

My hubs took this pic from his phone camera this morning
of our patient kitty cat Romeo waiting for the office to open!

Sorry it's so grainy and poorly lit, but he's just so CUTE!

I just had to pop in and share!

Believe it or not this pic it isn't in black and white!

Our home office is light grey, white and black - 
and Romeo matches it perfectly as if I had planned it as such!

I use a large heavy antique white painted wooden dresser
 to hold most of my office supplies.

It has a matching mirror too but I just use this large black one
at this time for the room. We have a modern sleek vibe in here
and the girlie fancy mirror doesn't work as perfectly.

My youngest daughter's fiance gave me this awesome dresser.
I LOVE it and it is deep and wide and holds a ton of stuff!

To the left you get a tiny glimpse of my metal storage boxes
from Decor Steals - perfect for a black and white office
and perfect to hold things like my digital scale!

The huge black box you can only kinda see on the left
is a painted wooden box that houses the kitty litter -
so it have dual function - which is always good.


Rom really likes his new rug from Joss and Main!
He's made it his own, naturally.

Cat fur, life as we know it. : - )

Yes, I really DO share my office with kitty.
(I am lucky he allows it, after all it is his domain he is a CAT!)

Anyway, lots going on to share with you,
 but doing some travelling this weekend - so see you soon!

Have a truly wonderful weekend.

Make it a good one!

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. He's such a handsome kitty, Michele! Isn't it nice that our cats still let us live in the house? : ) I pinned his picture to my Cute Pets pinterest board ~ now he'll be famous!!

  2. Romeo is beautiful...I love his long hair. Your office is really nice, I love the nice clean lines and the dresser is a great addition. Like the lamps, too!

    Hope you are having safe travels!

    Jane x

  3. Michele, Romeo is one of the handsomest kitties I've EVER seen. I love his fur (I prefer long-haired cats), his beautiful eyes, and his precious white paws. What a charmer!! Your home office is really nice and looks like a great place to work. :)

    Thanks for sharing Michele; I hope you have fun travels this weekend!



  4. He is a beautiful kitty and he sure loves that office. I am sure he brings you many hours of fun.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Lovely looking cat as is your office, stunning dresser. Have fun on your travels.

  6. Romeo is very handsome kitty, he has the sweetest face, love to cuddle him. Our kitty won't allow cuddling too much. He was a barn cat when he decided to adopt us so pretty darned independent already. We think he must have been about 9 months old already when he showed up in our yard one Saturday afternoon, didn't seem to want to leave. He likes loving only on his terms of course. Love that dresser, wish I could find one affordable for me. Someday maybe. Happy season

  7. He's a good kitty, gets to work before the boss! And he is pretty also.

  8. It looks like Romeo is purr-fectly happy in his(your) office, Michele! Happy travels this weekend.

  9. LOL- I love it, Michele. I think everyone should paint their rooms to match their animals...just think how color coordinated everything would be then...well...the exception might be a CALICO cat...that would NOT be pretty. Love your office and your kitty. xo Diana

  10. I can tell, Romeo is a charmer! Love the office, looks great with the white dresser and black mirror. Great photos Michele.

  11. Oh my, what a gorgeous kitty! That second picture is heart-melting! And my silly kitty does the same thing, lying on her back. I tell her it's not very lady-like, but she just ignores me, haha!

  12. Hi Michele! Your little Romeo is so handsome and of course it's his house! :) Your office looks so nice and I love that dresser too! Hope you're having a nice trip. It snowed here last night! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Such a sweet kitty! I got your email about him not doing well, praying the vet will have answers and he gets much better soon!


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