Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thinking of You....

Thinking of my blogging friends today
wishing I had more time with you and for
more time to post, more time to catch up,
just more TIME to do what I love!

There is never enough time to do all  we wish to do, is there?

But it's ok, right? I'm not complaining.

It's a blessing to have a roof over our heads
and our tummies full of food.....

And getting pretty flowers from a sweet & caring friend.

I have so much in my life to be thankful.

And it is most wonderful
 to have special friends
to enjoy very special moments together....

....And to be surrounded by pretty things
 that bring special memories to mind.

I am tired, and very busy but also very happy, as well....

I'll leave you with this empowering quote I found recently
 and played around with PicMonkey to help it fit this season:

I have a final Autumn/Fall Thanksgiving tablescape
 to share later this week and then it is on
 to bring up the Christmas holiday boxes!

I can't wait! 

We had our first heavy snow yesterday 
(look at yesterday's post to see the beauty.)

That snowfall sure got me into the holiday spirit!
Even if it is too early!

As always, thank you for visiting!




  1. Hi Michele: Love the beautiful dishes you shared today. The colors are my favorite. I too am putting the Christmas tree up this week. Do what gives you peace my friend. Blessings, Martha

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Michele, and how beautiful that first snow must be! :)

  3. Il love the beautiful dishes, flowers and thoughts. I am with you about decorating for Christmas. I may start this week after I take down my Fall decorations since I will not be having Thanksgiving here this year.
    Your post was very beautiful - have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Beautiful Autumn dishes, now that I am prepared for the wedding my thoughts are turning to Christmas decorations. Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving.

  5. Your tea set is gorgeous, Michele! Nice sentiments and photos- love the quote. I think gratitude is highly under-rated and shouldn't be something left to once a year. Have a blessed holiday :)

  6. I agree. There never seems to be enough time. However, I am glad you posted a beautiful autumn teapot and cups. Thanks for sharing the quote. Look forward to your fall tablescape.

  7. Love your photos. I feel the same way you do. Not enough time to visit blogging friends. I could sit at my computer all day and visit blogs I love but my husband would like some food! LOL! Laundry doesn't appear magically and we all have local friends and family to care for.
    Your delightful autumn post with lovely tea cups warmed my heart. Pretty flowers, napkins,CUTE sugar cubes, great photos. Very nice thinking of you message.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving and thanks for the reminder to be thankful, make things happen and savor each moment.

  8. What a lovely Fall post! I love your pretty tea set, Michele. I also saw your gorgeous pics of the snowfall. I woke to a dusting of snow here yesterday! I loved the quote you shared, too.

  9. What a pretty post, Michele. I am sorry that you have so much going on-that you are tired and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I hope life calms down for you soon. Blessings. xo Diana

  10. Hi Michele. Lovely photos and lovely post! We are so blessed, aren't we? Love your fall teaset. So pretty, and difficult to find fall themed sets! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. Beautiful post...our dusting of snow is almost gone this morning.
    Thanks so much for coming by with a sweet comment.

  12. Love your Autumn dishes, Michele. Thanksgiving is a minder to count our blessings, hope your day goes well!

  13. I love the teapot set, just so pretty and I also adore that fall runner. I know what you mean about busy. The next two weeks I will be so busy too.

  14. Your teapot set is so beautiful! Life does get very busy at times. Just remember to breathe. :) Hugs. Pamela

  15. Love your pretty tea wares, Michele! Such a beautiful pattern and so perfect for the season. I hope things slow down for you and you can enjoy the holiday season which is coming quickly. It's always a pleasure to have you join me for tea and have a beautiful day, my friend.


  16. What beautiful photos, and I am drooling over your gorgeous fall chintzware! Did I know that this pattern even existed? (Perhaps. My memory ain't what it used to be!) But I loved seeing these pretty wares so evocative of fall. I'm thankful for the beauty you share with us (in photos and in your lovely spirit) all year 'round!

  17. The cup and saucer pattern is wonderful!!!!! Have not seen it before. I am sorry to hear you are so overwhelmed and sit back enjoy a cuppa. It has such a great restorative power. And thank you again for my winning package.

  18. Your post spoke to me today about something that I have been lifting up in prayer. Funny how answers get slipped right under our nose sometimes. Angels to you!

  19. What an absolutely beautiful post. Beauty that gives pause to enjoy. Have a good evening. Linda

  20. Beautiful words and images to remind us that gratitude is within us, always close to our heart, but expressing it, through actions and words, is true appreciation.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.


  21. What lovely thoughts, and lovely tea set!

  22. Your posts are like a soothing cup of tea in themselves...a lovely sip and then ahhhhhhhh! Don't worry about busy. January doldrums are right around the corner. =D

  23. Back to blogging after a long break. Stopping by to say hello. I agree that more time would be nice in life to do what brings us joy! Warm and lovely post. happy Holidays.

  24. Beautiful images and wise words. Thank you for sharing your joy.♥

  25. Such an thoughtful post... I love all the vivid images and colours... Sorry that you're down... It seems that you are in need of a ' pause moment ' and some big hugs... so here they come >>HUG HUG


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