Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Tom Turkey Fits to a TEA!

Hello my sweet friends!

Popping in for a quick visit to share yet another wonderful gift
 I received for my birthday in October.

So now that it is November it is perfect timing
 to share my adorable new turkey teapot!

Isn't he just a CUTIE?!!??

My dear sweet tea sister friend Pam gave him to me
 when I spent my early October birthday weekend in Indy.

(I know I haven't shared all that with you yet but life has been crazy. Sorry)

He is an artisan handmade stoneware 
pumpkin turkey teapot -
talk about a perfect gift!

I cannot believe all the detail on him!

The only other turkey I have is one my  mother gave me
over 20 years ago, the last Thanksgiving she was with us.

Some/most of you may remember I share him last year.
It's a tribute to my sweet Mom. ♥

I had a really cute little turkey tureen last year but I sold it.

This was it's finial on the lid handle.

Downsizing is bitter sweet.

As always, thank you so much for your visit!




  1. Hi Michele, Your turkey teapot is adorable! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. What a beautiful teapot, perfect for the time of year. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  3. An adorable turkey teapot Michele, won't your Thanksgiving table be festive with him!

  4. Hi Michele,
    Your turkey teapot is a real cutie! What a fabulous gift from your friend. He's going to look adorable on your Thanksgiving table. Thanks for sharing him with us and joining me for tea. Hope you're having a splendid week, my friend.


  5. Your new little turkey teapot is sooooo cute!!!! He will be beautiful displayed on your table for Thanksgiving :o)

  6. What a perfect and sweet, sweet gift, Michele. It is a lovely piece...and now joins the one from your Mom. xo Diana

  7. Your new turkey is adorable. I love the handle hiding in his tail feathers! Great gift!

  8. Hello Michele! I LOVE your turkey teapot...and it does look like a pumpkin, too~ what fun! Love the stoneware material and color. What a wonderful birthday gift. I bet this gobbler will have a proud place on your November tea table! :)

  9. What a great teapot Michele! So perfect for this time of year, and so special that it is handmade stoneware. You will enjoy that adorable little gobbler all month!

  10. I just love your new teapot Michele! He's fabulous! Love it!

  11. Hey Michelle.. Your little turkey teapot is one of a kind and such a unique gift.. It will certainly be the source of much teatime enjoyment... Hugs

  12. Your pumpkin turkey is so cute,Michele. So sweet of Pam to gift it to you for your birthday.

  13. What a fun teapot! Gets you in the holiday spirit just to look at it!

  14. Well, if that isn't the cutest turkey tea pot! Have a beautiful Wednesday, sweet lady!

  15. That teapot is adorable, Michele! I've never seen one like it before. :)

  16. Oh Michele, I love your turkey teapot!! What a perfect gift from your friend to use during November.

  17. Michele, Love your turkey teapot! Aren't birthdays fun! By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!

  18. Lots and LOTS of cute turkeys. I especially like your news one.

  19. I really love it!!! Happy belated birthday...I just found your blog today. My birthday was October 27th. :)

  20. What a cute turkey teapot and I know your moms turkey is so special to you! I love that tureen! Someone was lucky to but it! Happy November to you!


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