Monday, January 26, 2015

Beautiful Snowy View!

I received the most awesome picture today from my husband
 from his cell phone as he was sitting in his office at work, 
looking out his window at a most spectacular view.

He knows how much I ADORE true snowy winter days,

and he knows how much I ♥ sharing it with my blog readers!

Here is my surprise pic in all its wintry frozen splendor:

South Fork Indian Run Creek runs into the Scioto River two miles east of this spot.

I took this fun shadow pic at around noon when the sun is right above those trees. I just stood at my kitchen sink and clicked.

I love all the pristine pretty and undisturbed snow,
 save where the birds knocked down the seeds under their feeder.

I know I say it much too often, but, well,
 I really do like my sloppy birdies a lot.

I took this in early day when it had just finished snowing
and the sky was still grey, but the sun came out
to make some nifty shadows.

We had a fun day to watch the sky changing today!

You can see the sun coming out but sky still grey.....

Then these I took again through the back kitchen window
just a short time later when the sky 
turned blue and was absolutely stunning.

All these different skies in a matter of just a few hours.

I wouldn't give up these 4 seasons for anything....
though it would be nice to be able to plan outdoor
activities in the spring and summer,
knowing that it may RAIN without much notice......
that would be dreamy for planning outdoor tea parties!

One last one - again taken through the back door's glass.

I think I never love my back yard more
than when it is all perfectly snow covered.

This is a dark part of the day before the sun
comes around the house and sets just to the left of those
tall evergreens at the left of the pic.

Thank you, Dear God for a beautiful winter's day!

Thank you, my dear husband, for my snowy day blog post inspiration!

I hope my non-winter-snow friends felt as though
they visited a Winter Wonderland!

(That was the subject line in the pic named & sent by hubs. How cute is that?)

Tomorrow evening I am hosting my annual formal 
Winter's Eve Dinner Party,
so this crispy new white snowfall
 couldn't have come at a better time!

I hope to share the dinner details with you soon,
 as well as finishing up the final portion of
 the home in its winter decor mode, as promised.

In the meantime, stay bundled up warm and dry!

God bless each and every one of you!

OK, back to more cookin' now..............

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. Michele,

    You and your husband both have glorious views...snow or not! Still, I agree, a pristine blanket of snow is beyond beautiful!

    I hope you share pictures of your party with us. You are always so inspiring when you entertain!

    Jane xxx

  2. Oh, thank you (and your husband!) for sharing your winter wonderland photos! Haven't seen so much as a snowflake this winter down here, so I am having to enjoy the snow vicariously through friends up north!

  3. What wonderful photos and I especially love the one with the water your husband took. I love the snow too. I still can't believe it was over 60 degrees here today which was weird!

  4. Lovely, lovely photos...a true winter wonderland!

  5. Beautiful pics! Good thing you don't live here! 3 feet of snow and blizzard conditions, you'd have no guests. $300 fine for going out on the roads unless you are an Emergency provider.
    Enjoy your party, can't wait to see it. We won't be getting out of here till Th if we are lucky!
    Southampton, Long Island, NY

  6. Michele, You and your husband have a beautiful home and I am so happy you shared these stunning views of your landscape. Living in the south we seldom see more than a dusting of the snow even though we do get some very cold temperatures for short periods. What a winter wonderland for your party. I hope you make lots of photos. Thanks for sharing these beautiful snaps.

  7. The timing couldn't have been better with snow for your Winter dinner party, stunning photos I am in awe of such beauty. It is indeed a Winter Wonderland. God bless.

  8. Oh, Michele, you do live in a Wonderland - that was the first word that occurred to me when I saw the pictures. Thanks for sharing such beautiful views and thanks for visiting.
    Hugs from Portugal

  9. Michele,wouldn't it be fun, but cold, to have a snowball fight in the middle of your yard! It's beautiful! As you know we don't get snow often and then not like that here in the south where I live.
    Your non-winter friend,

  10. Your husband has a beautiful view from his office! I love that photo. I'm glad you got a pretty snowfall there. Your yard looks so pretty all dressed in white. We are in the blizzard here today and it's really wicked out there. Have a cozy day.

  11. Your winter wonderland is gorgeous Michele and certainly an inspiration to the upcoming dinner party.

  12. There's nothing quite like the outdoors just after a nice snow. Everything is so quiet, peaceful, and sugary white with lots of sparkles! Thanks for sharing such pretty pictures. Have a great week. ; )

  13. Oh so pretty snowy pics, Michele! Thank you for sharing the beauty of Ohio. I loved the pic of the shadows of the trees on the snow...gorgeous!

  14. Gorgeous photos! I'm not fond of snow anymore, but it does make everything look so beautiful. xox

  15. What great photos! I love snow but only when I can enjoy it!xx

  16. Michelle, I love seeing your winter snowy day. Bright sunshine here with temps warming into the 70s today. Texans don't handle snow easily, so it's best we don't have it.
    Have a warm, cozy day inside looking out to this beautiful scene.

  17. OH MY GOSH Michele, I would love to look out my windows and see these views!!! Absolutely stunning, yes, I am looking at sunshine from my windows today, but I'm a little jealous of your beautiful snow. Stay warm.
    XOXO Mary

  18. Beautiful, Michele! I love when the snow is sparkly & sticks to the trees like that.

  19. Hi Michele! These pictures are gorgeous! Thanks four sharing your winter wonderland.

  20. such gorgeous photos! that's how I like my snow...sitting inside and looking out the window!

  21. I really enjoyed seeing these beautiful pics! You have such a nice backyard to enjoy. I love the quiet that the snow seems to bring with it. We haven't had any snow yet this season. It's hit or miss here though. I'll just enjoy your pics for now.

  22. Lovely snow pictures! The evergreens are beautiful, and I love how you captured all the shadows, too. Your husband's pic is magical, too. And wow, a Winter's Eve Dinner Party, sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  23. I love all your evergreens, Michele! They really add some interest to a garden in the winter months. We had quite a few evergreens in our back yard on Long Island and not only were they like a living fence around the perimeter, but gave you something to look at during the cold winter months when nothing was looking alive.

    Your husband has a great view outside his window at work! Gosh, I wish we even had a window in our cubicle area at work.

  24. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Michele; I'm really glad you shared these with us. We've had zero snow, as in not a single snowflake, here in our section of N.C., so it's fun to see these lovely pictures. Your evergreen trees are so pretty all covered with snow! I love to see the ground covered with snow and a pristine blue sky -- one of the prettiest sights ever. We had some lovely snows last winter, but so far we've just had rain this year.

    Enjoy your dinner party!




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