Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Master Bath Wall Color

Hubs and I have been discussing having some upgrades
done to our master bath....but right now our financial priority
 is our youngest daughter's wedding in August.

An inexpensive way to get a fresh and new feeling
in the interim was to change the color of the walls
 to a gorgeous calming spa green/blue/grey.

It is EXACTLY what we I needed to tide me over!

The new color complements our pickled wood
paneled doors and cabinets.

This color plays tricks on your eyes -
sometimes if the sky is really blue it looks blue
and on grey days it can look almost silvery.

I found these perfect reproduction vintage botanical prints
in their perfect frames at the GW not very long ago
and they go perfectly with our brushed nickel faucets
and new large smokey framed mirrors.

I love this pic with its reflection
of the two floral prints by the tub in it.

Aren't the details of these mirrors something?
I am so happy we splurged on them, they're perfect.

It's easy to spend a little extra on something
 then save on other decor pieces
purchased at second hand stores - 
it balances the end amount spent nicely with less guilt felt.

For this winter season snowy blue spruce branches
and icy twigs with silver berries placed in an iced glass vase
makes a nice statement here.

Soon I will put those away and place our extra long
pure white albino peacock feathers in it.

We actually SAW the albino peacock at a local farm
and picked the feathers up off the ground
on the day we were engaged - so they mean a lot to us.

That cute little M tray was a gift from
 my women's club last year president Melinda
 as a thank you gift for being on her board.

I use it daily to hold my jewelry when washing up
or to hold at night while sleeping.

I keep things very simple in this bathroom -
 a large ironstone tureen to hold rolled-up face wash cloths....
...and a leggy wire basket for rolled up extra large bath towels.


No extra lighting was used for these pictures so I could show 
how bright the light is from outside.

I wanted to get the best look at the paint color this way.


These plants LOVE all the bright natural light in here,
 and really thrive when it's all steamy.

This snake plant- or "Mother-in-law-tongue" as my mom referred to it
is almost fifty years old now!

 It was given to me as a small child by a sweet garden store owner
when (apparently) I was being extra patient and good
 while my mother was shopping.

Funny I remember her telling me that if I were careful with it
it could very well outlive me. Boy, she wasn't kidding.

That plant has moved with me my entire life.

I've shared that story a long while ago,
 but it is worth repeating since the plant is in the pic.
Plus it is in a neat new pottery pot worth showing off.

I REALLY just took this pic below pic
 to show those two canvas art prints.

I found them at one of my favorite local higher-end
 second hand stores not too long ago.

I knew EXACTLY where they were going to go!

I absolutely adore them.

And God forbid that I should have one room
 without a BIRD in it, right? 

I was tempted for some time to change out our soaker tub
 for a more popular darling claw-footed tub- 
but we've decided that our extra deep tub is a keeper.

 It's not a whirlpool, so needs no maintenance,
and it is in pristine condition.

 I fit in it perfectly - it's not too long, not too short,
 not too deep- I think I'd really miss it-
so it's dumb to want to change it, at least that's how
I look at it it.

It just needs to have brushed nickel faucets,
which we will be putting in ourselves one day soon.

The below pic is the closest to the true color -
 I think because of those extra lights being turned on maybe?

Thanks, Margie - our wonderful painter friend -
 you always do such great work!

Our plans - eventually- for this master bath:

*Gut the shower and make it larger
 with a little seat inside, built-in shampoo and soap holders
 with tile and a heavy frame less shower door. Possible double
shower heads - one rain one and one hand held one.

Right now the shower is ivory cultured marble but has a 
crack and we have it caulked but bleh!

* Considering losing the soffitt and have sconce lighting on either side of the framed mirrors, three of them perhaps.

*Upgrading the builder-grade cabinets to a taller custom quality.
We will then use these cabinets (if salvageable) in the basement to help me organize my craft area.

*I do like my ivory marble counter tops but would love to upgrade to white/grey Carrara marble to match with the rest of the room's white.

* We *may* move the bathroom door over a little to make more
room for a larger shower. (To the right of the door out of sight of above pic.) If we do move the door it not only gives us a much nicer roomier shower, but also gives me a larger blank wall space in the bedroom
allowing me to move my furniture around more. I'd love that.
BUT if we move the door to gain those two things we will lose those three roomy drawers on perhaps we could have a tall custom made one to make up for it. Time will tell.

I am not - and never have been- in love with the 8 inch tile in the bathroom because there's SO MUCH grout.......but it is in perfect condition so don't think we'll spend the money to change it, especially
since it will match even better to Cararra marble that we'll be getting.

So, that's our big plans for the bathroom, now on the back burner.

It's fun sharing my dream decor ideas with you -
 thanks so much for indulging me.

Somehow I just KNOW you understand!

Any ideas you have on the plans please share -
it helps me make better choices knowing all options.


In the meantime I truly am enjoying this new wall color.
It's funny how color can totally change a mood, isn't it?

I now lie in my tub with its lavender-milk infused water 
and truly feel like I am soaking at a luxury spa now.

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. Oh I love it all. Such a gorgeous bathroom and the color is wonderful. I can't imagine that you can improve on perfection.

  2. Your bathroom is really pretty and the new paint colour is so lovely. I like the mirrors a lot. It all looks very nice and fresh!

  3. I love it Michele,the color is so calming and pretty!

  4. Such a pretty, calming color! LOVE those wonderful botanical prints and the way you've used the ironstone tureens. Keep the tub, it's perfect!

  5. Great choice for your new wall color Michele. I bet you do enjoy relaxing in the tub. I have a huge mother-in-law's tongue. It's probably 15 years old and usually shoots up a few blooms each year. Take care.

  6. Good evening, dear Michele! Your simplistic touches are beautiful - I find there is such sweet beauty in the simple things. I love what Debra said about it being calming - I agree :)

    Your dreams are wonderful, my dear. Hugs to you!

  7. I love your bathroom Michele. It is bright and very serene. The light green shade is perfect and your decor gives it a cozy and welcoming touch. The prints you found are perfect. Great job on a budget. I had to do these in my master bathroom. Gave it a little refresher without a huge out of pocket costs.

    Enjoy your lovely bathroom.


  8. The color is very pretty, Michele, and I love the extra special touches you've added. I just painted one wall in my kitchen today, so I totally get how excited you are. Paint can make a big difference! :)

  9. Michele, the new color in your bath is very soothing! Do you mind sharing the brand/color? Love the photo you mentioned of the mirror with the prints reflected, and the plants against the wall color is so complementary!

  10. Such a pretty color, Michele! I'm glad you decided to share it. You have such a nice big bathroom. I miss having a bigger bathroom. The one here is long, but we manage not to bump into each other in the mornings. : ) Love that canvas prints you found over your tub.

  11. That's a beautiful wall color, Michele! Love those pictures of the roses and the frames are perfect - such a lucky find. Beautiful mirrors too!

  12. Hi Michele, Love your new wall color and all the accents you displayed for a peaceful spa like style. Love your botanical prints and the touches of silver are so soft and pretty with the wall color. When we ungraded our bathroom, we too decided to keep the large spa tub too. All we did was upgrade the tiles around it and changed out the Jacuzzi fitting and spigot. Looks like brand new without the dollars spent. Then all we did was upgrade the shower to go with it.
    Love your sweet bird tucked in. You are a girl after my own heart!! I have to have little birds all around too.

    Thanks for sharing and all the inspiration.
    Hugs for a great week.
    Happy February.

  13. Lovely color! I have a snake plant too and have had it for over 25 years! It is amazing what some paint can do!

  14. what color did you use. i am getting ready to paint my bath. and i love this. color and manufacturer would get great information.

  15. Michelle, I do like the sprucing up you did to your master bath and love the color. As I scroll through your pics, each one shows a slightly different shade. That's what I like about the color gray.

  16. Hi Michele, I really enjoyed hearing your plans for redoing your bath. I’ve started to think about doing the same thing, I’ve been looking at photos on Pinterest and magazines. I think you have the right idea, a new paint color always makes a room feel new (really love this new color) and save the labor for after the wedding. My goodness, I had no idea those plants could live so long!
    Happy Sunday

  17. I love the pretty and serene!!! Your bathroom is very pretty as is but I know you are looking forward to getting it just the way you want it :o)

  18. Michele, you've got big plans but I have to tell you that I think the room is really pretty now. I love the paint color and those mirrors are awesome! I'm with you - we need a bird or a nest in every room. That MIL Tongue plant is amazing too.

    I'm with you that we need a bird or nest in every room. Thanks for your sweet comment about my fake flowers and that birdy plate. I wish I had lots of those plates to share with friends because people seem to like it.

  19. Oh I came back to tell you that I like your idea of spending on some things and saving on others. To me, that's what pulls it all together and makes it look like a home. We don't want everything to be new - that would be boring. Besides when I find something I love it's hard to let go. :) I love the floral artwork you found.

  20. I love the wall color in your bathroom. Green walls go with everything and are so soothing. Very pretty!

  21. The paint colour is so calming, I just love your bathroom it's so huge!, xxx

  22. The paint color is very serene and calming, Michele. One of my favorite things was the soup tureen filled with plants, a birdie and birdhouse.

  23. I love when blues and greens play tricks on us, and of course the sun is the magician behind all the fun! The green you have chosen is very pretty, and definitely complements the existing floors, cabinets and counter tops. Enjoy it!


  24. I love that paint color and the live plants! It seems so relaxing! Nicely done :D

  25. Sooo beautiful! The paint color is gorgeous and I love all your special touches.

  26. Such a beautiful room, amazing what a pot of paint and some magical touches can do.

  27. What a beautiful bath. I love your new relaxing and an easy color to add other colors to. It all looks wonderful and that tub is to die for.

  28. That is such a pretty color, Michele, and I love having a color than changes slightly with the light. Your bath looks very serene, and calming. Gorgeous mirrors!

  29. Love your new wall color. We used a similar color in our master bath and really enjoy it. Can't wait to follow along as you finish the rest of your projects. In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy your beautiful bathroom!
    Cheryl @ 22 Applegate Lane

  30. The new wall color is lovely. It looks very calming. Love the little bird in the plant.... so cute!

  31. The new paint colour is beautiful, Michele. It looks like Grey Wisp by BM. I have the very same rose prints on my gallery wall :)

  32. Your bath is simply gorgeous! I'm not used to that size at all and wow, I would definitely love it! The color is perfect, Michele...we have a cabinets in out kitchen that go from deep green to blue to gray. Isn't that cool? I think it's so great that you have the Albino peacock feathers to this day!!

    Love everything, dear. And thank you for stopping by today and your lovely comment. :)

    Jane xx

  33. Okay, I especially enjoyed this post for an oddball reason. You see, one of my "jobs" these days is to blog for a local interior design firm. For that reason, I read a lot of design magazines and blogs and keep up with color and remodeling trends, etc. You are "on trend," as they say, by going with the "spa-like" green/gray color palette. (Love your new mirror, by the way. Completely gorgeous!) The other thing I learned recently is that designers say homeowners are going for bigger and nicer showers today (some are ditching the bathtub in the bathroom altogether, though I wouldn't want to do that). So you probably just wanted a lovely new bathroom design, but if you ever decide to sell your house, you are right on target with what people want!

  34. So pretty! Love the color and how you've used ironstone here and there. Wonderful history of your snake plant, so special!

  35. Beautiful colors! Love your pictures!


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