Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tea Time - English Tea House Style

Did everyone catch episode one, season five of

Which brings to mind that I haven't shared with you
my birthday tea experience!

Way back in autumn I told you all I was going to spend
 my birthday weekend with my best friends, 
my "tea sisters" in Indiana.

I have known these special ladies for years
 and we get together all through the year.

We always have such fun together......
and it is nearly always with tea as our theme!

Well, I am finally getting around to sharing with you
 our fun outing to a new tea house in Carmel, Indiana

 They really do a remarkable job with afternoon tea time!

The owner Tina is from England, as is her entire staff .

Tina also caters, gives etiquette classes and teaches
about tea and Downton Abbey!

I bought a lovely book from her boutique
about Downton Abbey, too.

(She has just returned from visiting Highclere Castle)
which is the real "home" that the show calls Downton Abbey.

Every morsel was absolutely delicious-
All made from scratch, all beautifully presented.

I cannot WAIT to go back again!

They had such a nice large selection of teas from which to choose, 
it was difficult to decide upon!

And the tea was perfectly brewed. 

My most favorite thing I tasted that day
 was Tina's homemade lavender jelly.

 See it next to the berry jelly in the little clear ramekin bowl?
 It was so good I bought a large jar of it to have with my tea at home.

 Tina has most all her homemade goods for sale!

I haven't opened my jar of lavender jelly yet, 
may just may save it for my next tea party.

I am afraid that if I were to open it now
I won't have any left when next I have a tea party!

These pictures were all taken by my friend Mary.

I am afraid I forgot to bring my camera that day!

My friend Dawn chose lemon curd (her fav)
 instead of the lavender jelly.

Doilies, cozies, real flowers, real vintage china,
 lace linens - they had it all.

One of the servers insisted on bringing out a basket full of hats
to choose to wear.

We had planned on shopping
that day so didn't go all out as we are sometimes known to do.

The lighting was gorgeous -
 just look at this beautiful crystal chandy!

And how perfect is a pretty
 teapot and teacup chandelier in a tea house?

It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends
 at a most wonderful tea house.

And of course my friends brought our tea group's
 Traveling Birthday Teacup
for me to use - such a fun tradition.

I am so excited to be going back to visit
 my tea sisters in a few weeks
 so I will let you know what wonderful tea outing/s we take!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. What a wonderful tea outing with friends. It looked delicious, the jelly sounds a real delight.

  2. Lucky you! Everything looks so charming and inviting. What a fun afternoon you all had! I'd love to join you for tea and chit chat...today is my BDay and I'm going to imagine my blogland friends are all joining me for a cuppa- including you! :)

  3. I am sure you had a wonderful time with Mary D.and the others! The Tea Room looks so lovely and I know the food was good also. Thanks for sharing your birthday tea with us Michele.

  4. Wow, Michele, what an adorable place! Everything looks so pretty and yummy. You're lucky to have your special "tea sisters" to share it with!

  5. Fun fun fun!!! Love the traveling birthday tea cup idea. Wonderful spot.

  6. A very nice tearoom with scrumptious food. The chandie with the teapot and cups is cute...just realized no photo of you ladies with your hats on!
    I too like the idea of the BD girl drinking from a special teacup for the occasion. You have some great friends Michele!

    1. As you have probably noticed, I seldom share face pics. Especially of ME - just not very photogenic, so I try to keep it about the experience and less a photobook.

      Plus it wasn't my hat it was a silly one and more fun than nice looking, haha.

  7. What a fun time and so nice to have tea with friends in a 'real' English tearoom! Don't forget your camera next time. :)

  8. What a great place! I love the teacup chandelier!

  9. It sounds like a lovely day, Michele! I'd love to go to a tea, but I'm afraid there is probably not much I could eat there (having to be gluten free). I would love to have a day where I could just eat anything I wanted without consequence and a scone would definitely be one thing. Although, I think I'd go to this tea room just hear them talk. I do love an English accent!

  10. What a fun day. Great looking tea and so much more fun with tons of friends.

  11. Now THAT's the way to celebrate a birthday! What a fun place and fabulous tea! Wish I'd been there to celebrate with you! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  12. What a terrific fun day and such a fun place. Lucky you.
    No I didn't watch Downton Abbey. I must be one of the only tea time folks that doesn't watch it. I suppose I would enjoy it but frankly of late I only want to read. And drink my tea while doing it!

  13. A traveling teacup?! How fun! I love that idea. Everything looks perfect, what a fun time for you all! I am drooling over those treats as I am in restraint mode, trying to lose these holiday pounds. The lavender jelly sounds so good; I would have bought some too, but I'm with your friend, love lemon curd! Our tea house here in town also has the teacup chandys.
    Have a great week, are you getting this freezing weather?

  14. Oh, what fun you have, Michele. I would love to try that lavender jelly. It sounds divine! All the food looks marvellous and I know you all had a ball. Thank you for sharing and joining me for Tea Time and have a splendid and Happy New Year, my friend.


  15. Oh Michele, how lovely! Everything is perfection, my dear :) I can see why you had such a nice time.

    Happy Tuesday! Hugs to you!

  16. Tea shops are my favourite places to go. Love the tea pot/cup lights!

  17. Oh Michele, that is my kind of tea room! Thank you for sharing the food, the decor and the fun that you and your tea sisters enjoy.

  18. Michele this looks like such a fun way to celebrate a birthday or anyday! What a treat to go and enjoy the little sandwiches and tea. The lavender jelly sounds heavenly. I love the decor in the tea room, the teacup chandy is so adorable.I hope you enjoy the trip and wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your day there, I’m sure you are looking forward to your trip back.

  19. Hi Michele: Your family is on the list. Sending hugs your way, Martha

  20. What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday! I especially love the traveling birthday teacup and the tea chandelier.

  21. Michele, tea time with your friends is a delightful way to celebrate your birthday or any day for that matter. So few places here actually serve a tea time. Have a great time!

  22. What a splendid way to celebrate any day let alone a special b/d with the traveling tea cup and very special friends, how wonderful a tradition is that?
    I'd love to hear them all speak as I love to hear English accents also. How great you all discovered that enchanting tea room. The yummies look so good (and fattening), lol. Ah well have to enjoy yourself once in while, My problem is I want to enjoy myself eating naughties all the time. Will never be skinny, love to eat too much and too often. Happy New Year.

  23. First, happy belated birthday. Second, it looks like you had a lovely time with your friends at the new tea house. The menu looks like you could find lots of yummy things to eat and the pics make everything look delicious. I know you had a blast with your friends!

  24. i love that idea of the traveling birthday teacup. I think you just gave me an idea too - for free too! Happy Birthday and glad you had a wonderful time! So glad you shared these pictures with us at Friends Sharing Tea!

  25. Oh how very fun to share your birthday tea! What a lovely tea shoppe and of course, sharing such with friends is the very best! Thanks for sharing. Could you tell me more about the traveling teacup? That sounds fun.
    Happy New Year!

  26. Michele, I loved hearing about your delightful tea experience. I am craving the delicacies you enjoyed with your friends. I am afraid my failure with tea is the brewing. I get in a hurry.
    Thanks for your visit.

  27. Fabulous day! thank you for sharing ALL the Joys and wishing you many more :)

  28. Happy Birthday to you! I love Downton Abbey and am so excited the new season is finally here, can't wait to see what happens! Oh I wish I had a place like that nearby to enjoy tea with friends!

    Happy New Year!


  29. Oh, what a beautiful tea parlor, wish I was near to celebrate with you!
    Happy belated birthday and I'm sure you celebrated in 'Downton Abbey fashion. '
    Enjoy your new year of life and the new year 2015.

  30. Sounds like an absolutely perfect and delightful time...surrounded by so many pretties, yummy delicacies, and best of all, good friends.
    Mary Alice

  31. Yum, yum, yum! How fun and a Happy Belated Birthday!! How fun to have your own special tea cup.

  32. What a delightful tea room! Looks like a great place to visit with its attractive and delicious food, and I find that sharing this sort of experience with dear friends simply magnifies an already-good time!

  33. You have the best fun! Yes, I have been watching the Abbey! The most recent thing I noticed was a set of Spode Wildlife dishes used for tea at the farmhouse. Made me crazy and wished I had some! We have a tea house nearby that I have to try out. Looks like you are off to a great new year!


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