Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easy Easter Dining Tablescape/s

I know so many of you are busy as bees
 preparing for your joyful Easter feasts!

I am among you who is fervently working her To Do list!

I didn't want this pretty holiday to pass by
 without sharing my dining room
and kitchen tablescapes with you, however!

This is the main dining room for 8.
it can hold 10 in a pinch but is crowded.

I love my new metal zinc cake plate from Decor Steals-
it is holding up an egg wreath with a nest inside a rusty
crown to display it nicely as a simple centerpiece.

It's fun to mix things up occasionally.

You will find bits of Easter-themed decor
 on our painted buffet table.

Ceramic. Paper. Metal. Twine.

These cuties are tucked up high on a stone shelf
 in the foyer area to welcome our guests.

Paper mache. Willow. Stone. Silk.

Here is the kitchen tablescape this year.

Two sets of parents to sit with their two little toddlers -
with room on both ends of the table for the high chairs!

(And tile floor for the inevitable mess, right?)  : - )

I ended up changing things a bit on this table and
moved the centerpiece into the dining room.

It kinda overwhelmed this smaller table.

It was raining when I took this shot so it is very dark.

I have a large white ironstone pitcher with cut yellow daffodils
on it now but no pics and no time to add it now. Sorry.

I wanted everything casual versus formal this year - 
it's been such a busy and a long week!
I wanted to only use things that can easily 
go into a dishwasher this time:

No silverplate, no china, no crystal.

Simple. Easy. Done.

By doing so it has given me more time
 for prayer and reflection.

 It's made a very big difference to me.

And then, inevitably, for my family in the long run.

Have a blessed and joyful Easter, everyone! 




  1. Your easter table is fab, we have decorations but mittens the kitten keeps attacking it!have a nice easterxx

  2. Simple, yet elegant Michele and that's what makes life easier. I like the sage green and cream combo in the dining room.
    Have a Happy Easter with your company.

  3. Beautiful, a real delight. Easter blessings.

  4. Both tables look so pretty, Michele. Happy Easter blessings to you!

  5. so pretty, Michele. I'm a fan of simple and easy. love your mix and match plates and those wonderful checked napkins! Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. Michele, it's ALL beautiful! I am so surprised you had time to not only take photos, but to write your post too. That's a sign of a seasoned project manager - sequencing and timing all your prep well in advance of your company. Enjoy, and take time to relax when the company leaves. Happy Easter.

  7. Simple is always beautiful in my opinion:) Love your Easter table! Thank you for your kind words on my blog; they mean a lot. Wishing you a Blessed Easter!

  8. Such beautiful simplicity. I love the pretty color combination. So serene and welcoming.

    Wishing you and your family a happy Easter.


  9. Very sweet tablescapes! Easter Blessings to you! Cindy

  10. Both of your tables look so pretty and fresh, Michele. I just love that centerpiece too. Have a wonderful Easter with your family! :)

  11. Less is more sometimes, this is beautiful, as always, Michele!
    Have a blessed SONday!

  12. Everything looks beautiful! Your guests will be honored and you will have an easier clean up. I agree re: focusing on prayer and meditation. It's really not about the bunnies, eggs, etc. We are so blessed that our Lord loves us so much!


  13. Beautiful! Love the table setting for Easter, the room is gorgeous too! Very pretty stems with such a soft green and the centerpiece is gorgeous dear Michelle.
    Happy Easter season.

  14. Beautiful tables. Each one is so welcoming. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  15. Simple and extremely beautiful, Michele! You have created a lovely place to eat and enjoy fellowship with others.

    Wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs!

  16. Hi Michele, your tables are stunning. You certainly have a great eye for pulling beautiful looks together. Everything was wonderful and I am sure your guests truly felt special.
    Gorgeous centerpiece and I love the metal cake stand. I am on the look out for one too.

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. Your visit just blesses me.
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs, CM

  17. I would love to celebrate any occasion at your house.

  18. Beautiful table settings! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  19. A belated Happy Easter, Michele! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, celebrating around this pretty table.

  20. The tables are exquisite! Just perfection..both of them. My breakfast room is open to the kitchen and small so when there is no one else in the house-only me I often set the table as though I am about to serve a meal...the main reason-It avoids the gradual clutter that builds up with mail, keys, note pad, books etc.

  21. Both table setting turned out beautiful, Michele. I hope you had a lovely Easter with your family :)

  22. I am a cake plate junkie and that one is super charming! I love it and now I will need to have one! ;) Hpe it was a great Easter!

  23. your table setting is so very pretty, michele:) LOVE the cake plate with the crown esp! enjoy your weekend!

  24. Hi Michele,
    Your tablesetting is lovely. You have such perfect taste! I would appreciate it if you do keep your eye open for Royal Albert Bridesmaid Rose. Some of the patterns are becoming very difficult to find now and I really should stop purchasing china pieces but it makes me so happy! Lol! Happy Spring! Karen

  25. Beautiful job as always, Michele! Your post makes me wish I put more effort into decorating for Easter. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

  26. Love the table and the green gingham napkins. I wanted to buy the zinc cake stand too from Decorsteals!

  27. What fine Easter tables you have...both are wonderful.

  28. Easter was beautiful over at your place! That overhead shot is just WOW! You would be a natural for an invitation to a Brambly Hedge picnic! Scones and clotted cream. Yum! Just what I had in mind!

  29. Your rooms and tables and decorations are lovely ! And yes I bet there was a wee bit of mess with the young ones :)

  30. Your Easter table settings are so springy and pretty!
    Mary Alice

  31. It all looks so lovely Michele! Your Easter tables are just beautiful my dear and so is the other spring decorating you have around your home.
    I hope you are well and having a great week!

  32. Your decor was beautiful, and I'm MOST impressed that you knew in your spirit what you were capable of handling that week and kept the main thing, as they say, the main thing! Bravo to you, Michele! (But I remain amused because, you being you, even your "casual" is so many notches above what the rest of us mere mortals could pull off with "formal" china, etc. Again, you have such a decorating gift!)

  33. Lovely. Simple, with beautiful spring touches.


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