Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beautiful Early Spring Blooms

Oh, isn't it wonderful to have spring "sprung" at long last!

We've had a nice weather combination recently that has given us
 sunny warmer days followed by rain -
the perfect combination
 to bring life back to our once sleeping earth!

The below photo isn't color enhanced whatsoever -
everything is that intense!

Our grass is so lush and green that
 it's had to be mowed three times already! 

You will note that I didn't say I mowed it, though, right?
Heh. I'm dependable like that.

My hubs surprised me on Easter
 with these amazingly colorful healthy pansies!

It's such a blessing to see the world come alive again.

Everything smells so fresh and fragrant......

And to find little garden statuary regaling us once again............

I wish the blooms could stay just a little bit  longer, but they never do.

Some are already waning and others are just getting ready to open.

And the garden stores are chock full of vibrant color -
 what an absolute delight to one's senses!

(I am so so glad I don't suffer from allergies!)

I always feel so close to God when I take special notice of all his gifts.

Beautiful flowers are certainly that!

I especially give thanks to mericiful Him
 for the miracle of our kitty's recovery.

Seriously, we had fairly much said goodbye to our furry friend
only just a few days ago.

And now - after so many prayers
 from so many caring friends and family- he is OK!

He is going to be fine! 
At least for now, and joy to my heart!

Praise be to God in the Highest, indeed!

So I am so sorry I've been missing in action. 
Had a very sick kitty who had my attentions!

I have missed you and have SO much to share soon!



  1. So glad your beloved pet is on the mend, they are so much part of the family. Your garden is looking a real delight with some beautiful colour.

  2. Good news about your kitty ... they are our furbabes. There just isn't anything like Spring springing! Lovely!

  3. Isn't it amazing that God even looks out for our pets and knows how much they mean to us? Like He is our caretaker--we are theirs.
    Your spring plantings are beautiful. LOVE the pansies hubby gave you. So very pretty- xo Diana

  4. Oh, I am sorry your fur baby has been sick, but so glad he is on the mend.... I love mine to the end of the earth and back and am beside myself when they are sick!
    Spring has Sprung and it is looking gorgeous at your place. Little beats the smell of Spring!!! Enjoy the fleeting moments. It passes too soon

  5. Have been off most of April Michele, didn't know that Romeo was sick, so happy he's going to be ok.
    Your flowers are so pretty. It's warm and rainy here also. So good to get back out and play in the dirt!

  6. Beautifully captured Spring photos, Michele! Love your front stoop with the wreath and fresh pansies. Mine finally bounced back after winter's torture, but the fresh ones look so perky!

  7. Everything looks lovely, Michele. I know your heart feels better, knowing your fur baby is better! Enjoy your lovely weather! ♥

  8. Glad to here about your kitty! God does care about everything in our lives. You've been through so much and you're in my prayers! Your flowers are just beautiful! Take care of yourself.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. God's creation, it's many shapes, colors, fragrances, textures, are such a gift! Springtime showcases them and reminds us of his love for us. Your yard is so green! And your front door area is gorgeous!

  10. God's creation, it's many shapes, colors, fragrances, textures, are such a gift! Springtime showcases them and reminds us of his love for us. Your yard is so green! And your front door area is gorgeous!

  11. Definitely happy for spring! Enjoy the season.


  12. Such beauty in your photos! I have really enjoyed my red bottle brush blooms this spring! Watching things grow is just amazing! Glad to hear your kitty is better! Enjoy this week ahead! Blessings, Cindy

  13. A sick kitty in the house can make for some stressing times. So glad to read that he is recovering.

    Oh my! What beautiful blossoms. Sometimes I forget how much I crave color. Not much here, yet, though I did purchase some pansies. They are such cheerful little flowers and are creating a happy welcome on either side of your door.

  14. praying for your kitty's continued recovery .. our fur babies have special nooks & crannies in our hearts.

  15. Such vibrant blooms. Our skies have been particularly bright blue here this spring with lots of fluffy clouds.
    The birds of the air; the lilies of the fields and the heavens above---blessed.

  16. Hello, your flowers are lovely.. And I love the cute bunny... I hope your kitty feels better soon.. Beautiful images! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  17. I hope your sweet kitty is on the mend and pray little kitty keeps getting stronger and better every day! I am loving your gorgeous spring garden...everything is blooming so prettily and looks so vibrant and beautiful! Happy Spring! Hope you have a wonderful week! Happily following you back :) hugs, Poppy

  18. The amazing thing I like about blogging Michele, I get to enjoy God's beauty at your home and when yours evolves, I'll be ready for you to enjoy mine. :-)
    Glad your kitty is better, our pets are one of the family and it's hard when they're sick.
    Glad you could link up to Mosaic Monday!

  19. What vibrant photos of gorgeous blooms, Michele. It's so nice for you to see color after such a long, cold winter. I'm glad your kitty is feeling better and that makes you feel better, too.

  20. Spring is definitely in the air....yippee! Your front door looks so cheerful and bright and the flowers offer a warm welcome to family and friends.

    I am glad your kitty is feeling better! Poor little thing. Enjoy your week, my friend! Hugs!

  21. Such wonderful spring blooms! Your cute bunny statue made me smile!

  22. Your mosaic is so bright and cheerful!

  23. Such gorgeous flowers! I love them all ~ and yes, it's like viewing God's artistry. So happy your kitty is better! It's just horrible to have a sick fur baby.


  24. There is just something about spring!

  25. Michele, Your garden is looking lovely. The tulips and daffodils and bunny - a feast for the eyes! Love the pansies too. Enjoy your spring! Glad your kitty is doing well.

  26. Michele, your garden is gorgeous! Love that lush green grass. We just mowed ours for the third time also. We've have gotten sunshine and rain as well. Like you said, perfect combination! I love pansies and the ones I planted in my urns have filled in beautifully. I too praise God for all the beauty he provides for us. So happy that your kitty is doing well!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. You have a lovely garden. So glad to hear your kitty us doing better.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  28. What beautiful flowers and garden. Love your entryway! I have been so busy lately that I have not even planted any flowers this year, I loved looking at your beautiful pictures. xxx Maria

  29. Beautiful blooms, Michele! Spring is a beautiful time of wakening and our earth shows it!

    I am so happy about your kitty. My Milo is having surgery Monday. Say a prayer. :)

    Jane xxx

  30. Oh, Michele! I'm so pleased to know your little fuzzy face is going to be okay! I know you've had so much on your shoulders lately and you're in my prayers.
    Shelia ;)

  31. So glad your kitty is doing better. All the flowers are so pretty...don't they just make our hearts sing..!!

  32. What joyful news about your kitty's recovery!

    Another One L Michele with a houseful of rescue cats.

  33. Goodness, Dear One, your plate has been overflowing recently with good and bad issues. Glad kitty is better. Amazing how fully and tightly our pets hold our hearts. Gail

  34. How wonderful to hear that your once-sick kitty friend is on the mend! And what gorgeous photos! One of the things I most enjoy about having blogging friends up north is that I get to experience spring twice: once down here and then again up there!


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