Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Beautiful Confirmation Day

Please allow me to share our beautiful niece
 (and also my God daughter)
on her very special Confirmation Day.

She asked me to be her sponsor. 
Of course I was touched and honored to accept!

This is beautiful Delaney on her special day.

Her Confirmation name is Cecelia.

Here is our red-head getting ready to go up to the altar
 for her turn to be Confirmed.

I hope this is a reflective Delaney and not a bored one, lol.

There were 187 candidates in this class!
We couldn't even fit them all in the pic!

This is about as happy as I can be- 
I love our faith and our oneness together.

Here's my dear sister and her beautiful family.
You can see such a strong family resemblance.

Tony on the left goes to college in August!

This is our sweet cheerleader - both in school
for football, and in competitive cheer.

I shared some of her cheer action shots here.
They're older pics - now she is travelling all over the country 
to competitions but I haven't been going.

Here is a recent INCREDIBLE solo stunt mini vid
showing her flying through the air as though it is easy!
(You won't be disappointed if you see it, I promise!)

We're proud of her on so many levels.

In the past couple weeks in our family we've had several birthdays,
an emergency birth, an out-of-town baby shower, a sad miscarriage, two Confirmations,
even double stress leg fractures, 
and of course wedding shower planning....


Delaney's sister Darien with double stress fractures
plays Varisty Lacross as a freshman-
or I should say DID before this happened.

I apologize for not being around much lately.

I REALLY want to be - and hopefully things will be settling down 
again very soon, as I love and miss Blogland!

I ask that you keep our family in your prayers.
We need them right now, and we believe in the 

As always, thank you for your visit.

God's Light shine upon each of you today and always.



  1. your niece is a lovely young lady and it's clear you're so proud of her..


  2. She is a beautiful her hair!

    Prayers for you and your family,

  3. What a beautiful young lady on a very special day! May God be with your family in the days/weeks ahead! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Delaney is a beautiful young woman and what a significant day in her life. I also enjoyed your Easter table, it was beautiful. Wishing you a good week ahead.

  5. Hi Michele! What a lovely young lady and looks like quite a celebration on her special day. My heart goes out to you and you'll be in my prayers.
    Shelia ;)

  6. She's a beautiful young lady and yes, I love her hair too! The whole family is beautiful and look very happy. I'm so sorry about the negative events and will hold you all in prayer. Take care of yourself ~ we'll be here when you have more time!


  7. O, without prayer, we are nothing. Please know I will add you and yours to our prayer list.
    and please do a post on your clocks...I would love to see them.

  8. Thinking of you, sweet Michele, and keeping you in my prayers....

    Your niece is a beautiful young lady! May the Lord use her in a mighty and special way. Hugs to you!

  9. So much going on in your life right now, a beautiful young lady. You and your family are in my prayers.

  10. What a beautiful family and a stunning young lady! Lovely inside and out. Blessings to all.

  11. Michele, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. What a special day for your niece--Such beautiful photos of everyone! ♥

  12. Oh- She is just a beautiful girl and I am so happy you are her beautiful sponsor! God bless you and your family for whatever you are needing prayer for. God has you in the palm of His hand. xo Diana

  13. She is beautiful, Michele! Blessings to you both. Martha

  14. She's lovely, Michele. It's so special that she wanted you to sponsor her. Prayers being lifted up now for your family.Sometimes everything hits at once. Well, this just makes us more aware of our need for God's grace, doesn't it? Hugs, Nancy

  15. What a beautiful girl, Michele. And wow, that video was impressive! Good for her! And gorgeous hair too :) I'm sorry about everything going on right now; I will add you all to my prayer list. Blessings to you, dear friend.

  16. What an honor for you, Michele, to be Delaney's sponsor in confirmation. She is a gorgeous girl and I know you're so proud of her and her family. Prayers will be sent for your family.

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  18. Hi Michele,
    Congratulations to Delaney! She is just gorgeous! Your family is so very beautiful and I will keep you all in my prayers. (I will keep my eye out for another teapot on e-bay and please let me know if you come across any in your shop). Blessings! Karen

  19. Hi Michel, what a lovely young woman and how special for you to be her sponsor.She certainly had a very large confirmation class! Such a memorable event in her life.

  20. Don't apologize for being AWOL -- I have been, too, and LIFE HAPPENS! Loved these wonderful confirmation photos and seeing you with your beautiful niece. Looks like she's ready to soar body, soul and spirit after seeing that video clip! And I'm saying a prayer right now for the one who lost a child … I hear that is one of the saddest griefs a woman has to bear. Sending love and prayers to Ohio! XOXO

  21. What a beautiful day you all had! She is such a pretty young lady. Have a great weekend! xxx Maria

  22. Hi Michelle, Oh what a beautiful girl Delaney is and many blessings to her on her confirmation. Such a special time. I know you are filled with joy. I remember when my son was confirmed and how special that day was. Love the video too. She is very talented. Great pictures of you two and what a beautiful family.
    Saying prayers for you.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  23. Wow...what a talented and beautiful young woman! I can totally understand why you are so proud of her! Beautiful photos of you and your family. I had to smile, although stress fractures are not funny in any way when I saw the photo o Darien. Usually anyone who has to wear those ugly boots, only need least she had a matching set and looks absolutely adorable in them. I realize this was several months ago...I hope all is healed well by now.


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