Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fare Thee Well, Ruby Pear Tea House!

Last week I shared my trip to Indy
 to visit some of my very favorite friends
and long-time Tea Society sisters.

 You can find the post of our wonderful
luncheon hosted by Dawn here if you missed it.

After that awesome experience, and after
 spending the night with Marina,
 the very next morning I was treated
 to the most amazing breakfast by she!

Sure wish we hadn't stayed up till 2 am
 the night before visiting that I 
completely forgot to snap pics in my sleepy daze!

Her breakfast was truly blog worthy.

 (Sorry about that, Marina!)

Time to leave for our lovely Afternoon Tea outing!

Isn't Marina's antique family heirloom dresser with marble in her foyer gorgeous?

We all met at The Ruby Pear -
 a beautiful old "Painted Lady" Victorian home
 and long-time tea house.

After many wonderful years of being the greatest tea house
it is closing its doors for business this Saturday.

I should also share that it is NOT due to the economy or poor business
why they are closing-
it is due to some serious health concerns with the Proprietors.

Oh,  dear sweet Ruby Pear, you shall be missed by many!

(I daresay Dawn and Marina most acutely shall be hurting!)

They serve & sell all our favorite Harney & Sons teas there. 

One never knows what pretty china one will get
 at a visit to The Ruby Pear!

But one knows that every single bite/sip/nibble
 will always be REALLY TASTY!

Sorry all my pics are so grainy; low lighting, back lit 
and trying to enjoy a tea
plus my settings got messed up earlier and I hadn't taken the time to notice to fix
all added to not--close-to-stellar pics.  At least the day was documented to share, though!

Indy Chapter of STS Tea Society (not red hat ladies)
 from L to R top to bottom:

Pam, Mary D, Marina
Karen, me (Ohio chapter), Dawn

(I will share favors from that day at a later date.)


For more info on The Ruby Pear go here.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Oh what a shame! I can see that it must have been a lovely place for tea. I wish we had something like that around here.

  2. Oh how fabulous and that house - amazing!! What a fun experience!

  3. What a delicious tea, Michele! It's too bad they have to close. Were you able to buy anything to remember them by?

  4. How sad that your wonderful tea house is closing! I hate it when my favorite things change! Looks like a great time with your ladies though. Fun seeing you! :0)

  5. Hi Michele,
    oh my, this is such a sweet place to have tea. What a shame, they close. May be the next owner opens the house again, I really hope it for you. Thank you for this wonderful tea time with your and the sweet Ladies. And for your visit and the sweet comment on my blog.
    Best greetings, Johann

  6. Oh what a fun time you girls had! What a shame they have to close their business though. It really looks quite lovely and the lunch food looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing! Pam

  7. Always sad to say goodbye to a wonderful business. It looks as if it is "an event" to enjoy tea there. And your photos are super so no worries there. Such a beautiful group of gals...do they blog too?

  8. How sad! We had a tea shop like that (well not in a house as gorgeous as that painted lady) but when the propieter had to close it, it was a sad loss and we still talk of our good times there.

  9. What a lovely tea house...places like this have such a hard time staying in business these days. Looks like you had a fabulous day!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! What a great way to enjoy friends. Sorry to hear the tea house is shutting down.


  11. How lovely Michelle, this tea rhouse is gorgeous. I'm sorry it's closing it's doors, but I wonder where they will open up again? I love the dishes they use, so sweet and beautiful! The pic of you girls is such fun...great memories! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit my friend. Big hugs,

  12. Such a beautiful tea house and the food & tea look to make it even more impressive. Such a loss to the community, I hope someone who'd love to continue this tradition buys it.

  13. The Victorian House is beautiful. I know the ones that love to go there will truly moss it. When you have health problems you have to what what you have to do.Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oops!!! That is, you have to do what you have to do.

  14. what a lovely place to visit-- so sad it's closing. great picture of you and your tea sisters, michele:)

  15. What a pretty place (and those dishes are DIVINE!)

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. Oh so glad you got to spend time with all the STS ladies, would have loved to be there also. It breaks my heart when I hear that another Tea Room is closing, there just aren't enough of them. Enjoyed looking at all the photo's, Michele.

  17. What fun, Michele, to be with your tea friends. Too bad about the Ruby Pear closing, as all your tea time treats looked amazing. xo

  18. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful building! It is such a shame it is closing! What fabulous food you enjoyed there and I love that first teacup with the little rosebuds on it. Love the cream coloured hat in your first photo too. I am very much a hat person. Sounds like you all had a splendid time together. Thank you for sharing it with us and for coming to tea with me.


  19. Too bad Michele, the house is a gorgeous Victorian, perfect for a tea room. Yummy food and treats!
    You gals look lovely dressed for tea, and I like your hat. I love wearing one of mine when out for tea - so much fun!

  20. Too bar the Ruby Pear is closing. Maybe someone will buy it and continue the tradition. Bet you ladies had an absolute blast.

  21. What a lovely tea house! So sad that it had to close its doors.
    You and your tea ladies are adorable, and what fun you must have had getting together.
    I think it would be wonderful to have a quaint little tea room as a business.
    I have done tea parties for bridal showers, senior gatherings, little girls tea parties to teach them proper etiquette, and what a delight.

    So nice visiting your blog, Michelle, and I'm happy to follow along with you.

    Blessings~ Debbie


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