Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter's Eve Dinner Party Tablescape

It's in the heart of wintertime here in Ohio
 with temperatures hovering right around 10 degrees.'s COLD outside!

So what better to do than to host our annual 
Winter's Eve formal dinner party!?

Though I haven't quite planned it yet
(been travelling and having out of town guests as well)
and quite frankly it may not even happen....sooo...

I have played with my dishes and have our table all set
 if I ever DO get around to hosting another party.

At the very least I'd like to share it with you!

This would make a festive New Year's Eve Party
 dinner table for next year, too, perhaps.

Better late than never for inspiration, eh?

Snowflakes *  Shimmer  *  Silver  * Crystal  *  White

I ♥ using my custom made snowflake napkins
along with my snowflake silver-rimmed plates
this time of year when the snow is so pretty
 and winter is in full swing!

Lots and lots of candles are used on this table -
perfect for an glowing romantic winter's evening dinner.

I didn't get a great pic of them all
 but I haveover 2 dozen candles on this table;
mercury glass, frosted snowflake shapes, glittery
snowflake votive holders and crystal candlesticks.

I kept out some shiny and white trees and
a few "wintery" ornaments from the Christmas stuff
to use for the winter months, especially January.

Vintage silver candelabra on both ends of the table,
along with shiny placemats and a very tall white centerpiece
 does the trick to bring some formality to the table.

And old crystal knife rests work perfectly with this setting.

My antique cut glass champagne flutes
along with silver demitasse spoons
 make do to serve the sorbet for a palate cleanser.

The duo works well serving
 mousse, fruit, jellow, ice cream or puddings, too!

Helpful Tip

Use your cute seldom-used little cut glass punch cups
for srerving your soup appetizer courses.

They're dishwasher safe, and easily 
found at thrift stores for very little cash!

When serving multiple appetizers
 it is good idea to provide smaller portions - 
so your guests will have room for your otherdinner courses.

This little glass cup is just perfectly sized!

Placing a paper doily under the cup catches pesky drips.

I usually set out my short and mall vintage
 silver-plated soup spoons 
when I serve soup in small cups vs. soup bowls;
 as a normal soup spoon is much too long
 and tends to be too cumbersome and bulky.

It was fun to tuck in a little bit of whimsey here, too,
 just because, well, it's a clear glass teapot
 filled with all sorts of snowflake buttons.

Most of you regular readers know just
 how strongly I feel about teapots.

I really and truly do love winter!

It's so fresh and beautiful!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Beautiful Michele, now that you have it all set for that romantic winter dinner, have it with your hubby! Surprise him!

  2. Dear Michele:
    Now here is a tablescape that purely sparkles with pizzazz! I think whoever came must of been speechless when they saw your beautiful table. Thanks so much for letting us have a glimpse that the whole thing!

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  4. Wow, Michele. This table is spectacular. Festive, elegant and full of winter magic. You definitely need to host another party to show your table to all.

    You did an amazing job. Have a great week.


    1. Stunning Michelle, wow! You outdid yourself with this beautiful and elegant table and yes, it screams WINTERrrr!!!
      The glasses, the lovely china and the napkins are gorgeous. The centerpiece is a winner. Perfection my friend.

  5. It's gorgeous...everything! I'll practice the piano this week and play at your next party! heehee! I'm just kidding! I would scare everyone away. But your room is so elegant and grand! WOW!

  6. You are one savvy lady, Michele, in setting your table ahead of time, it's gorgeous. And you can add and subtract as you please. The candles will really steal the show as well as your original ideas such as serving the soup in punch bowl glasses. Very inspiring! The white snowflake theme is so perfect---you are in the midst of the cold weather as we are.

    I can't wait to see what you serve. You are the consummate hostess!

    I love your comment on my blog-I didn't know you loved to read so please, send some recommendations this way! :)


  7. You've done it again, Michele! This is prettier than anything I've seen in a magazine all winter. Love this sparkly, frosty, and wintery tablescape, and your touches both large and small are absolutely gorgeous. Bravo, bravo! (Some lifestyle magazine is going to scoop you up one day, I just know it. Just don't forget about us all, okay?)

  8. Simply elegant! What's for dinner!!!

  9. That, my dear, is one gorgeous table! I hope that you will have a very pleasant dinner at that table.

  10. Just dazzling! Definitely a celebration table. I love all the white of course! The little punch cups for soup is a great idea. All so glamorous and elegant in your beautiful room!

  11. This is beautiful!!

    Charlotte Moore

  12. Your table is beautiful, Michele. It's so rare anymore that people have dinner parties with the table set like this. I bet your guests would really feel special to eat there.

  13. I'd love to be a guest at your sparkly, wintry table, Michele! Everything you've done is so inviting from the dishes, the centerpiece, the beautifully adorned napkins, and the snowflake filled teapot. It all just made me smile! Happy winter to you!

  14. Elegant and serene. What a beautiful tablescape.

  15. Your tablescape is stunning and full of super helpful tips on using different serving pieces.

  16. Michele, your table really is eye catching. I noticed all the candles right away. They would be gorgeous all lit up and I can imagine all the sparkle that would bounce off all the glass and china. Love the snowflake napkins and the little cups used for soup is a wonderful idea. I'm sure your guests will love it. Thank you for sharing with us.


  17. Oh my, oh my, what a stunning table! So many beautiful components: love those embroidered napkins, your etched crystal, your placemats, your centerpiece of candles (oh--to see those all lit throughout the meal!) many things. Thank you for sharing what would be an exquisite evening meal. Thank you also for your tips about the punch cups: I'm going to start looking for them at thrift stores! Wonderful post! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  18. Wow, gorgeous Michele. I started collecting snowflake decor years ago when the grocery store where I worked brought in a line of their own. My china is plain white with a silver rim except the bread and butter plate and teacup which are covered in silver snowflakes. I have silver snowflake napkin holders and white snowflake napkins and mugs that are part of the set. Your snowflake napkins are awesome - you had them custom made?
    The table is magical with all the silver, crystal/glass and snowflakes and it would be fun to sit at it, even if just for tea.

  19. Definitely better late than never, my friend :) My oh my, your tablescape took my breath away. I love the crisp clean look of the white and the sparkling crystal made me want to swoon :) Absolute perfection, sweet Michele.

    Love and hugs to you!

  20. Beautiful winter tablescape.
    I too, enjoy decorating my dining table changing it with the seasons and holidays.
    I love to mix and match my vintage china, vintage silver and antique linens.
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. You have outdone is all so elegant and beautiful!
    I love winter as well until about March and then I long for spring.
    Take care,

  22. Just. Stunning. Love every little detail. Mimi xxx

  23. Oh how lovely.
    It is just lovely.
    Everything looks like a winter wonderland.
    I love your punch cup tip!


  24. Beautiful Michelle! I like how you did your glass teapot too.

  25. Your tablescape is beautiful, Michelle! I do hope you get the chance to host your Winter's Eve party so your guests can enjoy your creative efforts!

  26. What a lovely, frosty, and elegant table, Michele! The snowflake buttons are a nice touch. Wonderful inviting. Happy 2016 :)

  27. Michele this is wonderful! What a pretty winter wonderland table! I love that lantern and how you decorated it and all the candles. The pretty snowflake napkins and dishes are beautiful. Anyone setting down to this table would feel special.

  28. This is gorgeous Michelle! I love the white and silver ~ a true winter wonderland tablescape!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  29. Oh my Michelle, absolutely gorgeous! And winter looking--you've got it all right. Your champagne flutes look very much like some I have of my mother's. Do you know their make? I hope you do get to have your dinner party!

  30. Absolutely wintery and beautiful tablescape Michele. Loved it all.


  31. Looking at your beautiful tablescape makes me forget how cold it really is outside. I love all of the tips you included. I'll be sure to keep an eye out next time I'm in the thrift store.

  32. elegance .. and creative design.
    love the wall treatment and room colors
    in your dining/music space.

  33. Michelle
    Thanks for wonderful table. I setting a table at church that we will be using crystal, black and silver. Our theme is "Never Dull your Sparkle" and I think I may use some of your ideas. Stay warm and safe.

    Cathy <;)

  34. A lovely nailed it! I kept trying to look under the plates at the great placemats with the wonderful passementerie. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    1. As a lover of winter, I find this tablescape absolutely stunning in its cool elegance and frosty charm. You really SHOULD have that dinner party and take one more pic for us with all those fabulous candles lit - would be breathtaking I'm sure! Love this...pinning!

  35. HI Michele! Oh, your table is just gorgeous! It looks like frosty icicles! You've done a beautiful job and if you do host a dinner party, you're guest be will impressed. I love your header too! Hope you're dong well, my friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. Dear Michele:
    I will be featuring this post tomorrow on my featured blogs! Congratulations!

    1. Wow - Oh, my word, I am sincerely flattered, Bernideen, thank you! : - )

  37. Hi Michele, I had to stop by and tell you how much I LOVE this tablescape. It all starts with a lovely table and centerpiece items. The plates and napkins are beautiful, but my favorite of all are what I would have called "sherbets" but you indicated were antique cut glass champagne flutes!!! Love them!

  38. Michele, your tablescape is so beautiful!!! You need to invite friends over for sure! What a fun and elegant evening that would be!

  39. Well if you love winter, you should be here in NJ where we are in the middle of blizzard! Over 2 feet and still falling - just crazy! Your table is stunning with all the white and sparkle! Really, really beautiful!

  40. Ok....1. love the dishes.....2. love your dining room....3. why can´t we be neigbhors?

    Have a great day


  41. Your table is stunning and so elegant, Michele!
    Mary Alice

  42. Any guest would feel special sitting at such a table.

  43. Oh Michele,
    This is gorgeous! Can I come for the Winter's Eve Dinner Party? I would feel like a queen at your table with all of your crystal and candles. Everything is perfect! Have a Wonderful Week Dear Michele! Karen

  44. Pinning this tablescape for sure. Elegant, lovely, beautiful are words that come to mind!

  45. Michele, your tablescape is stunning! Wow! So elegant in white! All those candles, and your special pieces all go together to make the most wonderful wintry scene! Well done : )
    Love the grand! Who plays?

  46. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it all! I really loved the idea of you using the punch cups for the soup. What a brilliant idea! I absolutely adore your snowflake napkins...they are perfect for a winter loving person!You have truly inspired me Michele. I love this post and love all the special touches you did with this table setting. So lovely!
    sending hugs...

  47. Gorgeous, Michele! It seems a waste to have set that beautiful table and not have guests. I think you should :)

    I remember Ohio winters very well and I loved them too.

    Stay warm!


  48. Absolutely exquisite! Your tablescape is so elegant with all of the beautiful crystal. I'm a big fan of white and silver and your combinations of these colors on the table is really impressive. I imagine the room will be glowing during the evening when all of the candles are lit.
    Like you, I so enjoy setting the table for guests and following a bit of a theme. I'm so glad you found my blog which in turn led me to yours. Your photography is amazing and I'm excited to be your latest follower!
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend,

  49. HI Michele,
    Your winter setting look like a setting for a ice palace, love the white and silver a favorite of mine.
    The richness of your table sets the tone for beautiful entertaining. Love your Faux walls and I can hear that piano playing in the background :)
    I love the punch bowl idea, I am not going to turn down the next great lunch bowl deal

    You my dear, have a dinning room to love, and it shows.
    See you soon.


  50. Hi Michele, I'm still enjoying your pretty table! Thanks for popping in to see me and your well wishes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  51. wow -- this is stunning, Michele!! Love it! I think there are a few of us who would be willing to make up your dinner party if you need us! I love the sparkly, frostiness of everything. And I missed that previous post with your big tea win -- how wonderful! And your latest post about Valentine's Day decorations -- how did that sneak up on us so quickly?! As you can see, I've gotten a little behind on visiting . . .
    strange weather here in the Midwest, isn't it? Thunderstorms tonight, rain and snow tomorrow. Weird.
    xo Deborah


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