Friday, January 1, 2016

Year Review and Bloggaversary!

OK- I wasn't going to but just had to get in on the review fun!


Painted bathroom and bought new mirrors -
 giving this space a whole new feel at a budget cost.


I took a French baking class with my friend Crystal
 and we learned how to make macarons.


Treated my sister to afternoon tea at the historic Kelton House.


I sponsored my beautiful niece / god-daughter
 for her Confirmation at church.


I lost my bestus furry friend, Romeo.


My sister-in-law's baby shower at the historic O'Neill house.


Hosted a tea time brunch with my other niece
 in our covered patio garden room.

Enjoyed mild weather our there as much as possible
 wearing my stupid broken-foot-boot most of the summer.


Bridal shower & wedding of our younger daugher.

And I just now realized I never shared a post
with any other pics of this beautiful wedding.
How on earth I never got around to it escapes me?!

Well, I may need to remedy that - better late than never, eh?


Dear tea society sister/friends Dawn and Marina hosted an amazing
 Ruby Pear Afternoon Tea
in honor of our friend Karen's birthday.


I participated in my first tea cup exchange.


Hosted a "Thankful for Friends" luncheon.

And Becky from Timewashed blog gifted me
 these 2 beautiful velvet pumpkins.


Changed my blog header into something seasonal for the first time ever.

Also hosted a Christmas tea for my young lady niece
 in case you missed it a couple posts ago here.

****Today is Jan. 1st****
 and it is also my 4th bloggaversary!

Here is my first-ever post
It was so lame it is cringe-worthy, but was truly sincere.

As always, thank you for your visit!

Happy Happy Happy New Year to you!




  1. Dear Michele:
    Just wanted to say how lovely your photos are and I enjoyed your review pictures. Happy New Year to you Michele!

  2. Happy New Year and happy anniversary! I didn't realize your daughter got married in 2015. What a beautiful location to get married! It looks like it's right out of a story book. You will definitely have to share more photos! I hope that 2016 brings you much happiness too.

  3. Wonderful year - wonderful memories. Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year. What a lovely way to ring in the New Year.

  5. Happy New Year, Michele! Happy blogging anniversary! Four years...I just finished my first year. Thank you so much for telling me about PicMonkey. I don't know what I'd do without it. Lovely reflections of your year! ♥

  6. Oh Michele, it was fun looking over your last years blog post. I enjoyed it all over again!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Michele, what a lovely post and I so enjoyed reviewing your 2015.
    Happy anniversary to you and "I look forward to seeing more posts.

    Wishing you the best in 2016.

  8. Great review, Michele. Make sure you have the macarons and tea ready when I visit. lol

  9. Happy bloggaversary! I enjoyed reading and seeing your Year in Review. Lots of wonderful things happened for you in 2015, and may God's blessings be yours in 2016 too!

  10. Hi sweetie! Lovely review of your year!! What a pleasant surprise to see those pumpkins again! You're a dear!! I am so sorry about Romeo. Hoping your heart is healing up and filling with the fun memories of him. I have been thinking of you and want to connect. I am kind of unplugged but will be back in action soon.

    May your new year be filled with peace, love, and joy!!!
    Big Hugs,

  11. Nice to see your year in review Michele, doesn't surprise me to see tea come up a few times.
    Doesn't time fly when you're blogging, four years already - and now on to your fifth!
    Happy New Year.

  12. Nice review!! Happy Anniversary on your blogging. I would love to see more wedding pics of your daughters wedding.

    Charlotte Moore

  13. Happy New Year and Bloggaversary, Michele! Your daughter's wedding photo is gorgeous - maybe consider doing another, picture-filled post, on their 1 yr anniversary? And I love your blog header!

  14. First things first...Happy 4th Blogiversary! Blogdom brightened when you came along!

    I missed a few of these posts and I am shocked that you have not returned to the wedding. What a beautiful bride and handsome groom! Never too late to revisit that one.

    Happy New Year, Michele!

  15. Happy Blogiversary, Michele! It's always a treat to visit you.
    It was fun looking back on your year in review. Yes, please, let us see more of the beautiful wedding!!
    Happy 2016 to you, my friend.

  16. Happy Blogiversary! May your 2016 be as full of beauty and joy as the last!

  17. Lots of good things happened in your life last year… wishing you lots of peace and joy in this New Year. Happy blogiversary!
    XOXO Mary

  18. Happy New Year!

  19. Happy Bloggaversary and a very happy new year to you! Xxx Leah

  20. Happy New Year Michele! Happy Blogiversary, too!

  21. I love this your header and Happy Blog Anniversary...xo
    Hoping 2016 is blessed for you.

  22. Oh, I love that first post! We have to start somewhere, don't we? Aren't you glad you made the plunge? Four years! I just passed the two-year mark.
    Yes, please post wedding pictures. I'd love to see them, and perhaps "steal" some ideas, too!
    I see a theme, too, in 2015. Lots of beautiful tea parties! You also lost your dear Romeo and had to wear a cast. And had a wedding. Life is so full of ups and downs, isn't it? Praying that you have a wonderful 2016, dear friend!,And that we can meet this year! xo Deborah

  23. Hi Michele! Happy New Year. Great year in review...happy bloggiversary!

  24. Happy New Year Michele. You had a wonderful 2015 full of happy and memorable events.

    I am sure 2016 holds lots of beautiful and blessed days for you.


  25. Happy New Year and Congratulations on your 4th Bloggaversary, Michele! I'm so glad that we met through the teacup exchange and have enjoyed getting to know you as I slowly work my way through your archives.

  26. Happy New Year and Happy, Happy Blog Anniversary. You've done great!!!

    And, yes, you should share more wedding photos.♥


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