Monday, April 18, 2016

Teacup Exchange Reveal!

Twice a year sweet Stephanie from
The Enchanting Rose blog hosts
 a teacup (or mug) exchange event -
 once in spring and once in autumn.

The spring EXCHANGE 2016 marks her 8th swap event!

 It is sooooo much fun to participate!

 And to be honest, I'm not sure which I like best:
 the receiving or THE GIVING!

 It is wonderful fun to put together a package of beautiful items
 for a person one doesn't even know.....
and finding them to become a new fast friend! 

This is only my second time doing this -
 somehow in blogdom I missed knowing about this till last fall!

I participated in two swaps last fall:
with Margie and Tammy

I hope never to EVER miss again, it's that much fun!

Please allow me to introduce to you a wonderful blogger named 
Karen at the blog Beatrice Euphemie with whom I was the lucky recipient of a box full of wonderful treasures this swap! 

She sent me the most lovely items!

Of course, again, I got SO excited about gathering my own items
and packing them protectively that I completely forgot
 to take pictures of what I sent. *Sigh*

 I really can't believe I did that yet again.

I sent my package to a non-blogger named Jacqueline who sent the sweetest thank you card to me! I am so happy she loved her items.
She told me her daughter already nabbed her teacup, haha!


Jacqueline sent a pic in to Stephanie showing what I sent:

Japanese teacup, note cards, soap in cute box,
organic lavender buds (can't see in back,) little box of chocolate petite fours,
box of peppermint tea (Steph said she likes mint,) because I sent this around Easter there's a little metallic mini basket with faux robin's eggs for decor, a Tyler Candle votive (Tyler is my fav candle company)
a teapot-shaped spoon and a handmade card (tucked behind, can't see.)

Anyway, without further ado,
 here's my big reveal:

LOOK at all the wrapped treasures Karen sent!

Everything was wrapped up so pretty
 in springtime tissue paper and satin ribbons!

I had such fun un-wrapping and delighting in each surprise!

The highlight of the day was receiving 
this gorgeous Royal Albert teacup!
Isn't she a beauty?!!?

Here is the beautiful card she wrote and tucked inside the box.

And she hand-made me the sweetest heart-shaped sachet
stuffed with her very own lavender and rose petals potpourri!
 It smells absolutely heavenly..... and is so cute!

In keeping with her spring floral theme -
she sent me a HUGE lilac candle tied up with ribon & silk flowers.

As I am unsure our lilac bushes will even produce this year
after this weird weather we're having, I appreciate this so much!

Also in my package was a humungous amount of
 Breakfast in Paris tea by STASH.

This is a tea I hadn't tried before - it's lavender tea and is awesome!

I've even been able to share this bounty with a few others, too.

And Stephanie must have told her how much I adore
 triple milled French soap - she sent me TWO full size bars!

One is half gone already, I use it twice a day ♥♥♥ it!

I received not one, but THREE really cute note pads!

These are perfect for so many things-
I think I will use the SCATTER JOY one as an address and note book
about my blogging friends.

Perhaps I will use the HAPPY DAY one to keep track of
tea parties I have or attend.....and the LOVE one
may possibly end up my tea and wine tasting notebook.

And beautiful floral notecards..........

I don't believe Karen could have ever sent a package to a less appreciative recipient. I am thrilled beyond words!

If you get the chance please visit her blog, too!

Last week it snowed for 3 days -
 and today it is almost too warm to stay out too long.

 SO weird.

But I found a nice shady spot in my covered patio area
and enjoyed teatime with my beautiful new teacup
with some freshly baked white chocolate chip cookies.

Life is good. And a fun tea cup swap made it so much better.

Be sure to pop on over to Stephanie's post on Wednesday at her blog

The Enchanting Rose

to check out her linky party of the exchange/s,
 and maybe even some pics from non-bloggers who participated.

AND a reminder: as we're drawing nearer to Mother's Day: 
if you are looking to find a unique, affordable perfectly lovely gifts
 be sure to check out Stephanie's etsy shop called

It's filled with the most beautiful hand made
 lacy, pearly, girlie and beautiful items for those special mom types!

As always, thank you for your visit.



  1. How lucky you are to receive so many nice things. I can see you sitting in your comfy chair with the candle lit and relaxing while sipping the wonderful tea.

  2. Oh Michelle, ,so many beautiful gifts for a very special lady. i love the teacup, it is so pretty. The tea also sounds really good too.

    So glad that your weather is getting better and you are having Spring. I can remember so many Spring's in Ohio (lived up by Lake Erie) that were so cold. Now you know why I moved to CA.

    Enjoy your special presents.

  3. You received a wonderful box of joy from Nancy, all your favourites too I might think. The teacup she chose for you is pretty and should offer a dreamy experience of sipping Breakfast in Paris.
    This was my second time to participate as well and loved the excitement of packing the parcel for my gal and was surprised at who had my name!

  4. Wow Michele - that was like Christmas in April for sure. Your cup and saucer was lovely. That was really a plus because who needs another one from China when you can have one from England! All the extra goodies you got made it such fun! Also, I hope you can share this at my party too!

  5. My first thought when I saw your post was OH NO! I haven't done my post yet for the exchange! I'm so behind! But then I see we have a couple more days still . . . whew!
    Anyway, LOVE all the beautiful gifts you received. The teacup exchange is so much fun, isn't it?! And I'm sure you sent an amazing package yourself.
    Yes, weird weather. Today, we joked about putting the AC on!! It got up to 78 upstairs this afternoon! Beautiful outside right now. I even got brave and took off the winter comforter and put on our summer coverlet. Probably being overly optimistic ;) xo Deborah

  6. Isn't it just the loveliest treat? It's doubly nice that your package arrived a time when you really needed it - with snow in April!!!

  7. Stephanie's teacup exchange is like Christmas for teacup lovers! Nancy sent you a lovely teacup and fun goodies; I'm especially partial to the purple items. Heh. I like the idea of using a notebook to record blogger friends' contact info.

  8. This was the first time I participated in Stephanie's tea cup exchange and Loved it! Your package is delightful, the tea cup is beautiful! So happy that you enjoyed it as well. Blessings, Cindy xo

  9. You were certainly spoiled by such lovely, thoughtful and perfect gifts, Michele! Your RA teacup is such a beauty, but all the other goodies are so wonderful for you. Karen's handmade heart is just darling, and ooh la la with the French milled soap...luxurious!
    I so agree that it's just as much fun to give as it it to receive in our sweet friend Stephanie's exchange. Enjoy your teatime gifts, my friend! xo

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  11. What a gorgeous and dainty tea cup Michele. Love it!
    Karen has certainly gifted you with many beautiful and useful treasures. I especially love the pretty lace around that lovely heart.
    I like your idea for using the note books. I purchased a beautiful journal from my dear Stephanie and use it just for my blogging friends and especially the exchanges. I write down what my treasures were from each exchange.
    You were so sweet to mention Stephanie's little etsy Shoppe. Bless you.
    Enjoy your lovely gifts~~

  12. What can I say after all the glowing comments prior to mine. Am very happy for you to be so thrilled with your pkgs. sounds like you got your own Fairy Godmother. Your treasures are so special, since you are such a nice lady sounds like all your bounty is deserved. Everything is gorgeous, that cup/saucer are so pretty and I'm not usually a tea cup admirer. Love the poupourri heart, so lucky to have it. You will be glwing with your good fortune for sometime to come. And I will visit her blog/etsy shop.

  13. What a wonderful exchange you were certainly blessed with a gorgeous cup/saucer and gifts. I am a great fan of Royal Albert they do so many beautiful designs. Have a great week.

  14. Wow Michele you did all right! That tea cup is so pretty and each time you use it you'll remember where it came from. That was sweet for her to include all the other gifts. Thank you again for sending me those sweet little bluebird S & P shakers!

  15. Good morning Michele,
    What a treasure trove of pretties you received. The teacup is so pretty and the tea sounds delicious. The lilac candle would be lovely lit and all the other things she tucked inside were just lovely too. The exchange sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing and linking up with me. Enjoy that lovely weather, Michele, and it sure would be nice to have some warm weather come our way. We are having nice sunny days right now but it's still very cold.


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  17. Oh what a beautiful bunch of lovelies! This was my second time to participate as much fun and like you, I have a hard time deciding which is more fun, the giving or receiving :)

  18. Smiling at your wonderful gifts. It is funny, but I participated for the first time and Karen was the recipient of my gifts. She really outdid herself on this.

  19. Oh what a sweet and thoughtful gift. I can tell it was put together with care and love. It is such a great way to connect with other kindred spirits and to meet new friends. I missed participating on this tea cup exchange but I will definitely take part in the one for fall.

    Stephanie certainly came up with a great idea. She is such a kind heart. Love your sweet tea setting.



  20. What a fantastic box of goodies! The tea cup is really lovely...a unique, pleasing shape, too. I know that you have found a couple of new tea cup friends thanks to Stephanie's wonderful exchange. I can't believe that it was warm enough to sit outside! We're right back in the deep snow, but really chilly and windy.

  21. Michele, your tea exchange gifts are so lovely and so thoughtful! The RA tea cup is totally perfect vintage spring! How sweet a cup! What a delightful swap to be a part of.

  22. The teacup is beyond beautiful and all of the other goodies are so thoughtful, Michele! I just found Karen's blog and really enjoy it.

    Snow...I pray we are done with it. I planted a salad garden yesterday and I'm waiting for the rain they said we'd be getting!!


  23. I so wish I could enjoy that cup of tea with you, Michele! So glad you like everything. I received your lovely and generous thank-you package yesterday! You are the sweetest <3 I have been enjoying my treasures! Hugs to you xo Karen

  24. What a beautiful teacup Karen sent you! And so many other delights as well. I love that little heart sachet, and it's nice that Karen added her own blend of potpourri to the heart. Enjoy!

  25. Michele,
    I love that lavender tea! It is delicious and I often drink a cup of it in the evening! You received some lovely items from Karen! I have been visiting many of the bloggers that participated in Stephanie's swap and the generosity is simply amazing! Such beautiful gifts given and received by all! I can't wait till the next one!!! :) enjoy your goodies!

  26. Michele, someday I'll have to get in on that! I love Stephanie and her beautiful blog. And I think all of us "tea people" are just soooo nice, don't you!? :D

  27. What a beautiful package -- and a lovely Royal Albert Teacup! What a dear karen is!

  28. My dear sweet Michele, what a delight to see what Karen blessed you with. The tea still my heart! What a precious little beauty! I love how she added ribbon to the cup {I may be to remember that for future exchanges}. And all of the goodies she included are simply wonderful! I can tell a lot of love and care went into your package {{smiles}}

    Thank you so much for participating one again. How I love having you on this adventure. Love and hugs to you!

    1. Thanks, Steph - and btw Karen didn't add the ribbon to the cup - those were the ribbons I took off all those pretty wrapped gifts - I just placed them in the cup while I was opening the gifts- then when it was time to photograph I kinda liked the way it looked so took the snap. : - )

  29. Michele what a gorgeous exchange! I wanted to thank you SO much for your offer of the hoop skirt. You are so sweet and generous. I wish I could hug you. I do indeed have a hoop but you have warmed my heart.

  30. Michele, your gifts are too sweet. How lovely to be able to join the tea exchange. I think it is so special. We all love receiving gifts. I would love it, if you share your lovely post at our link party on Sundays, Dishing It & Digging It. xo

  31. Your tea cup and saucer are delightful. The lavender goodies so thoughtful. My two lilac bushes produced a few flowers back in January so am not sure if they will flower any further this year either. I so enjoyed taking part in this swap. Hugs Valeryanne.

  32. I got excited just reading about your generous and lovely package...I can imagine you jumped up and down....really a great package.

  33. Michele,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    OMG!! What wonderful things that you were gifted as part of this Swap!! The tea cup is stunning!! I am quite familiar with Karen and she is a doll!! Lucky you!! Thanks so much for sharing all your goodies!!


  34. Oh, what a lovely post! You and I have so much in common! I didn't even think to take pictures of what I sent out, but this was my first time, and it certainly won't be my last. So, hopefully I will do better next time.
    I also keep journals for tea and wine tasting. How else are we to remember?
    Lovely to meet you. Have yourself a nice Sunday!

  35. Oh how very pretty...thank you for visiting me...have a beautiful Sunday. Blessings

  36. Such wonderful gifts! The teacup is beautiful; its shape is very elegant. Would love to try the lavender tea.
    (I need to remember to take photos of what I send too. I'm always so excited I forget to do this.) Enjoy your relaxing tea time with your new treasures.

  37. What a treasure trove! The tea cup is so beautiful.

  38. Hi Michele, What a wonderful array of gifts your received from sweet Karen. I love your darling tea cup and it looks like a wild rose pattern. She blessed you with special treasures. Hasn't this been a fun exchange. Stephanie makes it perfectly perfect for everyone and does so much work to pull it off beautifully. A blessing to all.
    I usually forget to take pics too, but this time I did remember to take a pic of what I sent to my exchange recipient. Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a wonderful week. Blessings always. xo

  39. How fun this teacup exchange idea is.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  40. Hi Michele! I couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog so I'll have to say this here! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the beautiful card you sent me. How thoughtful and you don't know how it cheered me up! You're just a precious lady and I appreciate you so much.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  41. Hi Michele

    Lovely gifts - I especially like everything wrapped separately! Lovely to see you share it all.

    Very best wishes


  42. Okay, this was so fun to read! Now I have avoided teacup swaps in the past because they seemed too complicated and I. Just. Don't. Have. Time. But ... I know how busy you are as well, and wow, you seemed to enjoy compiling and receiving the gifts. (Actually, the giving is usually more fun for me.) So maybe I'll try to hook up with a swap this fall. Thanks for sharing, and oh, I love the shape of your new teacup. It's stunning!


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