Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Teacup Exchange Part 1 - Margie

Each year, once in spring and once in fall 
sweet Stephanie from  The Enchanting Rose 
hosts a wonderful teacup swap!

This was my first year finally getting in on the fun,
 and what fun it has been!

I sent my first package to Debbie from
"She Graces Her Home" blog
who posted about it here. 

(I forgot to take pics of the treasures, oops.)

I did two swaps this time, so will do two separate posts
so a single post sharing both isn't too large.

I am so blessed and happy she first paired me up
 with Margie from Tea in the Valley blog.

This is what I excitedly opened up:

All sorts of goodies filled that big box up;
wonderful tea-themed everything!

A cute note card with a pic of macarons on it inside a teacup:

Margie knew I loved birds and included this cute tea towel
 in my package of delights:

Here's the other side:

My first and last name starts with an M -
these are simply perfect note cards for me!

This gorgeous ornament pompander will look perfect
 on my all-white-ornament Christmas tree! 

I may have to find fresh cut tree balsam oil for it!
In the meantime this orange scent is amazing!

What a unique lip balm - once again, tea themed!!!
The delights just went on and on!
I am so spoiled!!!!!

Margie mentioned that these delicious coffee crisps
 are quite popular in Canada -

(I have never seen them here in the States.)

Just look at this sampler pack of tea! WOW!

There isn't a single tea I have ever had before,
this has been super fun tasting them all!

I wish each of you could come over to try them with me!

Maple is such a symbol of Canada!

She included an awesome stainless steel teabag drip catcher!

(My husbs, an avid tea drinker, really likes it, too 'cuz it isn't so girlified!) 

But by far the highlight of this exchange was the lovely TEACUP!

She did some research on my blog
and remembered that October is my birthday month!

I have really wanted one of these beauties forever!

I absolutely ADORE this very special teacup by Royal Albert!

(It was wrapped up carefully in that beautiful birdie box!)

Oh, thank you so so much Margie, for all my lovelies!

Be sure to visit her blog when you can!

Again, it is Tea in the Valley.


***And a HUGE thank you goes out to Stephanie***
 for hosting such an amazing and fun swap!

The Enchanting Rose

Be sure to hop on over to The Enchanting Rose
to see all the participants teacups!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. What a wonderful swap party, you were certainly blessed with a wonderful package. I am a great fan of Royal Albert, consequently loved the cup and saucer. Take care.

  2. WOW! I'd say you hit the jackpot! I love mail call and I bet you do too!

  3. Michele, you sure received a box filled with treasures from Margie! I love your RA Cosmos teacup of course. I have one too as you have already seen. {I found mine at a thrift shop in New Brunswick.} It is the perfect birthday cup for the month of October; very thoughtful of Margie! Coffee Crisp is one of my favourite chocolate bars! I can't believe you don't have them in the States! My son who just moved to CO tells me there are a lot of simple things like that which he can't find in the States. But then there are lots of wonderful things that you have access to which we don't have here in Canada. So glad you have shared your special package with us. Have a beautiful day, my friend.


  4. WOW! What a treasure box you received! It was fun seeing all the 'goodies' Margie sent. The exchange [which I've read about on other blogs as well] is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  5. AHHH!!! Coffee Crisp! I will be over to your place momentarily...... {{smiles}} So my dad is Canadian and all of his side of the family are Canadians. I lived in Ontario for many years during my childhood and the candy is one of my fondest memories....Coffee Crisp being one of them! hehe Now whenever I or my dad go back to visit we stock up on candy. It just tastes better from there and they have a lot that we don't have. Seeing what Margie sent you brought such a sweet smile to my face.

    Anyway, now that I've shared my life with you {not that you wanted to know} I will move on to the beautiful tea cup! My, what a beauty! Margie always finds the loveliest tea cups and once again she has wowed me. She certainly blessed you, Michele, and I'm so glad the two of you were able to connect through the exchange.

    I am also VERY GLAD you were able to join the fun. You are such a joy to me and a sweet friend. I look forward to part 2. Love and hugs!

  6. What a fun exchange. Love all the different teas -although tea does NOT like ME. lol I love that she found that October cup for you. That is REALLY special. I am glad you joined. What a fun exchange! xo Diana

  7. Michelle~ look at you all graced up with the beauty of loveliness. Maggie certainly did her homework and found the perfect tea cup for you. Royal Albert is one of my favorites though I'm starting to fall in love with Shelley from England. I purchased the rose bud pattern not knowing anything about Shelley and now have my eyes open for other patterns.
    I have always loved anything to do with tea and tea parties, and this exchange of my dear Stephanie's has just enhanced my love even more so.

    I still praise the good Lord for our connection through Stephanie, you are such a precious lady, Michelle, and I treasure all my lovely gifts from you.

    Have a blessed day~ Debbie

  8. Hi Michelle, What a lovely teacup you received and such wonderful goodies to go with it. Lovely for the month of October and your birthday month too. I am so glad you joined in and I know you are having a wonderful time. The Coffee Crisp candy looks and sounds like it will be so good. You have truly been blessed with your gift from Maggie. Thanks for stopping by dear Michelle. Enjoy the fun and blessings to you always. xo

  9. Isn't Margie a sweetheart? I've come to know her better through our Canadian card and tea exchange group and your box of goodies is awesome Michele! I didn't know you don't have Coffee Crisp in the US - my favourite to give out at Halloween. :-)
    The teacup is perfect for your October birthday, enjoy your new teas and treats.

  10. Michele, what an incredible package of lovely delights! So many wonderful things for your enjoyment and then that a beauty! I see from looking at your "about me" that you are from Columbus, OH. I was born and raised not far from there in Medway I'd say Columbus is a little over an hour from there. I haven't lived in OH since 1981 but most of my family still lives in the area :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Sharing much fun! I love the way you started with the box opening. It feels just like we were there. Your tea sampler will last you awhile and let's you choose what you are in the mood for! Your October cup and saucer great since it is your birthday month. Please pop over and view my post this week!
    Have a good fall week!


  12. Oh my Michele, you certainly were spoiled by dear Margie! All of your gifts that she chose are just perfect for you. I wish I could sample some of your delicious teas, too. The teacup is such a wonderful choice for your birth month. I'm so glad that you participated in this delightful exchange, all hosted by our lovely, kind, thoughtful hostess, sweet Stephanie.

  13. Hello Michele, wow you received such lovely things from the tea cup exchange.
    It's so lovely the way Stephanie arranges these each year and I have so much fun with it. Enjoy everything.
    Julie xo

  14. Wow, she sure did spoil lucky you! The October teacup is gorgeous and so special. Such a fun exchange. :)

  15. Oh what a lovely array of gifts you received! What a joy it has been to participate in this exchange and see what creativity abounds! Blessings, Lynn

  16. Absolutely beautiful treasures you received, Michele, Such color and detail on the teacup! The pompander and oil, you are going to enjoy so much, I think you are not spoiled, just "loved a lot"! ~smile! Thank you for sharing,have a blessed evening,

  17. You're very welcome, Michele! So glad that you loved everything! I had a blast putting your package together and equally as much fun seeing their beautiful presentation on your blog. I'm so grateful to Stephanie for pairing us up!

  18. You received so many thoughtful gifts. This was a fun exchange to be a part of.

  19. What a wonderful treasure you got! The Lord has truly blessed us all with generous Ladies!

  20. I love love love your October teacup...and happy birthday!!! I love all of Margie's gifts to you...I can't decide which is my favorite! So glad you finally joined Stephanie's it a wonderful experience!!! Have a great week!

  21. Wow! TWO exchanges and both with such beautiful tea cups and gifts. You are blessed! (And I am certain that your recipients are as well.) What really took my eye with this package, besides the October tea cup, are the Coffee Crisps! My favorite candy bar in all the world. Enjoy...

  22. Oh did receive a plethora of tea themed goodies, didn't you?? These pretties all seem so perfect for you, but the piece de resistance is the gorgeous October tea cup and is so pretty and elegant. Thank you for visiting my li'l corner of the world as that means I happily happened upon your lovely blog!

  23. What fun treats! And that tea cup is so pretty! I love that is says October :) Have a wonderful day!

    Alexis @

  24. Well. I had no idea that Coffee Crisp was a particularly Canadian treat. See how educational blogging can be? Margie sent you a lovely parcel and the star of the show is definitely that October teacup. Gorgeous! It's very pretty and you'll enjoy all those new teas sipping from it.

  25. How blessed you were to receive such a special package filled with Canadian goodies! I have to say that coffee crisps and O'Henry chocolate bars were a favorite of mine growing up! Enjoy the yumminess! And the amazing tea cup with your birth month is truly a unique and thoughtful gesture!

  26. What GORGEOUS treasures you received!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that tea cup is simply elegant!!!

    I had so much fun this time, and am so excited for next year's exchange.


  27. Such a happy looking dish cloth :)

  28. Hi Michele! Wow--you shared your bounty with TWO ladies and received in kind! Lovely selections and prizes, all! I am particularly drawn to the months of the year teacup series, too. I found my birthday month of September at a thrift store and it is displayed on my vintage stove from the 1930's in my office where I house craft supplies. Love all your bird motifs, too--and the star of your banner blog, Mr. Finch, is a stunner. Such a lovely group of ladies sharing this exchange!

  29. Hi Michele! Wow--you shared your bounty with TWO ladies and received in kind! Lovely selections and prizes, all! I am particularly drawn to the months of the year teacup series, too. I found my birthday month of September at a thrift store and it is displayed on my vintage stove from the 1930's in my office where I house craft supplies. Love all your bird motifs, too--and the star of your banner blog, Mr. Finch, is a stunner. Such a lovely group of ladies sharing this exchange!

  30. Hi Michele, love your exchanges! Don't you just feel really spoiled? The ladies are all so generous and send such thoughtful gifts. It is such a joy to participate.
    Nice to hear from you.

  31. What a great package of goodies you received! I love the October RA teacup, it's so pretty. And when is your birthday? I wonder if I wrote it down somewhere. Well, happy birthday Michele! Hope it was/is as special as you!
    Those little treats and the tea look good too. Seems like none of us here in the US have heard of Coffee Crisp. Maybe we need to set up a candy exchange -- hee hee

  32. What a wonderful exchange partner you had ,she went all out for you.
    Love your October tea cup also
    I just think getting something like you did is sooo special



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