Thursday, August 18, 2016

Isn't Nature Amazing?!?

Hi friends - just sharing very some lucky pics
I was able to capture showing nature around me.


Sometimes it's a brilliant blue sky & green grass
 with the lovely color of pink set against it......

......And sometimes it's incredible winged life
thrilling me to no end!

I took these bird pics from inside my house
 with the window closed!
 I simply was doing the dishes!

I like to watch the birds
 at the most popular seed feeder closest to the kitchen;
we have many kinds of birds flying in and out all day long!

 The cardinals and jays are larger and more aggressive,
  we hardly see goldfinches anymore.

I miss them. They're just GONE.

However I noticed a red finch at the feeder today,
 so that is a fairly good sign they just may return one day.

There's always a place for finches here.

We put up the hummingbird feeder
 literally next to the kitchen window this summer, 
 and boy has it ever been fun watching them!

 We have a gorgeous green who  visits that feeder most often. 

It has a bright shimmery red ring around its neck
 that really sparkles in the sun...
yet he is fast and elusive so I have yet to catch him on the camera! 


I daresay it's a challenge and I play to win, birdie bird! Haha.

~~Buzz, buZz, buzZ~~

So our birds are such messy, wasteful and super sloppy eaters
 who spill most of the a great deal of their seed on the ground, right?

Well, I guess we now have our very own

 "Clean up on Aisle 6 Crew!" 


 Literally just a few steps from our kitchen window
 this hungry mommy dear and her two fawns
were munching on the spilled seed
 from the feeder you just saw above. 

I think they're neat, but I don't want them in my yard. Just sayin'.

We didn't have any rain for WEEKS and it's been so unbelievably hot and humid - enough to not be able to go outdoors nearly at all unless in early morning. Later when the sun is setting is a bit better, but then the skeeters eat me alive.

BUT we did - and have - been getting big-time rain. In fact now because of the heat it is a bit swampy and one can smell moulds and other foul odors. Sheesh. Feast or famine, right?

And it's funny because when the rains first started it would rain, then the sun would return, then the rain again, then be sunny again- we kept having strange odd pockets of storms.

Or there wouldn't be a single cloud in the sky except one little grey one, and it would be right over me and rain down for a minute or two.

But the neatest time of all was it would be super sunny,
 then would pour BUCKETS of rain while the sun was still shining!

I was able to capture it on the camera -
 but I cannot capture how ODD it all was to witness. 

My husband was outside when it started to rain, grilling chicken.

Being ME, I stood inside the doorway and took these pics-
 nice and dry and comfy!

Being HIM - he quickly grabbed one of our market umbrellas
 and wasn't daunted by that rain in the least!

He was a hungry man on a mission; no amount of water
was going to keep him from having this chicken.

We really expected a rainbow to appear during this,
 but then the sun was low in the sky enough that it didn't happen.

So....we just ate our dinner....AFTER he dried himself off, of course. 

By the way, we've lived here for 14 years and have bought THREE very expensive stainless steel gas grills. We have outdoor gas hookup so have never had to rent gas cylinder things.....however at about $700 each, those dang grills just don't hold up at all! They're stainless steel, yes, but they aren't ALL s/s!!!! The handles, interior, joints, etc. rust out in what seems in one season.

We'd been thinking of replacing our last one until shopping for it my husband found this one on the cheap- and he absolutely loves it.  SO for now we're back to an old fashioned charcoal grill.

He is content enough. He's the grillmaster, so when he's happy, I am happy as well.

It really is a nifty-neat barbeque, 
and will make an excellent firepit
] for our cooler autumn nights around the corner.

The garden roses are starting to be bloom again -
 but the daisies seem happiest lately.

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As always, thank you for stopping by!

Big hugs! 




  1. Beautiful post, Michele. Your snaps of the birds, INSIDE no less, are gorgeous. And the deer. I know they can be garden pests but I'm still that guy who points and shouts,"A deer! A cow!". Ha Ha!

    The rain is much the same here. We keep getting predictions but it doesn't always pan out. But we aren't lacking. Compared to Baton Rouge and parts of Cali, I feel blessed and wish there were something I could do besides praying.

    How is your daughter and her little bundle doing? You must be busy! Emily is due in two months and I just found out my daughter in law is 14 months along. Very strange but exhilarating to see our family growing at this pace! Thankfully my youngest baby isn't engaged nor married yet!! I have a breather. Still, I feel so blessed!

    Take care, my friend!

    Jane x

  2. Sometimes it really is the simple things that bring the most joy and even work best. Yes, I know what you're saying about the doe and her fawns...pretty, but not in your yard. =D

  3. Michele, this is such a beautiful post because your contentment shows! I'm jealous that you still have so many beautiful flowers. It got too hot here and most of my flowers are resting now but they'll be back in the fall. Your birds and deer pictures are amazing! I can never move fast enough to capture those. So glad you shared this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. ♥

  4. Nice shots, Michele! I hope you capture the elusive green hummingbird one day. We've also had a hot and dry summer over here with some isolated thunderstorms.

  5. Hi Michele, You always capture such fabulous photographs of nature and especially birds. The deer and the hummingbird shots are my favorites. We get a lot of showers like you described, pouring rain while the sun shines! Your hubs is a good sport like mine, will grill in any weather!
    Happy weekend........

  6. These photos are stunning! Taken from inside makes your photography even more amazing. We've had a bit of rain daily and our temps are in the 80's...much better than those triple digits we were having. I know we'll have higher temps before it settles down but we're almost out of the woods! :) The humidity is awful. I shouldn't complain...the flooding in LA and the fires in CA are so devastating.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  7. Those deer are just the cutest! And I get a lot of pleasure from looking out at our birds too! And guess what...we bought a cheaper grill this summer too and absolutely love it! It's smaller and works faster. Hugs!

  8. I love all your nature photo's Michele! Can't wait for those cooler nights.

  9. Such a beautiful post, you are blessed with some very pretty birds in your part of the world. Loved seeing the deer, but I can understand you wouldn't want them in your garden. take care.

  10. Dear Michele:
    What a sweet surprise by post today from you! Darling treasures. (I read the note too) Thank you so much for your kindness. Your birds are wonderful. Loved seeing the deer too. Thank you Michele for your thoughtfulness!

  11. Hello Michele,

    Those are some spectacular photos of the sunshine and rain. It is such a strange event.

    Yes, dear are fun to see, but at the same time, they can destroy plants in your yard - so not so much fun to see in your yard.

    That looks like a mighty awesome grill your husband found. He looks like a serious grilling man. I am so thankful that my husband love to grill.

    You have a beautiful yard.


  12. Oh your pictures are beautiful. Love the one of the deer's, how sweet is that. You are so lucky to have so many pretty birds and hummers.

    How's that beautiful baby doing? I bet you are over the moon with her, enjoy her while you can as they grow up way to fast.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. I was thinking you had to have a rainbow too. Oh well! How I wish I had cardinals in my part of the world, but they just don't come to Oregon.

  14. Michele, your photos are lovely. I especially love the one of the hummer! Great shot. I hear you about the gas grills. They just don't last. Our son uses a charcoal grill and to tell you the truth I think the flavor is better on charcoal. Have a great weekend. ♥

  15. How sweet to have the deer arrive. That would have made my day. :) I love daisies...the happy flower. :) Deb

  16. Lots of wonderful photos. I love watching the birds at my feeders too -- they do give us so much pleasure, don't they?

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  17. Your photos are really delightful. I love that your husband kept cooking while the sun-shower was in progress. Enjoy your weekend.


  18. Oh, your pictures are just what touches my heart,too .... nature, God's creation. And, I love the birdies, especially cardinals. I don't keep the feeders full in the summer, but keep them stocked in winter, and corn for the squirrels! Thanks so much for linking up with us today .....HOPE you'll be back next Friday, or any day. Have a great weekend!

  19. Hi sweet Michele! Oh, your snaps are truly beautiful! The deer are such beautiful creatures but like you, I wouldn't want them munching on my plants. Your hubby is a dedicated grill master! ;) Love you had the umbrella to keep him kinda dry. The rains are so nice and so needed! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Ooh Michele, the birdie pics are so pretty. I've been seeing lots of cardinals and bluejays here, too. I know the deer can be so destructive, where you live. We had so many days in the 100 degrees, and now it's been pouring and pouring. I'm glad your hubby has found a grill that works for him. I've had the same Weber gas grill for about 14 years and it still works well. How's that sweet baby? I'll bet she's enjoying lots of hugs and kisses from you! ❤️

  21. all of your photos are beautiful...

  22. MIchele,

    I'm dropping in to say Thank You for the lovely comment on MY comment to Beverly...It gets to be quite a chain, these strings of words, sometimes. Isn't she just the dearest dearie?? Such a sweet, gracious hostess year after year, with such a congenial, sharing crowd dropping in and sharing beautiful bits of their lives.

    I so appreciate your kind words, and have certainly enjoyed another visit to your fun adventures---I'm a birdie-bird person myself, and just love the little flitter-critters, which I sometimes think of as more bug than bird, with their quick deft movements and shy little ways.

    And kudos on the new grill from my husband Chris, who is a WEBER-master for decades. When we went to buy our wedding rings thirty years ago, we wandered on around the mall and bought "our first piece of furniture together,"---a WEBER. Countless upgrades and renewals over the years, and still the trusty old charcoal in the back yard. I'll bet we've put several of the Kingsford children through college by now.

    Thanks again for the lovely comment and will see you often at Beverly's Place!


  23. I always love some good birdie pics! I'm bummed because I can't have a bird feeder here on the deck. The squirrels literally ate up the wood at the last house and there are too many deer around here as it is, pooh. Your daisies are just amazing!! Xoxo

  24. What a beautiful post, Michele! Love all your pictures. It has been raining buckets here all week. Very strange for Texas. It has rained so much, we don't know how to act. LOL I agree with you about the new grills. Ours didn't last at all. Have a wonderful Sunday! xxx Maria

  25. We have had the exact same weather here. Ugh. Looking forward to fall. And it could stay fall all year round, too! Yes, where are the goldfinches? I haven't seen any this year. I did put up a thistle feeder and got one or two last week, and thought we were back in business, but haven't seen any since. You got a great shot of the hummingbird! I love to watch ours.
    Sometimes simpler is better. You gotta wait on that charcoal, but it is nice for grilling. And no breakdowns/rust!
    Have a good day , and blessings to you, Deborah

  26. Buckets of rain while it is sunny! Sounds awesome ♥

  27. We could use some of your rain. Our heat seems endless this summer. I hope you saw a rainbow with the sunny rain!

  28. What fun - great shots of the rain and flowers. We grill a lot - but so far we've been happy with the gas grills we purchase - but only for about 80.00 to 120.00 - and they have lasted four to 6 years each - not a bad return for your money. Happy grilling and happy flowers.

  29. Such a lovely series of photos. The animals are just lovely to see.

  30. Nice to see you out and about with your camera, and you've captured some great bird photos. Don't think I'd want deer stepping all over my plants and eating them - cute to see only on my computer screen thanks.
    There's nothing tastier than meat done on the grill!

  31. That looks like a great grill set up! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  32. Amazing!! I love your photohgraphs, especially that one of hummingbird. I bring me back those memories of me. I used to fed hummingbirds with feeder, that was a wonderful time. Then I moved to city and here I see no hummingbird.


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